It’s November!

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-08-59-15-1.pngHere we are beyond Halloween and into November.  For many people that means looking forward to Thanksgiving and gearing up for the holiday season.

But for some creative souls, November 1 means the beginning of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  For those with the passion to write and the desire for competition, if only with themselves, NaNoWriMo runs from November 1 to November 30.  The goal is to complete a 50,000 word novel in that time.

I am not participating.  My new book comes out on December 8, I’m in the middle of editing my next two releases, and I’m hoping to get further in my next project after that.

But for those hardy souls who are taking the leap this year, I offer mad respect and best wishes for good luck and generous muses.  Let us know how you do.

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