WIP Excerpt

Portrait of a great looking masculine man relaxing on a front poToday I’m sharing a little snippet from my current project.  It’s called Lost and Found and it’s an erotic romance novel with a BDSM theme.  I hope you enjoy…

When Shasta finally woke up the following morning, she felt worlds better.  And she was famished.  Donning a pair of jeans, a Joan Jett t-shirt, and a hot pink hoodie, she made her way once again to the kitchen cabinets.  She moved a few boxes and jars around as she looked through the provisions, finding a thin rectangular blue box.  Macaroni and cheese.  A slow smile spread across her face.

Many years ago, she’d done a commercial for the stuff.  Of course, when you make a commercial, you can’t actually eat the product.  After every take, she’d been required to spit it into a bucket.  But it had tasted good, and when she told her grandfather about it, he’d made her a box for her very own.  She remembered it being one of the best things she’d ever tasted.

Shasta wasn’t a cook.  She couldn’t remember ever cooking anything for herself beyond warming up left-over pizza.  Turning over the box, she quickly read the instructions.  “How hard can this be?”

Following the directions step by step, she lit the stove top and put a pot of water on to boil.  Unsure if she could cook with lake water, she used the spring water just to be on the safe side, realizing that she’d have to make a trip to the spring sooner than she’d anticipated.

When the allotted time had elapsed, she drained the macaroni and stirred in the milk and butter from the tiny fridge.  Then she tore open the foil packet and poured it over the mixture.  “Orange powder?  What the hell?”

She stirred and stirred until most of the lumps had disappeared, then sat down at the table to eat right out of the pot.  She took her first bite and her eyes rolled back in her head.  “Oh, my God, this is so good!” she moaned around a mouthful.

After she’d eaten as much as she’d wanted, she put the rest into a plastic container she found and placed it in the tiny fridge.  Holding the pot, she looked around for the best way to clean it.  She finally settled on filling it with lake water and putting in back on to boil, dripping a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it for good measure.

When the pot was cleaned, dried, and returned to its hook on the wall, Shasta stripped out of the hoodie and wandered outside.  The sun was bright overhead and the sky was a brilliant blue.  She closed her eyes and listened to the breeze rustling in the tops of the trees.  She breathed in the scent of pine straw warmed by the sun.  Opening her eyes, she shook her head.  Under different circumstances, this would be an amazingly beautiful place.

Carefully, she picked her way down the slope to the dock and walked to the edge.  The water was crystal clear and she could see huge boulders and the ghosts of long-ago fallen trees on the bottom of the lake.  A light breeze rippled the water in a mesmerizing way, and she stood for a moment feeling peace settling over her.

When she looked up, she saw movement across the lake.  Someone was walking along the water’s edge.  Blake.  Has to be.  Everyone else left yesterday.  He stopped and seemed to be looking her way.  She sighed, remembering their last exchange, when she’d screamed and thrown a rock at him.  “Sometimes, you are such an idiot,” she muttered to herself.

She watched him for a moment, watched him watching her.  She wished he’d come over.  Shouldn’t he check on me?  I’m a guest.  The only guest right now.  I mean, what if I needed something?

She sat on the dock and removed her shoes and rolled up the legs of her jeans, dangling her feet in the cool of the lake.  The sun was hot and the water felt good.  She realized that once again, she’d failed to get her solar shower going.  There probably wasn’t enough time for the water to heat up now.

Of course, I could always go for a swim.  It would do until I can get the hang of this shower thing.  She grinned mischievously in Blake’s direction.  Maybe she could entice him to come over.

Giving an exaggerated stretch, she pulled the tank t-shirt up over her head and lay it on the dock.  Then she stood, shimmying out of the jeans, placing them on top of the shirt.  She flicked a quick glance back across to water to make sure he was still watching and turned to reach behind her and unhook her bra.

Topless, she turned back towards the lodge.  Blake was still there.  Slowly, she hooked her thumbs into the top of her white lace panties and slid them down her legs, kicking them off to rest with her other clothes.

At the edge of the dock, she paused to smooth her fingers through her hair before executing a shallow dive, surfacing a dozen yards from the dock.  Treading water, she turned herself toward the far shore.  Blake was walking away from the lake towards the main lodge.

“Well, shit,” she muttered to herself.  “Maybe he’s gay.”

She swam until she felt cool and clean, then climbed back onto the dock.  The sun felt good on her skin, so she stretched out on her back and dozed.


Blake woke up that morning feeling slightly guilty for not checking in on Shasta the previous day.  It was odd that she hadn’t had lights on since she’d arrived.  He couldn’t shake the feeling that she was trying to play him, though.  He figured he’d get on with a few of his chores and keep an eye out for her.  He could always head over in the afternoon if he still didn’t see any sign of her on the island.

