Once Again, Featuring Erotic Romance Author Lilah E. Noir

Stroker Ace


In celebration of the brand new cover and image my debut novella Stroker Ace is offered for a promotion price of 0.99 cents. The offer expires on Friday, 15th April 2016.

The Blurb:

“So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lap so I can show him how you long to be disciplined. Twenty smacks.”

Annabelle is a lady, intelligent, classy and sexually repressed. After a night of drunken oblivion, she submits both to her dominant husband Evan and her own filthy, hidden desires. Little had Evan suspected what a wild and dirty yet obedient pet his wife could be.

A year later their once perfect marriage is on the verge of falling apart. He must deal with her angry accusations and hostile attitude. She has a hard time admitting her submissive nature and frequently lashes out at him out of guilt and shame.

Enters Kitty, a mysterious, charismatic woman armed with a deck of cards, steely dominance and a bag of sex toys. What happens when Evan and Annabelle are faced with her dark game of seduction?

Will Evan hold back his urges? Will Annabelle still be her proud and arrogant self when she gets subjected to stern discipline and humiliating play under Kitty’s thumb? Will their marriage be completely destroyed or reinforced by another night of indulging their kinky side?

This story is intended for a mature audience. It contains elements of BDSM as well as scenes of menage a trois and discipline. Please, read the warning inside the book before you purchase it. All characters are over 18 years old.



International link mybook.to/StrokerAce

Amazon USA http://amzn.to/1SLZLn2

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/24mlR5X


New Pandora Spocks Interview!

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Behind the Words with the Smart and Sexy Romance Author of Rannigan’s Redemption, Pandora Spocks

Move over E.L. James and Jackie Collins, and make way for this superb erotic romance writer.
Fifty Shades of Grey would be a better book if Pandora Spocks wrote it.
Pandora is a moderator of the Alliance of Self Published Authors. Not only is she superb in her craft, she likes helping other self published authors too. Always open to improving her work. Reason why her books are high quality. I admire those qualities… because it’s rare among Indies.

When I first read Luke & Bella, I was taken back to the time when I enjoyed the books of Jackie Collins. I outgrew erotica, but I’d gladly read any of her books. Why? What’s so different about her writing? Like her tagline says, it’s Smart and Sexy Erotica. Strong Characters. Tight writing. Amazingly hot love scenes. And emotional. Her stories are deep. That’s what I love about them. She uses words effortlessly, without pretense – and I can promise you that you’ll keep on reading until the last page.
 There are only a few books that made me cry, and you have to understand that I’ve devoured books since I was 10 years old. That’s a big list. Fine Things by Danielle Steel is one. Now, I have to add Rannigan’s Redemption: Finale to my list. Although I know how the Rannigan’s Redemption Series is going to end, I was excited to see how she will write it. I was not disappointed. I could kill her, really. 70% into the book, I was bawling like a baby. Continuously, until the last page. And then I had to go back to THAT scene just one more time.
After you read it, you’ll know what THAT scene is.
It’s currently on Pre-order. Out on April 18! Get it on AMAZON.

You might want to get book 1 first, if you haven’t yet.

Ok, enough with the raving. For the Author Spotlight, here’s my interview with Pandora Spocks.
Pandora Spocks, why did you choose that pen name? She’s a witch and you write erotic romance.
The name Pandora Spocks is a pop culture reference from the 60s television show Bewitched, but she was not a witch. On the show, Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha Stevens, a pretty blonde housewife who happened to be a witch. Occasionally, Montgomery also played Samantha’s brunette cousin, Serena. But in the credits, it was said that Serena was played by Pandora Spocks. I always thought that was clever.

Besides, it’s a pun of Pandora ’s Box, that fabled container from Greek mythology that has come to represent a source of endless complications and problems. I’m a redhead. (laughing) What can I say?

Interesting trivia. I didn’t know that. 

How did you get into self publishing? What was the catalyst?
I never started out with the intention of publishing. I began writing my stories online on various social media outlets. Then people seemed to like my work. After I posted my first story, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, chapter by chapter twice in its entirety, I thought that maybe I’d investigate the whole self publishing world.

Thank goodness you did. 🙂

Your bio says that you’re happy with your own “Sir”. Tell us a little about that and how it influences your writing.

My husband is my rock, my protector, my partner, my number one fan, the one who makes me believe that anything is possible. Having survived a very young, very bad marriage that lasted way too long, I like to call him my happily ever after. He restored me to the happy, fun girl that I was before my nightmare. When I write romance, I love to create strong, caring men and equally strong, determined women who, together, feel safe enough to be vulnerable with each other.

Tell us about Pandora Spocks, the woman. What makes you tick? What drives you?

I’m a wife, mom, step-mom, sister, daughter, friend. I’m a redhead who was raised in the South, so I can be stubborn. I love to laugh and I’m not afraid to laugh at myself. I care about fairness and equality, I’d like to see a whole lot more love in the world and a whole lot less hate. I love music of all kinds and nearly always have an inner play list. I love reading and I love writing, especially thoughtful, spicy romance. When I do something, I want to do my absolute best.

Your debut novel Luke and Bella was written like a pro. Do you edit your own books?

Wow, thanks! I do edit my own books. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing. Editing my own work is sort of like trimming the Christmas tree—I can’t pass by without rearranging the decorations. I read and reread my work and change something every time. At a certain point, I just have to force myself to let it go. A new development, though. For the last book of Rannigan’s Redemption, I had author A. M. Manay do the proofreading.

