5 Ways to Romance Your Woman

Hello, I’m Pandora S. (Hi, Pandora!).  I don’t cure cancer, I don’t solve the problem of world hunger, I don’t perform brain surgery or do rocket science.  But I do know romance.  I write sexy erotic romance novels.  It’s what I do.

Ladies, talk amongst yourselves.  This one’s for the boys.  Step closer, gentlemen.  I’m about to share a peek into the feminine heart.  Think of your lady love.  You’ve won her heart.  The work is over, right?  Wrong.  The task now is to keep the fires burning.

sunset of a beautiful day against silhouette of affectionate cou

So how do you do that?  It’s not all that complicated.  Here are five simple things you can do to romance your woman.

  1. Leave sweet notes.  It takes very little time to pen a quick “Have a great day!” and leave it where she’ll see it before she leaves for work.  Or send a quick text: “Thinking about you.”  You can always add “naked, smeared with jam.”  Be creative.
  2. Give her flowers for no reason at all.  Don’t wait for birthdays or anniversaries.  Get flowers because it’s Tuesday.  They don’t have to be expensive or fancy.  The grocery store has beautiful bouquets.  And, my personal pet peeve, skip the red roses.  They’re way too cliche.
  3. Remind her of your song.  Everybody has a song.  Yes, you too.  If one doesn’t readily come to mind, think of a song from your early days, maybe one that you danced to or one that came on the car radio and you both sang together.  I can remember one very late and perhaps slightly tipsy night when we rode through the neighborhood belting out I Hate Myself for Loving You at the top of our lungs.  As a Hail, Mary, choose a song and tell her it reminds you of her.  She’ll love it.
  4. Call her beautiful like it’s her name.  Do you realize that your words to your love become her inner monologue?  Call her beautiful.  It will make her feel that way.  Such a small thing, but it means so much.
  5. Date her.  For God’s sake, take the woman out.  Remember when you first met?  You couldn’t wait to take her to dinner or drinks or a movie.  Why stop now?  Go out together.  Do something fun.  Have cocktails at an outdoor table and watch the world go by.  You can make fun of people together.  Find out which bar is featuring live music and go there.  Go to an art festival, a theatre performance, take a bike ride or hike.  Take her to a movie, but not one where everything blows up.  Find one with feelings and intelligent conversation, and afterwards go someplace and discuss it over drinks and appetizers.  And kiss her like you mean it.  Remember making out in the early days?  Do that.

There they are.  Five little things that can make a world of difference.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Try one and see how it goes.  You can add from there.  This I promise: it will pay off for you in the bedroom.  Because a woman who feels loved, valued, and beautiful feels sexy.  And she’ll show it.

9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Romance Your Woman

  1. One of the things my late husband used to do was to bring me replicas of my wedding bouquet at random times. He’d just come home with it. Or he’d have it waiting at a restaurant where we had made reservations…or he’d call ahead to a hotel that we were traveling to and have it waiting in the room as a surprise. Each time was always a surprise. We were together eleven years before he died…he never stopped doing that in all of that time. When I think about it, it makes me a bit teary-eyed. He was a good guy.

    1. What beautiful memories! You were blessed to have such a great guy. 🙂
      I was lucky enough to get one of those the second time around. Better late than never.

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