He busied himself with checking the guest cabins, making notes of repairs he could begin making over the next few weeks.  He’d just finished with the last cabin and was thinking about stopping for lunch when he glanced across the lake and saw her.  She was standing on the dock apparently watching the water.  Immediately, he felt a sense of relief.  At least she hadn’t asphyxiated herself in the night.

Making his way towards his cabin, he took the route along the edge of the lake rather than the central path.  Now she was sitting on the dock, with her feet in the water.  He stopped to watch her, wondering what she’d been doing up until now.

Maybe trying to rig her phone to work, he chuckled to himself.  He realized she’d noticed him and thought to wave, but at that moment she stood and removed her top.  Then she performed a striptease, dropping her clothing item by item onto the dock.  Even from this distance, he could appreciate the curves of her tits and hips, offset by her narrow waist.  Dumbfounded, he watched as she wiggled out of her panties and paused seductively on the edge of the dock before plunging into the water.

He shook his head, willing his cock to go back to sleep.  Nope, I’m not biting, princess.  He turned and made his way back to his place.

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Weekend Excerpt–Just One Night

Just One Night 2Just One Night is my new naughty little summer novella and it went live on Tuesday.  It’s the story of sassy red-head Katie Parker, a teacher on her summer vacation.

She and her best girlfriends head to Tampa for their annual get-together, a Caribbean cruise.  Just off a bad break-up, she’s looking to meet a man for a one-night fling.

On the ship, she meets handsome and sexy Mac Coleman, a man who knows a thing or two about bad relationships.  He’s surprised by her straight-forward proposition, but he’s captivated by her beauty and intrigued by her spunky attitude.

At her request, they don’t share personal information.  They don’t even exchange names.  Will either of them be satisfied with just one night?

Just so you know, this is a naughty excerpt.  You’ve been warned…

As her body shuddered in release, he gave in as well, reveling in his second climax in the span of about half an hour.  Slowly spiraling downward, they gasped trying to catch their breath as Mac gently lowered both of them onto the bed, pulling Katie close and spooning her in his embrace.

“That was…” she panted.

She could feel the chuckle in his chest.  “Yes, it was.”  He lightly kissed her temple.  “Would you like some more wine?”

Dressed in fluffy white bathrobes emblazoned with the crest of the cruise line, Mac and Katie took their glasses out onto the veranda.  The full moon was setting on the horizon as a light tropical breeze ruffled their hair.

Mac watched her thoughtfully.  “This is revenge sex, isn’t it?  Somebody did you wrong.”

Katie returned his gaze but said nothing.

“I don’t mean to pry.  I know you said no personal information.  But you don’t strike me as the kind of woman who does this kind of thing all the time.”

She sighed.  “I don’t.  Like I said, this is a ‘one night only’ event.  Besides,” she looked away, “he wouldn’t care anyway.”

“Then he’s a damn fool.”

Katie laughed humorlessly.  “Be that as it may…”

Mac gazed out over the water.  “I haven’t had the best luck myself.  My last relationship ended in a restraining order.”  Katie looked at him sharply.  “I mean, I had to take out a restraining order after I broke up with her and she started stalking me.  I’m moving to get away from her.”

Unable to resist, Katie blurted her question.  “You’re moving to get away from a woman?”

“Well, it’s also a good opportunity.  A promotion and a raise and all.  But mostly, I don’t want to have to deal with her anymore.  A new town, a new job…all waiting for me when I get back.”

Katie sipped her wine thoughtfully.  “I suppose all in all, it worked out for you.

“I suppose.”  They stood in companionable silence, appreciating the soft Caribbean breeze caressing their faces and the quiet rumble of the ship’s engines tickling their feet.

Mac turned to Katie.  “I’m wondering if there’s any chance of us getting together tomorrow night.”

She smiled sadly.  “That would be breaking the rules.  Just one night, remember?”

“You sort of have this school teacher thing about rules, don’t you?”

Again, Katie looked at him sharply and didn’t respond.

Mac reached to grasp a lock of her red hair and twisted it around his finger.  “Well, seeing as how we have just this one night, I’d like very much to take you back to bed and make love to you one more time.”

Back inside the cabin, he gently helped her off with her robe and into bed, before dropping his own and climbing in beside her.  Head propped on one elbow, he gazed down at her, lightly tracing his finger along her body.  “You’re so pretty,” he murmured, leaning down to capture her lips with his own.  Katie responded, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, kissing him passionately.

In contrast to their earlier frenzied and frenetic fucking, this time was unhurried and deliberate.  Mac placed himself between her legs, nudging them further apart with his own, and he held himself over her.  Katie gripped his shoulders as he slid himself home, fresh condom in place, and began pumping himself slowly in and out of her battered sex.  The pair kept their eyes locked on each other as once again, their moments built, Katie raising her knees to allow him to penetrate her as deeply as possible.  She shattered as she came this time, crying out unintelligibly and he followed after her, pausing to plant a chaste kiss on her lips before collapsing on the bed beside her.

