Watch This Space–A. Aimee

Here’s my review of A. Aimee’s book, Good Pussy Bad Pussy: In Captivity, posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  I gave it 5 Stars.


I loved Good Pussy Bad Pussy: Rachel’s Tale so I couldn’t wait to read the continuation, Good Pussy Bad Pussy: In Captivity. Rachel’s beloved Albert, father of her daughter Isabella, is abducted on a business trip in the middle East and he’s held for ransom. Back on the French Riviera, Rachel is held hostage by threats from Albert’s CEO, Victor. Unless Rachel becomes Victor’s sex slave, he will refuse to post the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.<br><br>One of the things I loved the most about this book is the story of Albert and Rachel’s early days from Albert’s perspective. The action is intense and the sex scenes are hot. If you enjoyed Rachel’s Tale you absolutely can’t miss In Captivity.