The Post in Which Pandora Squeals Like a Girl

Please permit me a little happy dance.  I just received notification today that my books Rannigan’s Redemption and Just One Night have been nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Award.

I’m beyond thrilled and couldn’t wait to share the exciting news!  The voting begins September 1.  I’ll be sure to post links then.  Thanks for putting up with my squeals!  I’ll try to keep it down…   🙂

Watch This Space–Suzie Jay

My Watch This Space series of posts is my version of an Author Spotlight.  Today, I’m so excited to talk about Australian romance author Suzie Jay and her new book, Eve ‘n’ Steven.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book ever since I read Book 1 of her All About Eve series, Merry Christmas, Eve.  The wait was well worth it, this is a terrific book!


 By Suzie Jay

Eve n Steven

 Can Steven fix Eve’s crumbling house and her broken heart?

 What’s it all about?

Eve Taylor decides it’s time to move on from the past. After all, she has a wonderful boyfriend, who came with two great children. She has a fantastic career, and has achieved all her personal goals and dreams.
To cut all ties to the past, she must return to the small rural town where she grew up, to sell her parents farm – a job she’s been putting off for a long time. She has no desire to go there, not when her boyfriend Grayson is spending time with the world’s most gorgeous movie star.
Then, there’s Steven. Everyone says they were destined to be together, but Eve didn’t love him that way. She’s been avoiding him and his feelings for her for years. But when Grayson unexpectedly dumps her over the phone, Eve reconsiders. Could Steven really be her destiny? Can he fix her parents crumbling farm, and mend Eve’s broken heart too?

I know what you’re thinking.  Where can I get Eve ‘n’ Steven?  Right here.

eve n steven1

Meet Suzie Jay

 suzie jay

Suzie Jay is a mum of 6 who lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and children. She has a Diploma in Child Psychology and owned her own baking and cake decorating business. She is also a school teacher, but escaped and now intends on torturing the world by sharing what’s inside her head.

 Contact: suzie jay1





Weekend Excerpt–Running Rogue

Rannigan’s Redemption is the story of high-profile Manhattan defense attorney Michael Rannigan and his complicated relationship with Maggie Flynn, the sassy red-haired lawyer he hires to join his elite firm.


Running Rogue is the second book of three in the Rannigan’s Redemption Collection, and it’s from where I took today’s excerpt.

This snippet is from the beginning of the book.  Things are about to drastically change and not everyone is happy about it.  Be forewarned: Sometimes characters use naughty words.  It’s just what they do.

This excerpt contains strong language and is not intended for sensitive readers.  If, on the other hand, you don’t give a shit, by all means, read on.  😉

On Friday afternoon, Michael took the elevator to the 50th floor.  He’d ended his vacation a couple of days early.  Two weeks is really too long to be gone, he reflected.  He figured he’d check up on what had happened in his absence then join the gang at Docs.  He had Maggie’s bracelet in his pocket, figuring on returning it to her.

The first person he saw when he stepped off the elevator was Stan.  “Hey, good, you made it for Maggie’s party,” Stan said, smiling.

Michael frowned.  “Maggie’s party?  It’s not her birthday already, is it?”  How did that sneak up on me?

Stan tilted his head.  “Her going-away party.  You came back for her last day, right?  She’s going to the DA’s office?”

Michael’s mouth fell open.  “Her last…”  He glanced around.  “What the fuck?!”

He strode purposefully toward Maggie’s open office door.  She was behind her desk, her back to the door.  “What the fuck, Mags?!”

Maggie whirled around, her eyes wide.  “Michael!”

“Explain to me what’s going on here,” he demanded.

She opened and closed her mouth, her face flushed.  “I, well I, uh…  I gave Brian my two week notice.  I took a job working for Rance.”

“You gave Brian your notice?!”

“You weren’t here,” she said reasonably.

Michael began to stalk back and forth in front of her desk.  “What the fuck possessed you to take a new job?  And you couldn’t wait for me to get back?  I would have offered you a raise.”

Maggie shook her head.  “It’s not about the money.  I hated what I did to win the LeRoi case.  You know that really ate away at me.  I can’t do that anymore.  I feel…dirty, like I need redemption.  I have to do something different, something good.”

Michael stopped pacing and placed his hands on her desk, leaning closer and speaking in a low tone.  “Is this about us?  About the fact that we slept together?”

She crossed her arms and leaned against the credenza.  “News flash, Michael.  Not everything in the world is about you.”

He stood straight and nodded his head angrily.  “So it’s like this, is it?  You’re just going to leave the firm.”

“I’ve been here five years.  It’s time to move on.”  She hung her bag over her shoulder and picked up her box, walking around the desk.

“Let me call security,” Michael told her coolly.  “They can escort you out and see that you don’t take any property belonging to the firm.”

Maggie’s eyes bulged.  “Are you serious?  You want to make sure I don’t steal anything?!”  She walked back to the desk and put down the box.  “Fuck it.  I don’t need any of this shit.”