Aha.. two of my favorites collaborating…

How do you find self publishing so far? What’s your biggest challenge?

Self publishing has been something of a journey with a learning curve for me. The truth is, I accidentally published Luke & Bella the first time. I sort of thought that when I uploaded the manuscript to KDP I’d have the opportunity to look it over, fiddle with formatting and that. All of a sudden, I had a book for sale. I’ve learned a great deal from my mistakes, and I’ve been blessed to meet a lot of very nice authors who have given me indispensable advice. My biggest challenge has been the whole marketing and promotion thing. It takes a lot of time and I’m not sure I’ve hit on the most effective methods just yet.

It’s a long process, but you’re on the right track.

What are you doing to bring your books closer to your readers?

I’m taking this question as being related to marketing. I am involved in several author support groups on social media and we promote one another’s work on a daily basis. I post promotional articles on my author blog as well as on my personal blog. Recently, taking the advice of colleagues and friends whom I respect, I had The Book Khaleesi redesign the covers of my Rannigan’s Redemption series, making them much more attractive to potential readers.

Tell us what being a self published Author means to you.

For me, being a self published author means that I’m able to put my work out there for readers when I’m ready. I don’t wait for acceptance letters or have to change my work to please a boardroom. I see the self publishing movement as doing for literature what YouTube and iTunes have done for music. The public now has access to a myriad of work they would never have known about previously.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, as an author?

Whew! (big sigh) In 5 years, I’d love to see myself writing full time. Currently, I work a full time job and squeeze in writing (and marketing, promoting, networking) when I can. If I could get my sales up to the level of my current salary, I’d be what was in terms of my job. I have several stories that are already started and a very long list of ideas beyond that. In addition to writing fiction, I read your book, You Want to Be a Freelancer, Now What? and that’s always in the back of my mind, too.

Where do you get honest validation and feedback for your writing?

My husband is never hesitant to tell me exactly what he thinks. I value his input and his thoughts. I’m also a member of the Alliance of Self Published Authors. We read and provide feedback for each other and I’m beyond grateful for their support.

Which authors do you identify with and why?

I love Joanne Harris and Maeve Binchy for creating characters with depth and soul. I enjoy Maggie Carpenter, Amber Lea Easton, and Natasha Blackthorne who writes sexy erotic romance.

What is your favorite book? Name just one.

My all-time favorite book, no doubt about it, is Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It’s a great story about love and family and forgiveness. I aspire to one day write something as beautiful as the prologue of that book.

For you, what is the best part about being a self published author?

I love pulling up Amazon (or iBooks, or B&N, or Kobo, or Smashwords) and seeing my book for sale right next to my literary heroes. It’s kind of surreal.

What’s the worst part?

The marketing is hard. Business is not my background or education so I’m very much a fish out of water. Suddenly I’m ‘building a brand’. But I like to think I’m a quick learner.

Your romance series Rannigan’s Redemption is complete. What’s on the pipeline?

Yes, Rannigan is finished. It’s been a long labor of love. Currently, I have a couple of projects I’m working on kind of simultaneously.

First, my next novel is For Sparrow. I’m going back to the BDSM theme that was in Luke & Bella. In Sparrow, a woman’s husband dies suddenly. She finds herself not only grieving her husband but also the loss of the Dominant to her submissive. But as it turns out, he made provisions for her before his death.

My other project is a naughty little summer novella called Just One Night. It’s about a woman who is determined to recover from a nasty break-up but finding a guy for a one night fling.

Will definitely wait for For Sparrow. I read the excerpt on your blog. 🙂

If you could speak to all self published authors, what advise would you give them?

Gosh, where do I start?
• Just do it, don’t be afraid to jump right in.
• Surround yourself with great writers who can give you all sorts of input and advice.
• Don’t let slow sales discourage you. Keep on working.
• Follow successful writers and emulate what they do, marketing-wise.
• Don’t be too hard-headed to take great advice (Pandora!).
• Quid pro quo. Support other indie authors and they will support you.
• Pass along what you’ve learned.
Thanks for taking the time, Pandora. 
I won’t wish you the best cause I know you will make it happen.
Connect with Pandora Spocks:
Check out her Amazon Page

Watch This Space–Lilah E. Noir

final-coverLike your romance extra spicy with a side of kink?  You’re going to love Stroker Ace by Lilah E. Noir.  To celebrate the new cover of this erotic romance, she’s offering a special deal.

In celebration of the brand new cover and image, my debut novella Stroker Ace is offered for a promotion price of 0.99 cents. The offer expires on Friday, 15th April 2016.

“So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lap so I can show him how you long to be disciplined. Twenty smacks.”

Annabelle is a lady, intelligent, classy and sexually repressed. After a night of drunken oblivion, she submits both to her dominant husband Evan and her own filthy, hidden desires. Little had Evan suspected what a wild and dirty yet obedient pet his wife could be.

A year later their once perfect marriage is on the verge of falling apart. He must deal with her angry accusations and hostile attitude. She has a hard time admitting her submissive nature and frequently lashes out at him out of guilt and shame.

Enters Kitty, a mysterious, charismatic woman armed with a deck of cards, steely dominance and a bag of sex toys. What happens when Evan and Annabelle are faced with her dark game of seduction?

Will Evan hold back his urges? Will Annabelle still be her proud and arrogant self when she gets subjected to stern discipline and humiliating play under Kitty’s thumb? Will their marriage be completely destroyed or reinforced by another night of indulging their kinky side?