Mac wrapped his arm around her and Katie rested her head on his broad chest, toying lightly with the smattering of hair there.  He gently brushed his lips against her temple.  “So what are you doing tomorrow in the Caymans?  Today in the Caymans?”  He glanced at the bedside clock.

Katie raised her head and gave him a cautious look.

He rolled his eyes.  “I didn’t mean…  I just meant…”  He sighed.  “My brothers and I are scuba diving.  I just wondered if you were diving, too.”

She rested her chin on his chest and shook her head.  “I’ve always wanted to dive but I’ve never gotten certified.”

“You should.  You’d love it.”

She watched him for a moment and sighed.  “We’re going to Stingray City.  Jayma’s pick.  I think it sounds touristy.  Like we might as well wear fanny packs and dark socks with sandals.  Put streaks of zinc oxide on our noses.”

Mac chuckled.  “It’s not so bad.  And the stingrays are cool.”

“So you’ve been there before.”

This time Mac smiled enigmatically and didn’t answer.  Katie grinned ruefully.  “Touché.”  She gently pressed her lips to his chest.  The light hair tickled her nose.

Looking back up at him, she sighed again.  “I should probably be going.”

“You could stay.  Sleep here.”  His eyes were hopeful.

Katie shook her head sadly.  “No, I should go.”

She retrieved her dress and stepped into it, sliding the straps over her shoulders.  She picked up the remnants of the black lace panties and dropped them in the trash.

“Sorry about the panties,” he said, grinning.

“I’m not.”  She matched his grin.

Mac reached for his robe and stopped.  “I’ll walk you to your cabin.  Just let me get dressed.”

“No, that’s okay, I’ve got it.”

Reluctantly, he walked her to the door, shrugging into the robe and tying the belt as he did.

Katie paused, her hand on the door handle.  “Tonight was…amazing.  Just what I needed.  Thank you.”

“Amazing.  And then some.  It was my pleasure.”  Mac leaned down to kiss her gently.

“Well,” she paused in the doorway, “good night.”

She headed down the passageway and stopped, turning.  “Hey, you!”

Mac grinned broadly.  “What?”

Katie looked faintly alarmed.  “Be careful.  Diving, I mean.  Please be careful.”

He smiled confidently.  “Always.  Good night, beautiful.”

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Luke & Bella Anniversary Celebration Final Excerpt

New cover for Luke & Bella Part 1(1)Here’s one last excerpt from Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, along with a little bit of trivia.  This is the final chapter in the book, but it was written several months after the book was finished.  Originally there were 98 chapters, but there was one little loose end that kept nagging at me, so I eventually sat down and wrote this scene.  Truthfully, I did it for me.  But I hope you enjoy it.

WARNING: This excerpt contains spoilers.

It was early evening when two men walked into a bar in Austin.  The city is known for its music scene in hip clubs and bars.  This was not that kind of bar.  It was a tacky dive out by the airport.  They stood just inside the doorway waiting for their eyes to adjust to the dimly lit interior.  The place smelled like sour beer and old cigarettes.  Glancing around they saw a half-dozen patrons seated around the bar, another few seated at high top tables along the side.  Most of them seemed like they’d been there all their lives drinking cheap beer and smoking cheap cigarettes.  At the end of the room was a small stage where a lone guitarist was playing bad covers of classic rock.  They chose a space at the far end of the bar near the stage.

“Coupla Buds,” Luke told the bartender.  “Is that Daniel Santiago?” he asked, indicating the singer.

“Yeah, that’s him.  Are you from the record label?” asked the man behind the bar.  “He said someone was coming to hear him.”

“Something like that,” Luke responded.  He started a tab and he and Tre turned around on their stools to listen to the music.  If he’d ever been good, those days were long gone.  Years of smoking and hard drinking had turned his voice to a raspy wheeze.  He ended his set with a lousy rendition of Desperado before promising to return in a few minutes.

He made his way to the bar next to Luke and the bartender handed him a shot of well tequila, which he downed immediately.  Up close he looked ragged and tired, at least fifteen years older than Luke knew him to be, his face worn and wrinkled, his shaggy brown hair streaked with grey.  He was also shorter than Luke expected, five foot ten, tops.  His blue print cowboy shirt was stained and his boots were scuffed beyond anything polish would remedy.  “Nice set,” Luke said.  “You don’t want that shit.  Give him a double of Patron 1800, on me.”

The singer looked up at him in surprise.  “Thanks.  Thanks a lot.”  He gulped down the Patron and closed his eyes in appreciation.  Luke motioned to the bartender to pour again.

“Aren’t you Daniel Santiago?” Luke asked.

The man squinted at him and Tre.  “That depends on who’s asking,” he replied cautiously.

Luke reached to shake his hand.  “I’m Luke McGillicutty and this is Tre Grant.  We came a long way to see you.  We heard you’re quite the musician.”

It was still with caution that Daniel reached to shake both their hands.  “S’at right?” he asked.

