I’m A Lucky Girl

20151208_194941-1All in all, it’s been a great release day for Rannigan’s Redemption.  I mean, there was the day from hell at my day job.  But ignoring that, a few copies have sold, it’s gotten some amazingly positive reviews, and I’ve had huge support from many of you.  I can’t thank you enough.  You all mean the world to me.

And I even received launch day flowers from my biggest fan, my Sir.

Yep.  I’m a lucky girl.

Smart Sexy Launch Party

Welcome to the Smart Sexy Launch Party for

Rannigan’s Redemption part 1: Resisting Risk! 

Rannigan’s Redemption Part 1: Resisting Risk is OUT today!  It’s a smart, sexy contemporary romance about hotshot lawyer Michael Rannigan and his complicated relationship with Maggie Flynn, the spunky redhead he hired fresh out of law school.

Here’s one last excerpt.

Pretty sure I have some more drinking to do here, she thought grimly as she ordered another bourbon. Slowly the group dwindled as people began making their way back to their own lives, their own weekends. At one point, Maggie went to the ladies’ room and when she returned, she didn’t see Michael any longer.
Still not ready to go home, she moved to the bar where she found an empty stool at the far end and ordered yet another bourbon.
“Make it two.” She turned to find Michael standing behind her.
“I thought you were gone,” she said.
“I had to see a man about a horse,” he grinned.
Maggie smiled, too. “Pull up a seat if you’re drinking,” she said.
Michael dragged a stool over and Maggie scooted hers as far against the wall as she could. “So what gives, Mags? You don’t seem glad we won the case.”
She frowned, looking into the distance. “It was wrong. Maybe she thought she wanted to sleep with him and then she changed her mind. No means no. Every time.” She stared into her glass. “What we did, what I did…just victimized the victim all over again. That’s not who I want to be.” She downed her drink.
Michael was thoughtful for a moment. “It’s what we do. We defend people who get into trouble.” He watched her disdainful expression. “I know. Sometimes our clients are rat bastards.” Maggie laughed in spite of herself. “But they’re entitled to the best defense we can manage. Rat bastard status notwithstanding.”
“Rat bastard status notwithstanding,” she repeated. They sat without talking for a while, sipping thoughtfully. The bartender rang the bell to indicate the end of happy hour.
She turned to Michael. “Why are you still here? You usually leave long before now.”
He shrugged. “I don’t know. Just wasn’t ready to leave, I guess. What about you?”
“Just not ready to go home, I suppose. You’re leaving tomorrow anyway, right?”
Michael nodded. “Yep.” They sat quietly again.
“So how is it you’re alone tonight? No stunning blonde coming to wisk you off someplace?” She cringed inside. That was a stupid, drunk-ass thing to say.
He grinned again and looked at his hands. “I don’t know. Seems like everyone’s got something going on. I think Vivian’s busy packing for the trip.”
“Vivian…” she repeated, nodding. “Well, on the bright side, you’ll save a fortune on pink champagne while you’re in the Maldives.” Her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.
He chuckled lightly. “Yeah, there’s that. Do you want another drink?” he asked.
She grinned. “I would love another drink.”
“Good. Let’s have another.” He motioned to the bartender.
They spent the next hour and a half chatting over drinks about nothing in particular. They laughed as they recalled the incident with Hemphill and Standifer those years ago.
Who would ever have thought I’d laugh about that, Maggie reflected. She smiled at Michael affectionately. The conversation waned again and they sat companionably for a while.
“How about another round?”
Maggie shook her head. “I’m done,” she said. “I need to quit while I’m behind.”
“Yeah. I think I’m just going to go home and watch the game,” he said.
She smirked. “Baseball?”
“Baseball. My Yankees,” he grinned. Michael stared into his glass for a moment, then looked back at her. “Come with me.”

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51syvvcbubl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Rannigan’s Redemption Part 1: Resisting Risk is out today!  It’s a smart, sexy contemporary romance set in a New York City law firm.

     Brilliant Manhattan attorney Michael Rannigan has his life arranged exactly the way he likes it. As a founding partner at the law firm of Murphy, Rannigan, & Metheny, he can let his underlings do the legwork on the high profile defense cases his exclusive 50th floor division handles. He prefers to simply breeze in and do what he does best: dazzle juries and charm the press.
His private life is well-ordered, too. Michael doesn’t have the time or the patience for relationships. Instead, he has a contact list of hot blondes who meet his needs at any given moment, whether it’s a date to a gallery opening or awards show. Or he just wants to get laid.
Some people would call him shallow. But they’re just envious.
Maggie Flynn has her life mapped out as well. After she graduates from law school she plans to take a job with the Prosecutor’s Office where she interned. But when she attends a job fair and meets Michael Rannigan, her plans change. She’s studied his cases, even heard him speak once. He’s smart and sexy and she can’t resist interviewing with him.
Michael hires Maggie and has her assigned to his elite 50th floor team. He knows smart when he sees it. He also sees the spark in her eyes. She wants him. And having her nearby strokes his ego. It’s not like anything will come of it, she’s so far from his type. But there’s something unsettling about Mary Margaret Flynn, like she can see through his bullshit in a way no one else ever bothered to do.
Maggie realizes that her crush on Michael is all but hopeless. He’s a self-absorbed womanizer. But beneath that cool exterior, she’s seen the man he can be and she’s sure that love can bring that out. In the meantime, she’s content to work with him.
What would happen if they ever crossed that line?

Stay tuned for an all-new excerpt later today…

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