This story is intended for a mature audience. It contains elements of BDSM as well as scenes of menage a trois and discipline. Please, read the warning inside the book before you purchase it. All characters are over 18 years old.


Stroker Ace is only .99 through Friday, April 15.  Get your copy on Amazon.


How to write the perfect book boyfriend

Many thanks to Jolie Mason for hosting me on her blog today!

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason

Guest poster Pandora Spocks is making the rounds this week and hitting a few blogs in preparation for her new release on April 18th of the final chapter of her Rannigan series, and it’s a doozy. How lucky can I get? Not only did she do her release announcement on a Fairytale Feature, but she’s agreed to come back today and show us how she writes these incredibly sexy bad boys and boys next door. Let’s hear it, Pandora.

Pandora Spocks

Every great romance story has to have a great lead character. One who makes the leading lady, and the reader, swoon. So what makes a great leading man?

Generally, you want to give him traits that are attractive. That’s no surprise. He should be tall, handsome, possess a good sense of humor. Everything you look for on Match.com, right? Personality-wise, he needs to be strong, sensitive, and protective. But I…

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Weekend Excerpt–Rannigan’s Redemption

Rannigan3The countdown is on for the April 18 release of the third and final chapter of Rannigan’s Redemption, Ransoming Redemption.  Today’s excerpt is from the first book, Resisting Risk.  Take a look at the moment Michael and Maggie met.

Michael Rannigan dry gulped three ibuprofen tablets as the car from the service weaved its way through mid-day Manhattan traffic.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a hangover.   The previous night had been exceptional.  At an art gallery opening, he’d met twin flight attendants who matched him drink for drink before going home with him for an extended threesome adventure.

I’m getting too old for this shit.  Should have called in sick today.  As a partner at Murphy, Rannigan, there was no one to question his absence.  But it was his turn representing the firm at the job fair at NYU.  Brian Murphy was out of the country on vacation.  And James Metheny was recovering from surgery.  Tonsils or some shit, Michael mused.  Didn’t everyone have their tonsils out when they were five?

Sure the firm needed new talent.  But why did he need to be there?  He knew exactly why.  Without his presence, John Hemphill would be the senior man there, and that couldn’t happen.  Hemphill’s an idiot, he thought.

The car dropped him at the entrance to Vanderbilt Hall.  He knew it well.  After all, NYU was his alma mater.  He took a moment to straighten his tie before entering the building.  As expected, the hall was full of fresh young faces, soon-to-graduate litigators who needed jobs.  Unconsciously his eye roved, looking for nubile young female candidates.  Not necessarily for the firm, mind you.  He was always on the lookout for his next conquest.  He passed a group of girls who giggled as he walked by.

“Ladies,” he greeted them, flashing his mega-watt smile.  Just get this over with, he begged as he zeroed in on the Murphy, Rannigan table.

Already seated at the table were John Hemphill, Stan Hodges, and Ellen Standifer.  The trio were associates from the elite 50th floor of Murphy, Rannigan.  They were good enough at what they did, which was mostly research and legwork, with the occasional foray into the courtroom when necessity called.  Each had a laptop and on the table was a spreadsheet they’d worked out back at the office.  Of course, they’d vetted possible candidates before they ever set foot at the university.  Preparation saves time in the long run, they knew.

Michael took a bottled water from the table and sipped, standing behind the three and continuing to scan the room.  “What’ve we got?” he asked.

Hemphill gave him a brief rundown.  “We’ve interviewed five candidates so far, five of the ones we were interested in.  We’ve turned away about a dozen others that didn’t meet our standards,” he related in his adenoidal drone that so grated on Michael.

“You’re turning away interviewees who aren’t on your candidate list?” Michael snapped.  “How sure are you that your list is accurate?  Paper and data don’t always tell the story.”  Hemphill reddened a bit.

“Well, I…” the man floundered.

Michael grinned to himself.  It’s the little pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile, he thought.  He watched as a young woman crossed the floor, seeming to make a beeline for their table.  She was petite, with red hair, and she was wearing a grey suit paired with a green silk blouse.  What have we here, he wondered.

“Hello,” said the young woman.  “I’d like to interview with your firm.”  She reached across the table to shake hands with the attorneys seated there.

“And you are?” Michael asked, still standing behind the others.

“Oh, sorry,” she said, clearly flustered.  She opened her folio to remove copies of her resume and several slipped out, sailing across the floor.  Michael watched in amusement as she scrambled to gather them up again.  “Sorry,” she repeated, as she handed a document to each of them.

“Mary Margaret Flynn,” Michael read from the top line of the resume.

“Um, Maggie, actually,” the young woman corrected.

“Have a seat, Ms. Flynn,” Hemphill directed as they read over her resume.  Standifer pulled up Mary Margaret Flynn on their database and Hodges located her name on their spreadsheet.  There were two stars beside her name.  How have we not spoken with this one yet?

Michael took a seat directly across from her.  He was impressed with the resume, and he’d found her name on the spreadsheet before Hodges had.  He looked from the document back up to her face.  Her green eyes were wide and as she sat, she fidgeted nervously with the atrocious vinyl folio containing her resumes.

“So Ms. Flynn, your resume is impressive.  It says that you interned with Rance Stockwell at the DA’s office.  I’m surprised he hasn’t offered you a job.”

“Oh, he has,” Maggie replied.  “I just haven’t accepted yet.”

