Saturday Excerpt–Sneak Peek of Rannigan’s Redemption 3: Ransoming Redemption

The third and final book of the Rannigan’s Redemption series, Ransoming Redemption, will be out in the very near future.  There is no release date yet, but as always, you’ll hear about it here first.  Just to tide you over, here’s an exclusive sneak peek.

amazing view to yacht, swimming woman and clear water caribbean

“I don’t think I want to go into town today,” Maggie said as she and Bobby lingered over an al fresco breakfast. “I don’t even think I want to get dressed today.” She smiled lazily and reached her arms over her head in a stretch that pushed her bare breasts front and center.

Bobby rewarded her with his lopsided grin as his cock offered an enthusiastic salute. “Okay by me. Hell, we can go naked all weekend if you want.”

The truth was that since they’d gone below deck the previous night, neither of them had bothered with clothes. They’d fucked hard in a heated, feral sort of way, come back on deck to drink more wine, then headed back to the master cabin to make love more slowly the second time.

The third time, they’d faced each other on their sides, joined intimately, each leaning back to watch as his cock speared in and out of her slick pussy. Across the breakfast table, he watched a sated smile cross her face, and he knew she was reliving last night as well.

“Of course, the folks in town might have something to say if we show up tomorrow in the buff,” he mused.

“We’re definitely going in to town tomorrow?”

Bobby nodded. “It’s your birthday, cher. There are reservations to keep.”

“Oh,” she said, grinning like a little girl. “Well, let’s have naked Friday, then.”

He raised his glass of orange juice. “By proclamation of the birthday girl, it is hereby so ordered that today shall be known as Naked Friday!” Maggie touched her glass to hers and they both laughed. “How about we sail to a reef a few miles out, and we spend the day snorkeling?”

“That sounds perfect,” she said.

The first place they stopped had a few boats nearby so Bobby sailed to another reef a bit further out, and they found the privacy they wanted. They anchored just off the reef and lowered the transom to create a dive platform complete with a ladder into the water. Maggie and Bobby snorkeled for hours, delighting in scores of tropical fish, large sea turtles, and even a few sharks.

As the sun sank lower in the western sky, Bobby clung to the ladder. “Maybe we should make our way back toward Key West,” he said, placing his snorkel gear on the platform.

“I’m not quite ready yet,” Maggie answered. She swam up to the platform and put her own gear there, then swished backwards, treading water a few feet away. Her breasts floated near the top of the water and she gave him a wicked smile.

“Not quite ready?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. “Did we forget something?”

“I didn’t forget,” she said as she swam to him and gripped his shoulders.

Bobby continued to hold the ladder with one hand, wrapping his other arm around her waist and pulling her to him. Her lips found his and latched on as her legs wrapped around his waist. “I want you right here, bayou boy,” she murmured against his cheek.

“Then you should take me, cher,” he growled as he devoured her lips. She reached between them to position his hard cock at her entrance and leaned back to look into his eyes. Slowly she tightened her legs around his body pulling him firmly into her tight pussy, her gaze never leaving his.

“You are so sexy,” he murmured as he pumped in and out of her sex, feeling his climax building. She tightened around him and moaned as her head dropped back. “Come on cher, let it go,” he urged softly. As she cried out, his own release came as well, and after, they clung to each other trying to regain their breath.

You can find Rannigan’s Redemption here:

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