Reviewing Rannigan

Thank you, Jolie Mason, for this glowing review. But I’m wondering… Have you been peeking at my notes? LOL! Mad appreciation! :^D

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason

I received an advance copy of Rannigan’s Redemption by Pandora Spocks, and I gotta say I’m still not sure about that man. If anyone can redeem a player like Rannigan though, it’s gotta be Pandora. 51syvvcbubl-_sx311_bo1204203200_

The writing is extremely polished, much like the high powered attorney world she depicts, and she depicts it very well. From the depositions gone wrong to the slimeball clients, she puts you in that world.

Rannigan is a true player. His commitment issues have commitment issues, evidenced by his confusing attraction for Maggie, Mags, the girl in the office next door. She’s clearly not his type. You’ll agree she’s not his type. He agrees he’s not her type, but he always seems to slip.

This is a three parter, and you know I normally hate a cliffhanger. This one I’ll wait for happily. The subtle nuances, the exploration of the characters is beyond worth it…

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