She glared at Michael.  “You worried about my purse?”  She unzipped the bag and upended it, dumping a wallet, three pens, loose change, hand lotion, a lipstick, and two tampons all over the floor before dropping the bag.

She snatched up the wallet.  “If you don’t mind, I’ll need my ID and my Metro card.”  She turned on her heel and stalked out into the hallway.

Michael interlaced his fingers on top of his head and sighed.  “Wait, Mags, I was out of line,” he said, following her.

“Out of line?  You were out of line?” she shrieked.  “Fuck you, Michael!”  She jabbed the elevator button and entered it as soon as the doors parted, pressing the close door button even before the car was all the way open.

Action on the 50th floor had ground to a halt at the sound of raised voices and as Maggie disappeared, people remained frozen, staring at Michael.

“Fuck!” he growled, and retreated to his office, slamming the door behind him.

Running Rogue, Book 2 of Rannigan’s Redemption is available here in any format you need:

Or you can get the whole shebang here:

The Post In Which Pandora Giggles Her Ass Off…

My girl, ever-sexy erotica author Patient Lee, recently introduced me to Adobe Spark, a free service that lets even technologically impaired folks like me create videos.  In short order, I was able to make a video trailer for my naughty little summer novella, Just One Night.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome and I can’t stop giggling every time I watch it.  Just a reminder, Just One Night is available exclusively on Amazon and it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

I’d be thrilled if you subscribed to my YouTube channel.  Right now, there’s just this one video, but I promise, there will be more for my other books very soon.

Watch This Space–The Artist by Juliette Banks

I am beyond pleased to have sexy author Rachel de Vine stop by my little corner of the world today to talk about her new book, The Artist, released under her new pen name, Juliette Banks.  But I’ll let her tell you about all that.

Hello Pandora, thanks for inviting me to your blog to tell you a little about my new book, The Artist, which is being published by Blushing Books. This is my ninth book with Blushing Books. Your readers may know me already as Rachel de Vine, which is the name under which I have published to date. But this time I will be publishing under a new pen name, Juliette Banks.

TheArtistCoverLet me tell you about The Artist.


Lizzie is a pretty, but quite simple village girl when circumstances lead her to the artist, Theo. She made a bad marriage to Lionel, a man who mistreated her, and who then threw her out when she refused to sell her body on the streets for him. Now she is trying to make her way alone.


Theo is the rebellious son of a Viscount, who left his privileged background to pursue his chosen career as an artist. His favorite subjects are pretty young women whom he paints in the nude. He is delighted, therefore, when the beautiful Lizzie knocks on his door one day and offers her services as a model.


It is only a matter of days before the mutual attraction ignites between them and they become lovers. Despite village gossip, they are happy. Until Lionel, hearing that his wife is now living with the artist, erupts in a jealous rage and snatches her back while Theo is away and unable to protect her.


Upon finding Lizzie gone, Theo sets off in hot pursuit, determined to find the model for whom his feelings are growing daily. He soon catches up with Lizzie and Lionel, but during the hotheaded rescue, things take a tricky turn with an unexpected consequence.


Lionel is dead.


Unwilling to be charged with murder, and possibly hanged, Theo and Lizzie flee to Italy, where they try to start a new life together. But the past has a way of catching up with everyone, and they are no exception.


Can the love between a son of a Viscount and an illiterate country girl survive after such a troubled start? And will they have to face justice for the murder of Lizzie’s husband?


This is an erotic tale of a young couple in mid-nineteenth century England and Italy, with some explicit themes, including spanking.


He didn’t know if he wanted to paint her or spank her.

Here is a short extract from the book:


Theo rose earlier than usual the next morning, having turned in early the night before. He regretted telling Lizzie not to come until mid-day now, anxious to make use of the bright morning sunshine, but could do nothing about it, as he had no knowledge of where the girl was living. He decided to take a walk instead.

It was pure chance that he picked Oak Lane to stroll down. It was a pretty walk, with magnificent, fully-grown oak trees that gave it its name, and a stream meandering in the dip by the side of the road amongst the trees. Just before he reached the farm entrance, he spotted movement below him. Creeping a little closer he realized it was Lizzie, having her morning wash in the stream, and he darted behind one of the trees to watch without being seen. It was foolish to hide, he told himself, when he could look at that wonderful body all day while he painted her. But there was something wonderfully erotic in spying in secret his little flame-haired model, performing her morning ablutions. She clearly thought herself completely hidden from prying eyes, for there was not a trace of inhibition in her movements.

Lizzie was standing ankle deep at the edge of the water, and had tucked her skirt up on either side of her body to avoid it getting wet. The blouse she wore on the top half of her body was unbuttoned halfway down her chest, and the soft roundness of the top of her breasts were peeking out through the gap. She had a rag in her hand and pushed it down the opened buttons and under her arms. The dampness from the rag caught against the front of the blouse and made the material stick to her breasts, causing her nipples to stand to attention. That was not the only thing that was standing to attention. In his trousers, Theo felt his cock expanding and straining against the rough material.

