Weekend Excerpt–Just One Night

Just One Night 2Just One Night is my new naughty little summer novella and it went live on Tuesday.  It’s the story of sassy red-head Katie Parker, a teacher on her summer vacation.

She and her best girlfriends head to Tampa for their annual get-together, a Caribbean cruise.  Just off a bad break-up, she’s looking to meet a man for a one-night fling.

On the ship, she meets handsome and sexy Mac Coleman, a man who knows a thing or two about bad relationships.  He’s surprised by her straight-forward proposition, but he’s captivated by her beauty and intrigued by her spunky attitude.

At her request, they don’t share personal information.  They don’t even exchange names.  Will either of them be satisfied with just one night?

Just so you know, this is a naughty excerpt.  You’ve been warned…

As her body shuddered in release, he gave in as well, reveling in his second climax in the span of about half an hour.  Slowly spiraling downward, they gasped trying to catch their breath as Mac gently lowered both of them onto the bed, pulling Katie close and spooning her in his embrace.

“That was…” she panted.

She could feel the chuckle in his chest.  “Yes, it was.”  He lightly kissed her temple.  “Would you like some more wine?”

Dressed in fluffy white bathrobes emblazoned with the crest of the cruise line, Mac and Katie took their glasses out onto the veranda.  The full moon was setting on the horizon as a light tropical breeze ruffled their hair.

Mac watched her thoughtfully.  “This is revenge sex, isn’t it?  Somebody did you wrong.”

Katie returned his gaze but said nothing.

“I don’t mean to pry.  I know you said no personal information.  But you don’t strike me as the kind of woman who does this kind of thing all the time.”

She sighed.  “I don’t.  Like I said, this is a ‘one night only’ event.  Besides,” she looked away, “he wouldn’t care anyway.”

“Then he’s a damn fool.”

Katie laughed humorlessly.  “Be that as it may…”

Mac gazed out over the water.  “I haven’t had the best luck myself.  My last relationship ended in a restraining order.”  Katie looked at him sharply.  “I mean, I had to take out a restraining order after I broke up with her and she started stalking me.  I’m moving to get away from her.”

Unable to resist, Katie blurted her question.  “You’re moving to get away from a woman?”

“Well, it’s also a good opportunity.  A promotion and a raise and all.  But mostly, I don’t want to have to deal with her anymore.  A new town, a new job…all waiting for me when I get back.”

Katie sipped her wine thoughtfully.  “I suppose all in all, it worked out for you.

“I suppose.”  They stood in companionable silence, appreciating the soft Caribbean breeze caressing their faces and the quiet rumble of the ship’s engines tickling their feet.

Mac turned to Katie.  “I’m wondering if there’s any chance of us getting together tomorrow night.”

She smiled sadly.  “That would be breaking the rules.  Just one night, remember?”

“You sort of have this school teacher thing about rules, don’t you?”

Again, Katie looked at him sharply and didn’t respond.

Mac reached to grasp a lock of her red hair and twisted it around his finger.  “Well, seeing as how we have just this one night, I’d like very much to take you back to bed and make love to you one more time.”

Back inside the cabin, he gently helped her off with her robe and into bed, before dropping his own and climbing in beside her.  Head propped on one elbow, he gazed down at her, lightly tracing his finger along her body.  “You’re so pretty,” he murmured, leaning down to capture her lips with his own.  Katie responded, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, kissing him passionately.

In contrast to their earlier frenzied and frenetic fucking, this time was unhurried and deliberate.  Mac placed himself between her legs, nudging them further apart with his own, and he held himself over her.  Katie gripped his shoulders as he slid himself home, fresh condom in place, and began pumping himself slowly in and out of her battered sex.  The pair kept their eyes locked on each other as once again, their moments built, Katie raising her knees to allow him to penetrate her as deeply as possible.  She shattered as she came this time, crying out unintelligibly and he followed after her, pausing to plant a chaste kiss on her lips before collapsing on the bed beside her.

Mac wrapped his arm around her and Katie rested her head on his broad chest, toying lightly with the smattering of hair there.  He gently brushed his lips against her temple.  “So what are you doing tomorrow in the Caymans?  Today in the Caymans?”  He glanced at the bedside clock.

Katie raised her head and gave him a cautious look.

He rolled his eyes.  “I didn’t mean…  I just meant…”  He sighed.  “My brothers and I are scuba diving.  I just wondered if you were diving, too.”

She rested her chin on his chest and shook her head.  “I’ve always wanted to dive but I’ve never gotten certified.”

“You should.  You’d love it.”

She watched him for a moment and sighed.  “We’re going to Stingray City.  Jayma’s pick.  I think it sounds touristy.  Like we might as well wear fanny packs and dark socks with sandals.  Put streaks of zinc oxide on our noses.”

Mac chuckled.  “It’s not so bad.  And the stingrays are cool.”

“So you’ve been there before.”

This time Mac smiled enigmatically and didn’t answer.  Katie grinned ruefully.  “Touché.”  She gently pressed her lips to his chest.  The light hair tickled her nose.

Looking back up at him, she sighed again.  “I should probably be going.”

“You could stay.  Sleep here.”  His eyes were hopeful.

Katie shook her head sadly.  “No, I should go.”

She retrieved her dress and stepped into it, sliding the straps over her shoulders.  She picked up the remnants of the black lace panties and dropped them in the trash.

“Sorry about the panties,” he said, grinning.

“I’m not.”  She matched his grin.

Mac reached for his robe and stopped.  “I’ll walk you to your cabin.  Just let me get dressed.”

“No, that’s okay, I’ve got it.”

Reluctantly, he walked her to the door, shrugging into the robe and tying the belt as he did.

Katie paused, her hand on the door handle.  “Tonight was…amazing.  Just what I needed.  Thank you.”

“Amazing.  And then some.  It was my pleasure.”  Mac leaned down to kiss her gently.

“Well,” she paused in the doorway, “good night.”

She headed down the passageway and stopped, turning.  “Hey, you!”

Mac grinned broadly.  “What?”

Katie looked faintly alarmed.  “Be careful.  Diving, I mean.  Please be careful.”

He smiled confidently.  “Always.  Good night, beautiful.”

Just One Night is available exclusively on Amazon.  It’s even FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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