“I make documentary films,” Luke continued.  “I was tossing around the idea of doing one about the Austin music scene.  Your name came up so here we are.”

Daniel sank onto a stool as Luke ordered a third round for him.  “Documentary films.  I like to watch those sometimes.  Beats the hell out of the shit they put on tv now.  Have I seen any of them?”

“I made one a few years back about an earthquake in Italy.  That one was pretty popular,” Luke answered.

“No shit!” Daniel laughed.  “I saw one like that.  Where that bitch got stuck under a pile of shit?  Is that the one you’re talking about?”

Tre started to rise, but Luke put his hand out.  “They had a fairly strong quake on Sardinia.  The oldest part of Cagliari got pretty much leveled.  The host of a travel show, Bella Grant, had to be rescued out of the rubble.  Did you see it?”

“Hell yeah, man, you made that?  Could’a left her under the building as far as I’m concerned.  I used to be married to that cunt, can you believe that?” he laughed humorlessly.  “Now she’s all ‘My shit don’t stink,‘ doing interviews with all kinds of famous people on tv.  Worthless bitch!” he spat.

“Alright amigo,” Luke said, abruptly standing.  Tre was beside him.  “Forget tequila.  How do you feel about something a little less legal?  We’ve got some good shit out in the car.”

Daniel looked from Luke to Tre trying to make a decision but his usually muddled processing skills were even more impaired.  “Okay, les’go.”

Luke settled his tab and the three made their way out of the bar and into the gravel parking lot in the back.  There was a full moon overhead and the night was cool.  “So where’s this shit you’re talking about?” Daniel asked.

Luke turned around and smiled at him.  “You see, here’s the thing, Daniel.  We came all the way here to talk to you because you’ve been sending some pretty nasty emails to someone we both care a whole hell of a lot about.”

Daniel wrinkled his brow and looked to Tre.  “We’ve come to ask you to stop,” Tre said.  “Bella is my sister.  She’s Luke’s wife.”

“What the…Wait a minute,” Daniel stumbled a step backwards and held up a finger.  “I haven’t sent any messages to that cunt and if she says otherwise, she’s a goddamn liar!”

“And that’s what we’re talking about here, Daniel.  It’s that potty-mouth attitude.  It’s going to get you into trouble,” Luke said calmly.

“That cunt…” Daniel began, but Luke grabbed him by the front of the shirt and lifted him off the ground, slamming the smaller man up against the back wall of the bar and in the process knocking the wind out of him.

“Bella is my wife and the mother of my children,” Luke growled through gritted teeth.  “If you use that word again to refer to her it will not go well for you.  Am I getting through that shit-pile you use for a brain?”

Daniel, still winded, nodded silently.  Luke continued to hold him up against the wall.  “If you ever, and I mean ever, send another message to my wife, I will come back and I will kick the living shit out of you from here to next week.  Do I make myself clear?”

Again, the man nodded.  “Yeah, man, I get it,” he croaked.

Luke lowered him back to the ground and released his shirt.  “Glad we understand each other.”  He turned on his heel intending to leave.

“Man, that bitch musta sucked your cock til you were blind.  She always did give great head.”

Without even thinking about it, Luke spun and grabbed Daniel by the shirt once again pinning him to the wall.  He looked into the man’s eyes and what he saw surprised him.  It was a confession of self-loathing that said, “Please hit me.”  Disgusted, Luke let go of the guy’s shirt and turned to walk away.  Before he could, Daniel fairly levitated.  Tre had landed a right hook square in the guy’s solar plexis.  All the air left his body, he actually said, “Oooof!” before he fell to the ground.

“Nobody talks like that about my sister, futher-mucker!” Tre said firmly.

Luke scowled at him.  “Dude, we’ve gotta work on your cussing.”

“God, that was great!” Tre exclaimed as they walked back toward the rental car.  “I think I broke my thumb, though.”

Luke looked at Tre’s right hand.  Sure enough, it was swelling and turning eerily purple before his eyes.  “Now what have we learned?  Never tuck your thumb into your fist when you hit someone.  Let’s get you to a hospital.”

Twenty-four hours later in Alabama, Bella tucked Rose and Nevin into bed and went downstairs to join the others in the kitchen of the big house.

“I still don’t understand how on God’s green earth you broke your thumb fishing,” Cornelia was saying, stirring a pot of chili on the stove.

Tre, right forearm in a cast and held up by a sling, shrugged his shoulders and raised his left palm.  “What can I say?  I’m a hot mess.”

“It’s a shame you didn’t catch anything, though,” Bella added, wrapping an arm around Luke’s waist.

He gently placed his hand on the swell of her belly and felt a kick as his unborn son shifted in his warm cocoon.  He kissed his baby girl’s temple affectionately.  “We caught a little one, but we let him go.”  Luke looked across the room at Tre and both men grinned.

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Surprise! It’s A Book Launch!

