Luke & Bella: Author’s Note

luke and bella

Luke & Bella is my first novel and it was with very mixed emotions that I wrote the last few lines of the final chapter, Part 99.  Part of me felt exhilarated at having finished a labor of love that has been about a year and a half in the making.  Another part of me is utterly bereft.  I adore my characters and I’m going to miss them.

Truthfully, I’ve had the last part in mind for quite a while.  At one point the task became taking the thread of where the story was and making it meet with the already sketched-out ending.

As I saw the end drawing near I began to feel an alarming sense of panic thinking, What now?  So before Luke & Bella was finished, I began a new story, Rannigan’s Redemption.

Like this story, it’s an adult romance.  In Rannigan’s Redemption, high-powered Manhattan attorney Michael Rannigan uses his wealth and bravado to mask deep insecurities.  He’s comfortable with the artificial world in which he lives.  Meeting Maggie Flynn scares him shitless.  She’s way too real.

To those who’ve followed along with Luke & Bella I offer my most sincere gratitude.  I hope you enjoyed the story.  I’m going to begin reposting the story from the beginning so if you’re interested you can read it again.  And I hope you come on over to Rannigan’s Redemption.

Thank you. –P.S.

December 9, 2014

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