Rannigan’s Redemption–Introductions

Rannigan’s Redemption Part 1: Resisting Risk launches on December 8.  It’s my follow-up to Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.

Rannigan’s Redemption is about the complicated relationship between hotshot attorney Michael Rannigan and Maggie Flynn, the recent law school grad he just hired.  From the moment they met at a job fair at his alma mater, she’s left him feeling unsettled.  She’s smart and good at her job, and she’s not afraid to bust his balls on occasion.  She also looks at him in that way that most women do.  Good thing she’s not his type.

Meet the Michael and Maggie.

While it doesn’t come out until December 8, Rannigan’s Redemption is available for pre-order right now at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

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