Cover Reveal! Rannigan’s Redemption Part 2!

When I began writing Rannigan’s Redemption, I had no plans to release it in three books.  But…  This is a really long story.  The first part is about 65,000 words.  So it made sense to break it into three digestible sections.

Part 1: Resisting Risk was released in early December to all 5 Star Reviews.  It does, however, end in something of a cliff-hanger, much to the ire of many readers.  So I have been madly editing Part 2: Running Rogue and plan to release it in early February.

Cover for Rannigan's Redemption Part 2_ Running RogueIn appreciation for your support, my friends and readers, I present to you for the first time anywhere, the cover of Rannigan’s Redemption Part 2: Running Rogue.

Keep watching here for updates on the release.

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