“Looking for better offers, are you?” Michael asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I have a great deal of student loan debt,” she confessed.  “It makes sense to me to look around and find my best options.”

Michael leaned back in his chair.  “Are you familiar with our firm?” he asked.

“Yes, actually,” Maggie answered.  “I heard you speak once at a charity luncheon.  You said that everyone is entitled to the best defense possible, regardless of the circumstances of their charges.”

Michael tried to suppress a smile.  “I said that, did I?”  The others at the table snickered.

Maggie’s face reddened a bit as she glanced down the line of lawyers.  “It really resonated with me,” she said quietly.  “I also tried one of your cases as a mock trial project.”

“Which case did you choose?” asked Michael.

“People v. Lawson.”

The other three snickered louder and Michael looked down at his notes, suppressing another grin.  “Well, Ms. Flynn, if you were going to try one of my cases, you might have chosen one I actually won.”

Maggie glared indignantly at the panel.  “I, well, I tweaked it a little.  I uncovered evidence that you overlooked.”  Michael sat up straight; she had his undivided attention.  “Testimony in the deposition was contradicted on the witness stand.  The victim stated in the deposition that she’d met the defendant two weeks prior to the incident.  On the stand she said she’d just met him that night.  It was enough doubt for the mock jury.  I won your case.”

Michael looked at the other three.  If someone had dropped the ball on the case, he or she was currently seated at the table.  They all looked down, suddenly intensely interested in their notes.

He cleared his throat.  “It seems, Ms. Flynn, we have everything we need.  We’ll make a decision by the end of the week and let you know.”

Maggie stood and reached out her hand.  “Thank you for your time.”

“Thank you,” Michael nodded, shaking her hand.  He watched her walk back across the room and disappear in the crowd.

Rannigan’s Redemption: Ransoming Redemption is available now for pre-order at these online booksellers.

Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords

Not all caught up on Rannigan’s Redemption?  No problem.  Resisting Risk and Running Rogue are available now at those same retailers.

Watch This Space–Scarlett Flame


For this edition of Watch This Space, I want to highlight erotic romance author Scarlett Flame from Manchester, England.  She has a new steampunk novel coming out on April 29.  You can pre-order it now on Kindle.  Take a look.

Create Space Cover for The prophecy Unfolds

The Prophecy Unfolds

(Dragon Queen )

by Scarlett Flame

Now available for preorder on kindle and will be available as both an ebook and paperback version


“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away – Anon.”



Blurb / Synopsis

For Alex, this was supposed to be a fresh start. 

New job, new part of the country. 

But she got much more than she bargained for.

As she travelled through the Snowdonian National park, with its remote villages and Wales’ highest mountains, she stops to eat a bite to eat.

There she is kidnapped by three strangers, and transported to the Dystopian, Steampunk world of Syros.

A world of dragons, magic and werewolves. 

Where science fiction meets science fact.

This is only the beginning of an epic urban fantasy, and the fulfilment of a prophecy over 200 years old.

Will she survive on a planet where three factions battle for dominance.


Book One of the series Dragon Queen.



Finally, my life was getting back on track following a worrisome number of months.

I had had a great deal of trouble sleeping lately as I had been continually disturbed by dreams I could only describe as nightmares.

These dreams always included the same shadowy characters with obscure faces. The one recurring theme, that I became intimate with every one of them. To say this wasn’t in my usual nature would be an understatement.

In all my relationships I had always been monogamous.  Basically, I am a one man girl, and wouldn’t dream of being unfaithful. Perhaps, because of this these dreams proved highly disturbing and included sexual acts that I’d heard of, but would never think of participating in.  I little suspected that these dreams would prove to be the precursor to an amazing series of adventures

This story proper, began one day driving through the beautiful Welsh countryside, on my way to check out some accommodation that I had secured. This was intended to act as a base to work from Monday to Friday, at my new job

Previously, I had been working in a general hospital close to my family home, but decided to spread my wings after ending a long term relationship with my childhood sweetheart,  Paul.

I decided that I now needed some space to develop new friendships, so put my love life on the back burner. My career would become my first priority. So, this was part of that plan. I had taken a contract as a Children’s Nurse for an Agency in a hospital situated near to Bangor in North Wales.

On that day I had been driving through the Snowdonia National Park, where pine trees crowded either side of the road. I had spotted a little picnic area to one side, flanked by a small car park. It was a beautiful sunny day and as I had brought along a packed lunch. I decided to park up and take advantage of the glorious weather. I parked my car and then realised that mine was the only car, but thought no more about it. I had no problem eating here at the edge of the forest.

I retrieved my sandwich, carton of orange and the book I had just started, and wandered over to the farthest table. From here I would be able to watch the squirrels and birds as they searched amongst the bins for crumbs.

I’d sat there enjoying my book for about ten minutes when two things happened. Firstly, I became aware that a hush had suddenly descended on the forest. I could no longer hear the scampering of the squirrels or the birds singing. When I looked up I could no longer see any of them around the area they had occupied only a few minutes earlier.

The second thing was the sound I did hear. I can only compare that to the sound barrier being broken, a bang like a small explosion followed by a and a slight popping noise. Yet  immediately after this, the birds and squirrels were back, chirping and moving through the grass once again.

I shrugged, went back  to the page in my book and continued  to eat. However, after a while a feeling of uneasiness descended on me. I raised my head to find myself being watched.

