New Excerpt From Rannigan’s Redemption

51syvvcbubl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Rannigan’s Redemption Part 1: Resisting Risk comes out on December 8.  It’s a three-part smart, sexy romance about hotshot NY attorney Michael Rannigan and Maggie Flynn, the recent law school grad he hires to join his elite 50th floor defense team.

Here’s a new excerpt.  I hope you enjoy!

     “You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?”
Maggie whirled around to see John leaning against a table just inside the library. Ellen closed the double doors and stood in front of them, arms crossed. John had that intense look on his face she remembered from their last encounter in this room.
She pulled herself as tall as she could, affecting confidence she didn’t feel. “I just tried to be thorough, that’s all,” she answered, pushing past him to pick up more books.
“Little Miss NYU, always trying to be a good girl,” mocked Ellen.     Maggie slid her eyes in the woman’s direction and elected not to be baited.
“Here’s the thing, Maggie,” John said in a deceptively calm tone, “you made me look bad today.”
Maggie cocked her head to the side and met his eyes. “You made yourself look bad today. You can’t put that off on me.” She turned to walk away, intending to shelve the books in her hands when he grabbed her arm, causing the books to crash to the floor.
In his office, Michael watched the situation unfold on the screen of his laptop. Just give me a little more.
“I think you should leave now,” Maggie said, snatching her arm away from John. “I don’t have any more to say to you.”
He grinned eerily, stepping closer and causing her to back into the table. “But I have a lot more to say to you.” He had nearly a twelve inch advantage over Maggie and he loomed over her.
Maggie could feel his hot breath on her face. “You need to back the fuck up!” she said, putting her hands on his chest and shoving him backwards.
John lunged at her, his huge hands gripping her around the neck and he slammed her onto the table, leaving her legs dangling off the edge. Maggie struggled to scream but couldn’t. She’d had the wind knocked out of her when she landed on the table and John was tightening his grip on her throat. Desperately she grasped at his hands.
“I ought to fuck you like the cunt you are,” John growled, forcing her legs apart with his, her skirt riding higher. He tightened his grip with one hand and tore at her blouse with the other.
It was Ellen’s turn to be shocked. “John! You’re pushing this too far!””
“Shut up, Ellen!” he hurled over his shoulder.
Michael raced out of his office. “Call security now!” he shouted at a startled Karen as he ran toward the library. Reaching the doors, he discovered they were locked. He lowered his shoulder and rammed with all his might. The doors gave way with a splintering of wood, the glass cracking but not shattering.
Maggie tried desperately to pry off John’s remaining hand finger by finger but her vision was going dark.
Michael ran past Ellen, who stood motionless, not knowing what to do. He grabbed John by the shoulder and threw him back. As soon as John released his grip on her neck, Maggie slid off the edge of the table. Her knees buckled and she crumpled to the floor in a coughing, gasping heap.
Karen entered the library with two large security guards. “These two are not to leave this room,” Michael commanded, pointing to John and Ellen. He knelt beside Maggie.
“Hey Mags, are you okay?” He tenderly helped her sit up, lifting her chin to look in her eyes. Maggie could only cough.
He realized her blouse was torn, exposing her navy lace bra, and immediately took off his suit coat and wrapped it around her. “Can you stand?” Maggie nodded. “Karen, take her to my office. No one, I mean no one, is to go in there until I come back,” he said.

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