Just One Night 2In honor of the 1st Anniversary of the release of Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, I’m pleased to announce the release of my new naughty little summer novella, Just One Night.  For the time being, it’s available exclusively on Amazon and it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s a first look at the blurb.

Katie Parker is a woman on a mission. On a Caribbean cruise for her annual girlfriends’ getaway, she’s determined to forget about the man who betrayed her. All she wants is to find a man for just one night of anonymous, no-strings-attached passion.

Mac Coleman needs to get away. For now, that means accompanying his brothers on a cruise to Mexico for his younger brother’s wedding. After that, he’ll be changing jobs and cities, all to get away from his stalker ex-girlfriend.

When the pair meet on board the ship, the chemistry is instant. Can Mac convince Katie that what they have deserves more than just one night?

Here’s the link for Just One Night.  It’s the perfect beach read.  Treat yourself today!

Luke & Bella Anniversary Excerpt 2

It’s time for the second Luke & Bella (explicit, this time) excerpt.  Traveling the world, exploring romantic destinations, searching for adventure…  Falling in love was inevitable.

sunset-691995_1280Bella padded out into the sitting room in her pajamas, a thin black tank with pink bottoms.  Looking down, she realized she wouldn’t feel comfortable dressed this way if Luke came in, so she went back for a bathrobe.  Still hot from the bath, however, she draped the robe over a chair thinking she could grab it when she heard the door.  If, that is, I’m still up when he comes back, she considered.

She poured another glass of wine and wandered to the french doors, watching as lightning streaked across the sky, occasionally replacing the warm glow of the firelight that filled the suite with flashes of cold blue.  Large raindrops peppered the glass as the wind whipped the hotel, Edinburgh castle lit up and barely visible in the distance.  It’s such a lovely place, Bella thought.  Such a cozy night.  I could curl up now and fall asleep to the sound of the storm.

Instead, she sat on the floor in front of the fire, laptop before her.  Luke had dumped the raw video and created folders on the desktop.  She perused them one by one.  Airport, Ailsa, McTavish’s, Distillery…Hmmm…Let’s start at the end and go backwards, she decided.  Distillery it is.

She was completely engrossed in the video of their lunch with Nevin and Maw when Luke suddenly burst through the door.  Every molecule of her body went rigid and a strange gasping scream rolled up from her toes.

“Jesus H., McGillicutty!” she exclaimed, jumping up.  “You scared the shit out of me!”

He started to reply and couldn’t.  For a moment all he could do was stare.  She was dressed in a black tank top with pink pajama bottoms.  And, he noticed, she wasn’t wearing a bra, erect nipples pointing toward the ceiling.  Probably had something to do with being startled out of her skin, he realized.  She’d been working on the computer.  There was a glass of wine next to her.

“Are you ok?” she asked, more softly.  She flushed, understanding the focus of his gaze and belatedly she realized she’d left the robe on the other side of the room.

“Um, yeah,” he answered.  “I was just ready to come back.  Is there more wine?”

“Sure,” she answered gently, “but you’re absolutely drenched.  I’ll get you a towel.”  Her robe was on a chair next to the bedroom door, but the wine made her feel bold, so she ignored it.  Let him look, she thought, and she felt her nipples harden again at the idea.

Bella returned with a fluffy white towel from the bathroom.  “You’re dripping water everywhere,” she observed quietly as she handed him the towel.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

She shrugged.  “Not my floor,” she replied.  “I can hang your shirt over the shower,” she offered.

Luke pulled the buttoned chambray shirt over his head, the way men so often do.  Bella shook her head.  Why don’t they ever use the buttons? she wondered irritably.  He handed her the shirt, murmuring his thanks, and began to dry off using the towel.  She eyed his muscular shoulders and broad chest, appreciating the fact that the latter was dusted with salt and pepper hair, oddly enough white on the left side, black on the right, with a black line trailing down his toned abs toward…  Focus, girlfriend, she scolded herself.

When she returned from hanging his shirt, he’d finished toweling off and had draped the towel around the back of his neck.  Bella poured him a glass of wine and topped off her own as well.  Turning, she walked to him and handed him his glass of wine.  “What’s going on, Cowboy?” she asked.  He looked at her, startled.  “I’ve heard you call yourself that.  I like it,” she shrugged, replying to his unasked question.

“Like I said, I was ready to be back,” he explained.  “The pub was noisy and I was tired.  How’s the footage?” he asked, steeling himself for her reaction.

“Great!” she answered, smiling.  “Beyond great, actually.  I was already happy with the content, but Luke, the lighting, the angles, the composition…You have an amazing eye.”

Luke couldn’t believe his good luck; she hadn’t seen his video from the airport.  He sipped his wine and watched her looking at him, concern still showing on her face.  He gently touched her arm, lightly stroking from her shoulder to her elbow.  Bella felt electricity ripple through her body and she stopped breathing.