The watcher, a tall, broad -shouldered man with dirty blond hair tied at the nape, he had the most vivid blue eyes I had ever seen. I estimated him to be about twenty-five to thirty years old. He regarded me silently, and with intensity.  His odd clothing caught my eye. Old fashioned garments, dark trousers laced up the front, a long-sleeved suede jacket of a similar material, and leather boots

I turned my head to look for any cars or vans on the car park, and jumped as I spotted two more men- one to my left, and one I saw in my peripheral vision to the right. The man on the left appeared to be dressed similar to the first, but had sandy hair and sea green eyes.

In contrast though not quite as broad, although equally tall, (all three were over six foot tall.) The last had dark hair to his shoulders that hung loose, and the most amazing violet eyes.

The appearance of these men with no noise, and staring at me in rapt fascination, not uttering a word, spooked me. My heart was beating so loud and fast I thought that I was having some kind of heart attack.

But the most unnerving thing of all was that all three men looked familiar, a deja vu sort of moment. I had dreamt about these three men for so long. I knew immediately these were the shady characters from my dreams.  Dreams that repeatedly haunted my sleep.

I decided that sitting still was stupid, so made a grab for my bag and shot through to the right, I then ran toward one of the many footpaths I spotted earlier.

My flight or fight response gave me swift feet, (or so I thought), but obviously not swift enough. Before I had got ten yards down the path two of the three had already moved, and appeared in front of me. They moved so fast I hardly believed my eyes. I turned to head  back to where I’d come from.  Hoping I could make it back to my car.

Fate once again took charge, I turned and ran straight into the third man, the blond, like I had run into a brick wall, as he ensnared me in his very muscular arms. My heart stuttered and I thought I felt the zing of an electric current run through my body. I never claimed to be a particularly brave person and I started to hyperventilate, gasping , trying to catch my breath.

One of them began to stroke my hair, saying “Calm down Alex, calm down. Breathe slowly we won’t hurt you” but, at that point my knees gave way and I collapsed into darkness, terrified.

How did that man know my name?

I came to I lay on a huge bed in a strange bedroom – the biggest bed I had ever seen. Into my mind came a little rhyme my granddad used to sing  “Ten in the bed and the little one said roll over.”  The other thing I immediately noticed, was the odd lighting. The lights looked like gas lamps of some sort but were giving off normal light. Either side of the bed were candles. How strange everything looked.

Sat on the bed next to me, to my right I spotted the sandy haired man. On my left the one with the dark hair and at the end of the bed stood the blond. I looked agitatedly from one to the other and began to panic again, terrified.

I thought to myself What did they want with me, and where was this place ?  I frantically tried to escape to the top of the bed, as far away as I could from my captors.

The sandy haired man handed me a glass of water but I was too frightened to drink it,

What if it contained drugs? I thought.

The blond began to speak, his voice soft, but distinct. He introduced himself as Aston, pointed to the sandy haired man indicating that his name was Leon. Finally, nodding to my left saying “Vanda”. Each in turn gave me a slight nod, but I still unable respond.

Where the hell had they brought me to, and why? How on earth did they know my name. They continued to stare, as if fascinated by what the sight of me. My mind in chaos.

I think Aston saw that I wasn’t getting any calmer, but quite the reverse. I started shaking so violently my teeth began to chatter. He then spoke slowly and clearly, in such a strange accent I thought that he might be European. Yet his words were clear and concise.

“Alex, you need to calm down and sip some of the water. We won’t harm you. We could never harm you, but quite the reverse. We intend to take care of you and protect you from now on.”

Oh oh, that was the  wrong thing to say. Now, In my head I thought What. And wondered if I had been kidnapped by some foreign gang and about to be abused. Not good at all. I wildly speculated.

Vanda began to speak asking “Look at me Alex, look at me”

I turned and looked into those beautiful violet eyes and couldn’t look away, mesmerised.  Unable to move and set in stone, I slowly  began to relax and my breathing more evenly. Yet I couldn’t comprehend why this happened. I wanted to look away, but my body wouldn’t cooperate, and I remained transfixed.

Aston spoke again. ”We are not on your earth any more Alex . We are on a planet called Syros in a galaxy far from yours. Do you remember a bang and a strange popping noise ? Well, that was a portal opening from our planet to yours. It acts as kind of wormhole through space, so that we can easily move from our universe to yours. We have been visiting your planet for millennia.”

Oh God. I thought, now I’m in an episode of Star Wars this can’t be happening to me.


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Now check out more erotic romance by Scarlet Flame.


Bound for Passion:Erotic Love Stories

Rave reviews for Bound for Passion

Hot., March 10, 2016


a.c. hucker

This review is from: Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories (Kindle Edition)

Wow that was one hot read.well more than one as each story is as hot as the next…I dare you to sit and read just one and be able to stop…if you’re looking for hot Erotic treats you’ll find it here….looking forward to more from this author.


Rollin…, January 17, 2016


Nicole H. Vela

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories (Kindle Edition)

This is the first book I have read by the author. The first stories were sinfully sexy and decadent. However the last story in my opinion had to be the best story in the book. The description of the dom/sub relationship was intense,and highly erotic. If you were ever curious this is the book to read. The dominant was caring and commanding and, the submissive was obliging,obedient and beautiful in her submission. It’s a very sexy read.




The Visit

We had met on the internet. You know, in a chat room, and arranged to meet up.

The plane had just landed and I was extremely nervous, but excited. The things we had discussed online had made my heart race, so many fantasies that we had both had. Now that we were meeting up, maybe, hopefully, some of those fantasies would be fulfilled.

