Top 3 Authors to Keep An Eye On

Great spotlight on some terrific erotic authors!

B.J.'s Reviews

If you’re looking for that certain erotica author that’ll keep your dick hard, or pussy wet; that’ll keep you coming and coming until the fucking cows come home, I have just the authors for you.

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Sakura von Sternberg, a self-described feminist, professional geek, and writer of dorky science-fiction erotica is new to the scene but has already left quite the mark on the erotica world with stories like “Transfer Student (Transgender Erotica)” “Necromantic Encounter (Dark Paranormal Erotica)” and “The Erotic Adventures of Joan of Arc and Space Pirate Captain Cydd Yoshiba, Episode I: Maiden Voyage (Sci-Fi Erotica)”

Sakura von Sternberg is a force to be reckoned with in the erotica world. She brings elite writing and world building chops to a genre flooded with mediocrity. She epitomizes what it truly means to be an erotica author.

Buy her books,

The Erotic Adventures of Joan of Arc and Space Pirate Captain Cydd…

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