“I missed you,” he said simply.

After a beat, she recovered enough to try to make light of his words.  “Missed me?” she laughed lightly.  “You were gone for a couple of hours.”  Nervously, she turned and moved to the french doors again, the better to watch the storm and get a little space.

Towel still hanging around his neck, Luke followed her to the window and stood behind her, looking over her head and out at the storm.  He gently placed his hands on her shoulders and she stilled breathlessly.  Leaning down, he caressed her right shoulder with his lips.  “Bella,” he whispered, and he turned her to face him.

She looked up at him, breath ragged.  He moved his hand to lightly stroke her jaw line with his thumb.  “I missed you,” he said again, his eyes dark.  He traced her lips with his index finger and Bella struggled to catch her breath.  “I want to kiss you,” he said.  “Would that be okay?”  Bella, brown eyes wide, could only nod assent.

Luke leaned in to her slowly; it seemed like it took a week for him to reach her, and then his lips were on hers, gently at first and then more intense, more demanding.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, her kiss matching the fervor of his.  He held her waist, slowly moving his hands down to cup her ass, pulling her in to him.

Luke moved his right hand up until it cupped her left breast and she moaned into his kiss.  Then he brushed her nipple with his thumb, causing her to gasp.  “I want you,” he breathed into her ear.

Bella leaned back and looked at him, eyes shining with desire, her heart pounding.  She buried her hands in the hair on his chest, then looked back up at him again.  Luke tugged at the front of her tank top, pulling it down to expose her left breast with its hard pink nipple and he covered it with his mouth, licking and suckling hard.  She arched her back forcing her breast closer to him.

“Oh, God, Cowboy!” she breathed.  “Please…”

He looked up at her and grinned.  “Please what?” he teased.

“Oh, please…” she managed.

He gripped her shirt by the bottom and pulled it over her head, standing back to admire her.  “Jesus, Bella,” he breathed, taking in the sight of her before he wrapped her in his arms again.

He lay her gently on the floor in front of the fire.  “Put your arms over your head,” he whispered, and she complied.  Lightly, he brushed her body with his fingertips starting at her hands, then down her arms and across her breasts, down her stomach…He paused at the pajama pants, then slid his hand over the mound between her thighs, caressing through the fabric.  She bucked and brought her hands down to his shoulders, but he took them lightly and replaced them over her head.

“Shh, be still,” he whispered.  Gently, he tugged at the pajama pants and pulled them down and off, panties and all, so that she lay naked before him, firelight reflecting off her body.

“Seems to me you’re way overdressed, Cowboy,” Bella said, gazing up at him, her voice husky.

“We’ll fix that,” he grinned as he unbuckled his belt, undid his khakis, and stepped out of them, revealing black boxer briefs containing an impressive erection.  Bella chewed her lower lip in anticipation.  Luke knelt over her, leaning down to kiss her, and then stretched out beside her, head propped up on his left elbow, allowing his right hand explore her form.

“I want to touch you,” she breathed.  He nodded so she brought her hands down, first running her fingers through the hair on his chest before coming to rest on his hard sex.

He closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure.  “Oh, baby, you’ve got to stop or this will be over way too fast.”  Removing her hand, he reached to stroke between her legs, caressing and circling before sliding a finger inside.  Bella buck and gasped, almost coming right there.

“Well, well, m’lady, you seem to be ready for me,” he whispered.

“Please Cowboy, I want you,” she begged.

Luke pushed himself up over her, shimmying out of his boxer briefs.  “As m’lady wishes,” he breathed into her ear, and he began stroking her soft folds with himself before pushing inside.    Her center was warm and wet and the pleasure was intoxicating.

He felt Bella grip him and she began to rock her hips up and down, matching his rhythm and increasing with his intensity.

“It’s okay, baby girl, let it go,” Luke whispered.  And she did.

“Oh, Cowboy!” she cried as she shuddered, gasping.

He was close behind her, his own ecstasy tearing through him like a freight train. “Fuck!  Bella!” he gasped and then collapsed beside her.

Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over is available for a limited time for the Anniversary price of .99, only on Smashwords.  Get your copy today!


Character Interview–Bella Grant

bigstock-Copile-At-Maldives-7582357.jpgIt’s the one year anniversary of the release of Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.  To celebrate, here’s an interview with the spunky, red-haired heroine, Bella Grant.

Q:  Traveling the world and creating a weekly travel show sounds like a dream come true.  How did you find such a great job?

A:  (smiling brightly)  It is an amazing opportunity.  I’ve been a news reporter, and more recently, an anchor and morning show host, since I graduated from college.  I started out in Austin, then I moved to Anaheim, Asheville, and finally Akron.  I cracked up when I realized that everywhere I’ve worked starts with A.  (laughs)  I saw a job posting in a trade magazine and I applied immediately.  Now I’m paid to travel around the world and talk about it on television.  Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Q:  And has it been as great as it sounds?