I stood waiting at the luggage carousel until I spotted my suitcase. The red satin ribbon I’d tied on the handle now seemed like a little flag.

I’d dressed in a slim fitting black pencil skirt, scarlet top and scarlet suede high heel shoes. My underwear was especially chosen with him in mind. A black lacy bra, a new black lacy thong, finished off with stockings and suspenders. A short black leather jacket over the top created the look.

Even when I’d retrieved my case, I loitered a few minutes longer by the carousel, wondering what would happen when we met. Would I even recognise him? We had seen pictures of each other, and he’d heard my voice. I knew he was over six foot tall, and he knew I was a little over five foot five inches, so he would be taller than me.

My hands were sweating a little now, and my legs were shaking too. Would I be able to go through with this? Would he? I nipped to the toilets, my nervousness making me need a pee. I brushed my hair and reapplied my make up, staring at my reflection.

I left the toilets, making my way slowly through the double doors in to the airport foyer, with my eyes firmly trained on my feet, worrying that I might trip, or fall, or do something stupid. Suddenly, I felt his gaze, and I just knew it was him. When I raised my head, and our eyes met, I spotted him straight away. There he was. Tall, dark, and handsome, and headed my way. It might have been cliché, but it was true, and he was mine, for the entire weekend.

My throat hurt now, and my heart stuttered in my chest. I stood stock still. As if my feet were suddenly encased in concrete, I couldn’t move. He didn’t falter, but instead gathered me up in his arms, then he was kissing me. A long, lingering kiss. The sort of kiss you never want to end. I dropped my bag and let go of my suitcase, oblivious to any one who may have been watching.

When he began to speak I detected the amazing Irish lilt I knew he would have and I just melted, well it felt that way to me. He picked up my suitcase and took my hand saying “I’m so glad you are here. My friend is going to drop us off at the hotel we are staying at. Come on, I can’t wait for us to be alone.”

We left the airport hand in hand and walked to the short stay car park. I could see a little white fiesta with a blonde haired guy in the driver’s seat. Paul waved, and the guy got out and opened the boot. Paul put my suitcase in, next to a large holdall, and we both climbed in to the back of the car.

We sat there, not speaking, just holding hands, staring out of the window. The town was lovely and quaint, with the houses painted all different colours, but my eyes kept drifting back to Paul. He began to speak immediately, “We’re almost there now. This is Michael, by the way. We’re meeting up with him and a few other friends later on tonight.” Michael glanced over his shoulder at me and added “Hi, nice to meet you” Paul inched a little closer, our thighs touching now. I could feel the heat of his body through his jeans.

Michael pulled the car up to the front of a fairly nondescript hotel, called The Mermaid. Paul and I got out, he retrieved the suitcase and holdall, and we said our goodbyes to Michael.

As we walked in to the hotel, I began to think about the first fantasy we had discussed and could feel my face begin to flush. We approached the front desk and signed in, picking up our keys in the process. The Concierge enquired whether we needed some one to show us to our room. Paul replied, “No, thanks, we can manage,” and we headed toward the lifts, opposite the desk. When he turned to me, his smile was more of a grin. “You ready to take the lift, Sarah?”

I gulped, and nodded. My mouth was too dry to speak now, as if it was full of sand. We got into the lift, and the doors closed with a whoosh.

Immediately Paul had me pinned against the side wall of the lift, indicating over his shoulder to the camera blinking in the corner. “You remember what we discussed?” Before I could respond he leaned in to me, kissing me deeply, ferociously. His hands wandered down toward the hem of my skirt and continued their journey up the inside of my thigh.

By now my new thong was wet, as I remembered exactly what our “discussion” had been about. Discussion about a fantasy involving a lift, and what we would do there. With his free hand he pressed the “stop” button for the lift. Reaching his fingers into either side of my panties, he eased them slowly down, until he was knelt at my feet, and I was able to step out of them. He brought them up to his nose, sniffed deeply, and slipped them in to his jeans pocket, all the time making sure that the camera was recording everything. I was aroused, and embarrassed at the same time. Once again his hands travelled up the inside of my thigh. This time he inserted two fingers and gasped. “So wet, I knew you would love this. Just wait till we get to the room. I will rock your world.”


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A Valentine’s Bind (Manchester Dominants and submissives Book 1)

If you thought 50 Shades was a HOT story about Dominance and submission, then you need to read the real deal.






Blurb / Synopsis


When University student Nicky Johnson decides to make an impromptu visit to a BDSM club with friends she get more than she bargained for. The alcohol fuelled evening finds her asleep on her sofa the next day, suffering from memory loss. But who brought her home? Dominant Dariel Pearson shows her that spanking and submission can be empowering. Will this be a life changing experience for Nicky? This New Adult contemporary romance is a steamy,sexy tale of love, dominance and submission.





Chapter One


I woke up slowly. Opening first one eye then the other tentatively. My head banging and my mouth felt like the bottom of a parrot cage. The need for food immediate and overpowering. The mantra in my head repeating over and over. I am never drinking red wine again. I am never drinking red wine again. Then, I spotted the open packets and containers of food spread across the coffee table in the living room. No wonder my neck hurt so much. Falling asleep on the sofa with my head at an unnatural angle will do that to a person.

With a selection of leftovers heated up I began munching aimlessly. Trying to remember how I got home the previous evening. And, the twenty dollar question was “Who with?” I could hear someone coming through my front door with a key. But, I lived alone, and no one else had keys to my flat. Not even my family.

