This Is Way Better!

Black Friday Sale!

Announcing a Black Friday Sale on my first novel, Luke & Bella:Two Streets Over!  This Friday, November 27, you can get your very own copy of this smart, sexy adventure on Smashwords for the low price of 99¢.

I mean seriously, think about it.  Do you really want to get up at the ass-crack of dawn on your day off and duke it out with some real housewife of West Cheesedoodle over some discounted holiday gift for someone who, let’s face it, never gets you anything good anyway?

Instead, relax!  Sleep late and stay out of the chaos.  You can click the above link, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, and curl up with a smart, sexy adventure.  Luke McGillicutty is definitely your next book boyfriend.

Trust me, this is way better!

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