A:  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of work involved.  The network office tells us where to go, but then it’s up to us to find the stories there.  But yeah, we spend a few days in an exciting city, we stay in luxury hotels, we meet fascinating people…  What’s not to love?

Q:  By ‘we’ you mean you and Luke.

A:  I do.   I mean Luke and myself.  He’s my production partner.  Together, we come up with ideas for the show.  In fact, when we were first attached to the show, it didn’t even have a name.  We came up with Two Streets Over when we were in Edinburgh working on the first episode.

Q:  So  Luke is merely your ‘production partner’.

A:  (blushing)  I suppose there’s more to it than that.  (pauses to look out the window)  I never envisioned falling in love on the job.  I mean, it’s a job, it’s work, you know?  But…  Luke and I, we were just meant to be.  He sees me for who I am.  I think he knows me better than I know myself.

Q:  Of all the places you’ve traveled for the show, where is your favorite?  I asked Luke and he said Mykonos.

A:  (smiles fondly)  Did he?

Q:  He did.  He said you’d know why.

A:  (nods and looks down)  I do.  Mykonos is special.  (looks back up)  But I’m awfully fond of Edinburgh.  It’s where I knew I was falling in love.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A:  (shrugs vaguely)  I don’t know.  I don’t suppose it’s practical to think we’d still be traveling.  Eventually we’ll have to get back to real life.  I know that eventually I want to settle down, have a home and a family.

Q:  With Luke?

A:  (grins)  That would be nice.

Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over is available at these fine online retailers.

Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords

Luke & Bella anniv. event

Character Interview–Luke McGillicutty

COuple on their honeymoon in Santorini GreeceIt’s the one year anniversary of the release of Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.  To celebrate, here’s an interview with the hero himself, Luke McGillicutty.

Q: Luke, you’re an experienced photo journalist.  How did you come to be attached to the Two Streets Over project?

A: Yes, I was a photog for a number of years, going all the way back to my days in the Navy.  There were a lot of times I was sent into some dicey situations, undercover as a journalist.  Later, I worked for network news until I got burned out from all the mayhem.  I was retired and living on a boat in Tampa when I got a call from my old pal, Charlie.  He convinced me to give this thing another try.

Q: And how did he do that?

A: Well, for one thing he promised me that it would be completely different, a happy one-hour weekly travel show rather than death and destruction.  And he said that I’d have total control over the stories.  (laughs)  Oh, and he told me I’d be partnered up with a redhead with great ‘gams’.  He actually said that.

Q:  He meant Bella Grant.  Talk about meeting her.

A:  Bella?  (shakes head)  When I first saw her she took my breath away.  I was waiting in the airport lounge in New York and I was this close to flying my ass right back to Tampa when she walked into the room.  Her red curls looked like fire, and she locked eyes with me like she owned the place.  She wasn’t the frilly female I’d been expecting.  She was smart and funny and gorgeous…and Charlie was right about her gams.  (laughs)

Q:  And you got along right from the start?

A:  Like I said, Bella’s smart.  She knew exactly what she wanted this show to be and she wasn’t at all shy to say so.  It didn’t take long at all for us to click professionally.

Q:  Or personally…

A:  Or personally.  Hell, I knew I was in love with her almost from the start.  But we have a job to do and we take that seriously.

Q:  Of all the places you’ve covered so far, what has been your favorite?

A:  (pauses for a long moment)  Mykonos.  Without a doubt.

Q:  Why Mykonos?

A:  (shakes his head)  Bella knows why.  We’ll leave it at that.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A:  (smiles wistfully)  I don’t know.  But wherever it is, with Bella.  (laughs)  You’re going to get me in trouble, make me ask a question I’m not sure I’m ready to ask.

Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over is available at these fine online retailers.

Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords

Luke & Bella anniv. event

Luke & Bella Anniversary Celebration: First Excerpt

Luke and Bella

What is Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over all about?  Here’s today’s first excerpt.  (It’s the book blurb, actually.)  Enjoy!

Strong-willed ginger Bella Grant is a take-charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure. Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world-weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead. They’ve been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program.

Traveling to romantic destinations, staying in first-class hotels, finding adventure at every turn, it’s not surprising that the two fall in love. Luke is stunned to realize that Bella is the woman he’s looked for his whole life. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous.

The only thing is, Luke hasn’t been completely up front with her. He hasn’t told her that he’s into BDSM. He could play it safe, keep the relationship going exactly the way it is. But Luke wants more. As a Dominant, he craves the intimacy that a Dom/sub relationship provides. And he knows without a doubt that Bella is the perfect submissive. How will she react if he approaches her about submitting to him as a Dominant? Maybe she’d be intrigued by the idea. On the other hand, he could lose her forever.

Life on the road working with Bella is great. Nights spent in Bella’s arms are amazing. Should Luke just be satisfied with the way things are? Or should he risk everything on the chance that they could have it all?