I turned to look as the handle started to twisted, panicking as the door pushed open and in stepped a stunning man with dark brown hair. He was wearing, what looked to me like a Saville Row suit. His steely blue gaze connecting with my own slightly bloodshot pale blue eyes.

Oh. Finally awake are we?” he remarked in a clipped accent as he walked in shutting the door carefully behind him.

I attempted to swallow the mouthful of curry I was in the middle of chewing and began to cough violently. It had gone down the wrong hole and I was turning an unattractive blue hue.

Reacting quickly he shot over and banged me on the back sharply three times dislodging the errant bit of curry. Which promptly shot out of my mouth, landing on the rug. Oh. My God. How embarrassing I didn’t have a clue who he was and this is how he gets his first glimpse of me. Eating warmed up curry. Looking like I had been dragged backwards through a hedge. Except, apparently this wasn’t our first meeting at all. He had a key to my flat and seemed to know his way around.

What on earth went on last night?

Grabbing some tissues I cleaned up the mess on the rug and guiltily started to tidy up the living area. He grabbed my arm firmly, turned me to face him and commanded.

“Stop that right now. We need to talk. Sit down there.”

He pointed to the sofa and I felt an overwhelming compulsion to follow his orders.

“Right. Tell me what you remember from last night. The truth mind you. I won’t be lied to.”

I opened my mouth, then closed it again. This happened a few times as I had no idea what did happen, how he came to have a key or even how I got home.

“Enough of that now. You look like a demented goldfish, opening and closing your mouth like that. So. I assume from your body language and failure to respond that you haven’t a clue who I am. No idea what I am doing here or even aware of the fact I had to escort you home.”

I nodded and shrugged. Not trusting myself to talk without making the situation worse. So. The “who” I came home with was revealed.

“Well then. Perhaps introductions are in order. For starters I know a little about you already. Your name is Nicola Johnson, or Nicky to your friends. You are a student at Salford University studying sociology, who works in a bar in town part-time. Your parents live in Spain having retired recently. Are you sure you can’t remember anything about yesterday evening?” He Quizzed. A stern look on his face.

I stared at him and tried my absolute best to remember something, anything. He did look familiar but I couldn’t even remember his name, where we had met or what had led to us coming home together. He wasn’t even my type, which was the big shocker. He looked way to sophisticated for a piss poor student like me to snaffle.

“Well…I remember your face. But, other than that it is hazy. I must have drunk way too much red wine last night to blank out the entire evening like this.” I replied.

“Oh, petal I think the shots might have something to do with the memory loss. That, and the spliff I found you sharing with the guys that wanted to take you home with them. For a threesome as I remember rightly.”

Shocked once again in to silence I began to get brief flashbacks of the previous evening. Again performing my goldfish impersonation. Whoever this person in front of me was, he seemed to have my best interests at heart.

“Erm, yeah I seem to remember a little bit of that happening. I am so sorry. That isn’t how I usually behave at all. Please don’t tell anyone what happened. I promise that I have learned my lesson and won’t do that again.”

“Oh. I know you won’t. We had a long conversation last night about your behaviour. Your very bratty behaviour I might add. My name, seeing as how your memory has failed you, is Dariel but you will call me Sir. We met in a club by the way. I don’t suppose you remember what type of club we met in. Do you?”

This time I shook my head. But, then I had an epiphany and began to remember a little more about the previous evening. I groaned out loud at the revelation. I had gone with some friends from Uni on a night out and we had decided to visit a club after a few too many drinks. A BDSM club to be precise.

“Is that a look of enlightenment, or one of horror I see on your face petal?” he smirked.

“I remember some friends from Uni and I thought it would be a good idea to visit a BDSM club.” I answered falteringly. “We had all watched a programme on the telly earlier in the week and it …sort of… looked interesting.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” he reflected. “Well you certainly bit off more than you could chew last night. Didn’t you? You came in shouting that you needed a Dom to take control of you. Instead you acquired the attention of a group of guys that had wandered in off the street, on a stag party.”

Mortified at this latest revelation I dropped my eyes to the floor, counting myself a very lucky girl indeed, to have escaped a fate worse than death.

“Good girl. THAT is why I saw potential in you last night. The fact that you were so biddable and compliant. Your submissive side was very evident or I wouldn’t have agreed so readily to our arrangement.”

At this I looked up instantly.

“Arrangement?” I stammered. “What arrangement? I have no clue what you mean.”


Available as an ebook and also in paperback 

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Rave reviews for A Valentine’s Bind:



I finished this today, a real page turner and a must read for any bdsm erotica lifestyle fan., 8 Mar. 2016


Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

This review is from: A Valentine’s Bind (Manchester Dominants & Submissives Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

A well written, enlightening tail that shows that love and trust comes in all shapes and forms.


The written relationship between the sub and dom show’s the dynamics involved from meeting to moving onto more. Some great introspection and it also has a plot, a bdsm romance, possibly, you’d have to read to find that out though.


The play scenes were well thought out and flowed well. All in all a great erotic read.


well done Scarlett, now on to the next


Couldn’t put this book down., 7 Feb. 2016


a.c. hucker

This review is from: A Valentine’s Bind: Manchester Dominants and Submissives: Volume 1 (Manchester Dominants & Submissives) (Paperback)

Wow….what a read ,from the start I knew this was a book I wasn’t going to be able to put down.The characters were easily likable and following Nicky on her journey in to the world of Dominance and Submission was addictive….a very enjoyable read and so looking forward to reading more….