Stay tuned to the Luke & Bella 1st Anniversary Celebration all day today!

Watch This Space–Reforming Jane by Maggie Carpenter

I always get excited when erotic BDSM romance author Maggie Carpenter has a new book out and this is no exception.  Her latest is called Reforming Jane.

Here’s the blurb:

Smart, sexy, and sly, Jane Campbell lives by her wits. She’s a gifted hustler who can pick pockets and play long cons with equal skill, and she does not make mistakes.

But her next mark, Henry Gibson, quickly proves more than her match. After being caught in the act of stealing from him, she must make a choice: submit to a painful, embarrassing spanking or face the police. To her shame, the stern chastisement excites her more than anything she has ever experienced.

Though she tries to hide it, Jane’s helpless arousal during her punishment makes it abundantly clear to Henry that she would benefit greatly from his firm-handed dominance on a regular basis. He is more than ready to give her exactly what she needs, but taming a woman used to manipulating everyone around her will be no small feat, and it may require quite a bit more than just a spanking.

Will Henry prove up to the task of reforming Jane?

Publisher’s Note: Reforming Jane is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Trust me, this is on the top of my TBR list!  Now, how about we get to know Maggie Carpenter?  She graciously agreed to do a little interview.

Henry and Jane, a physicist and a sexy swindler. That’s quite a unique pair. How did you come up with that?

Henry was briefly featured at the end of, A Promise Of Passion: Act Two: The Dominants Dilemma. He had met a young woman who had attempted to con him, but he caught her in the act and offered her a choice; a trip over his knee or a trip to the police station. I thought at the time they were fodder for their own story.

I have noticed you base many of your books in the UK. Are you originally from there?

No, but I have a great love of many of the British rituals. Elegant afternoon teas with scones topped with strawberry jam and whipped cream, lazy afternoons watching a cricket match, those hunky rugby players, and of course, the flair the Brits have for corporal discipline. Perhaps it comes down to me being 17,342nd in line to the throne. I just need a small army. Any volunteers?

What’s on tap? Are you working on anything right now?

Ive just started the first book of a new cowboy series set in the old west, and the next Victorian novel is in my head as well. Im also in the middle of a major edit of the British Billionaire Bachelor. I hope to finish that soon.

Do you have any promotions coming up that you’d like to share with us?

Absolutely. In honor of Henry and Jane, the Box Set of A Promise Of Passion (Saved by Submission and The Dominants Dilemma) will be offered at only $1.99 starting Thursday the 9th June, until Sunday 12th June.  I also have three free books on offer at www.3FreeBooks.com.

 Do you have any parting words?

Please stop by my website: www.MaggieCarpenter.com, and remember,

Theres no greater freedom, than giving up control.

Thanks for having me, Pandora. Its been great!

Many thanks to Maggie Carpenter for stopping by my little blog.  Be sure to pick up Reforming Jane.  I know I will.  As for A Promise of Passion, I’ve read them, you’re going to love them, don’t miss out on this great deal!


Luke & Bella Anniversary Event

Luke & Bella anniv. event

My first erotic romance novel, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, was published a year ago on June 7, 2015.  Funny story, that–I didn’t actually intend to publish it at the time.  I thought I was merely uploading the draft and I’d have the opportunity to tweak with the formatting and make one last proof-reading run-through.  Instead, boom, I had a book that was live on Amazon.  One of the many lessons I’ve learned along the way.

On Tuesday, June 7, I’m hosting a First Anniversary Celebration on Facebook and you’re invited.  The event runs from 8:00 am-8:00 pm, EDT.  What can you expect?  There will be excerpts from Luke & Bella, reviews, fun facts, and maybe a couple of surprises.  Plus, I’ll be taking questions all day.

And, if you’re not following me already, I’d love for you to ‘Like’ my author page on Facebook.

Just to get you in the mood, here’s the blurb for Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.

Strong-willed ginger Bella Grant is a take-charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure. Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world-weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead. They’ve been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program.

Traveling to romantic destinations, staying in first-class hotels, finding adventure at every turn, it’s not surprising that the two fall in love. Luke is stunned to realize that Bella is the woman he’s looked for his whole life. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous.

The only thing is, Luke hasn’t been completely up front with her. He hasn’t told her that he’s into BDSM. He could play it safe, keep the relationship going exactly the way it is. But Luke wants more. As a Dominant, he craves the intimacy that a Dom/sub relationship provides. And he knows without a doubt that Bella is the perfect submissive. How will she react if he approaches her about submitting to him as a Dominant? Maybe she’d be intrigued by the idea. On the other hand, he could lose her forever.

Life on the road working with Bella is great. Nights spent in Bella’s arms are amazing. Should Luke just be satisfied with the way things are? Or should he risk everything on the chance that they could have it all?

Want to get ahead of the game?  As an Anniversary Special, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over is available on Smashwords for only .99 for a limited time.

See you Tuesday!