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You can check out Scarlett Flame’s Amazon Author page here.


Fairytale Feature: Pandora Spocks

Jolie Mason was kind enough to showcase Ransoming Redemption on her blog, Future Fairy Tales. I’m so honored that this busy and talented author would take the time to plug my book. Be sure to check out her blog and her books. You’ll love them!!

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason

Rannigan3Michael Rannigan sees the writing on the wall. And he’s determined to find redemption. He knows he’s spent his life keeping everyone at arm’s length. He’s burned bridges and destroyed friendships, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. But he thinks he’s found a way to make things right. At least for the one person who’s never given up on him.

Maggie Flynn’s life is changing quickly. Just when she’s decided make work her focus and to be content with being single, she has a new man in her life. Thanks to Michael and his interference, anyway.

Bobby is almost too good to be true, with his tall good looks, his sexy Cajun accent, and his irresistible lop-sided smile. He’s head over heels for Maggie. She knows she’s found the real thing.

Together, can they face the biggest challenge they’ve ever endured?

Ransoming Redemption is the third and final…

View original post 1,248 more words

Saturday Excerpt–Ransoming Redemption

Ransoming RedemptionRansoming Redemption, the final chapter in the Rannigan’s Redemption series, launches in just over two weeks on April 18.  It’s the conclusion of the story of the complicated relationship between Manhattan-based attorneys Michael Rannigan and Maggie Flynn.

Michael Rannigan sees the writing on the wall.  And he’s determined to find redemption.  He knows he’s spent his life keeping everyone at arm’s length.  He’s burned bridges and destroyed friendships, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.  But he thinks he’s found a way to make things right.  At least for the one person who’s never given up on him.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt.

“Her full name is Mary Margaret Flynn,” Michael said.  “Birthplace, Charlotte, North Carolina.  Father’s name, Patrick J. Flynn.  He was an architect, if that helps.”

The other man nodded, jotting quickly in his small notebook.  “You never know what might come in useful.”

“I don’t have a clue about the mother’s name.  Obviously I can’t ask Maggie.”

“That won’t be hard.  Do you have any idea about what the mother did for a living?”  Michael shook his head.  “Well, don’t worry about it.  I’ve done cases where I had less to go on than this,” he said confidently.

“I appreciate this, Sam,” Michael said, standing to shake the man’s hand.

“No problem, Mike.”  Sam’s brow wrinkled slightly as he regarded Michael for a long moment.  “I suppose it’s none of my business, but how are you doing?”

Michael smiled tightly.  “I’m hanging in there.”  The other man recognized the tone and knew not to push the issue further.

Both men heard a key in the lock and they turned in the direction of the front door.  “Hey, Michael, it’s me.”  Maggie walked into the living room, digging into her purse as she did.  “I forgot to check your mail, I can get it…”  She stopped mid-sentence as she looked up at Sam.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize…”  Her face broke into a smile.  “Sam Mainor, holy shit, it’s been a while!  How are you?”

He returned her smile.  “Hi, Maggie.  How are you?”

“Well, I’m…” she frowned and looked from Sam to Michael.  “I’m great.  Michael, are you working?”

“Nah, Sam just stopped by to say hello.”

Sam nodded.  “I did, but I’m on my way.  Good to see you Maggie.”  He turned to Michael.  “I’ll call you soon.”

Maggie watched as Michael closed the door behind Sam.  The slight frown was back.  “What was that about?”

Michael shrugged.  “I told you.  He just stopped by to say hello, see how I’m doing.”  She crossed her arms and gave him a skeptical look, clearly not buying his story, so he changed tactics.  “How was your time with Beau?”

She whirled around and headed into the kitchen.  “Great!  We had a nice time,” she called over her shoulder.  “Have you ever been to Holly Springs?”  Michael followed her into the kitchen and leaned casually against the counter, watching her as she focused intently on searching through the fridge.  “Did you eat the chicken I left you?”  She turned to look at him.

Michael smirked at her.  “How was last night?”  He delighted as she blushed profusely.  “Somebody got laid,” he sang lightly.

“Dammit, Michael, do you always have to be so fucking infuriating?”

“I just do it to watch you blush,” he chuckled and she softened a bit.  “Seriously, you had a good time?”

Maggie looked up at him.  “Yeah,” she smiled.  “We had a very nice time.  He’s a really great guy.  Do you know, yesterday morning he did a ‘Make-a-Wish’ thing?”

“I saw it.  You were on television, Mags.”

Her eyes widened.  “What?”

Michael nodded.  “They ran the story before the game last night.”

Maggie breathed deeply, taking in the information.

“So where is lover boy now anyway?”

Maggie shook her head and her eyes blazed.  “Don’t you even start that bullshit!  Or I’ll be out of here so fast it’ll make your head spin and you’ll never see me again.”  Her tone was low and menacing.

He sighed.  “Sorry, Mags.  I’m just teasing you.  Where’s Beau?”

“He’s on his way to work.  I’m going to get a list of what you need and I’ll stop by after work tomorrow.  Are you ready for round two of chemo?”

His shoulders slumped as reality made its reappearance.  “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”  He turned and made his way back to the living room, sinking onto the couch and propping his feet on the coffee table.

Ransoming Redemption is out April 18, and it’s available now for pre-order at these fine online booksellers.

Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords

Not all caught up on Rannigan’s Redemption?  No problem.  Resisting Risk and Running Rogue are available now at those same retailers.