A bird chirped on one of the branches above Lizzie’s head, and she raised her face to look up at it. Her pose, with her mass of auburn hair flowing backwards down her back, lips open and breasts pushing outwards against her blouse, made the artist in Theo want to paint her in such a pose, and made the man in Theo want to fuck that woman so badly he was afraid he might come in his trousers.

Having washed her upper body, Lizzie now concentrated on the lower half. Theo was unsure whether he could safely watch without giving himself away by a sigh or a groan. She bent forwards to rinse the rag in the water, away from where Theo was hidden, and he caught a glance of her perfect, shapely bottom peeking out from the bottom of her skirt. What a glorious arse, he thought to himself, and what he wouldn’t give to bring the palm of his hand down on that soft, creamy flesh, leaving the imprint of his hand on her behind.

As an artist he was good with his hands – where it mattered.


I hope you have enjoyed the short excerpt from The Artist. Here are the Buy Links

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Juliette x

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Thank you, Juliette,  for stopping by and  sharing with us your new book, The Artist!  I know what’s going on the top of my TBR list!



Weekend Excerpt–WIP Lost and Found

L&F--excerpt graphicThis weekend’s excerpt is from the novel I’m working on right now.  It’s called Lost and Found, and it’s a return to the light BDSM featured in my first novel, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.

In Lost and Found, pampered Hollywood starlet Shasta Pyke goes to the wilderness of northern Ontario to cool her heels for a while.  There she meets sexy bush pilot Blake Walker, who is tasked with seeing to her needs as the sole guest at his family’s rustic lodge for a few weeks.

Shasta’s attracted to Blake’s obvious good looks, but there’s more to him than that.  He sees through her armor to the vulnerable little girl she hides from the world.

Is there any way Shasta will agree to submit to Blake’s Dominance?

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Wordlessly, Shasta turned and hobbled back to the front of the cabin, sinking into one of the Adirondack chairs.  Blake followed, uncertain whether or not to continue the tour.  She glanced up at him, deciding to change tacks.

“Listen,” she smoothed, “we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot.”  She pasted on her dazzling Shasta Pyke smile.  “Obviously, there’s been some kind of mistake.”  Standing, she approached him, pushing her glasses back up onto her head and fixing him with soft brown eyes.

“Here’s the thing.”  She reached out to stroke his arm, biting her lower lip provocatively.  “I can’t stay here.  And you don’t want me here, not really.  The place is already paid for.  Just,” she stepped closer, brushing her breasts against his arm, “maybe you could drive me someplace where I can get a cab or an Uber or something, and I’ll be out of your hair.”  She wrinkled her nose and winked.  “What do you say?”

A slow smile spread across Blake’s face.  “What do I say?”  He laughed lightly, shaking head.  “I say, you’re a piece of work, lady.”  With that, he turned.  “I’ll leave you to it, then.”

“Wait!” she shouted after him.  “You can’t just leave me here!”

He waved over his head and didn’t turn around.

“Come back here!  You come back here right now!”

Wordlessly, he cast off from the dock and pushed the boat away from the shallow water.

“What about my bags?  They need to be taken to the cabin!”

“And it will be dark soon.  So you might want to get on that,” Blake chuckled.

Shasta was on the dock by now and she stomped her foot, fists balled at her sides.  “Do you know who I am?” she screamed.

“You look to me like a little brat who needs her ass tanned,” he fired back.

She shrieked unintelligibly and threw a rock at the boat, missing by a mile.

Blake laughed again, started the engine, and headed back to the lodge.

Lost and Found is still very much a work in progress.  Stay tuned for updates on when it will be ready for release.


In the meantime, help yourself to the boxed set of Rannigan’s Redemption, the three-novel collection that includes the ENTIRE story of sexy defense attorney  Michael Rannigan and his complicated relationship with the fiery Maggie Flynn.

You can use this UNIVERSAL LINK to find it in any format you need.

Watch This Space–Nia Farrell’s New Release

Y’all, let me tell you about a hot new book that’s out TODAY!!  Erotica author Nia Farrell writes beautiful, heartfelt, sexy menage tales with a metaphysical flavor.  Her new book, As Wicked As You Want is a sensual historic menage story with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.  I was lucky enough to snag an ARC and here’s my Goodreads review.

As Wicked as You Want (Forever Ours Book 1)As Wicked as You Want by Nia Farrell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was privileged to receive an ARC of Nia Farrell’s new release, As Wicked as You Want. And I couldn’t have been more excited since I’m a huge fan. The story is set in Chicago and London of 1868, a turbulent period in history.

Elena Davenport, alone after the death of her twin brother Lane, assumes his identity and lives as a man, even enlisting and serving in the Union Army. When PTSD forces her to abandon her duty, she forges a living as an artist with the help of her studio assistant, Daniel O’Flaherty, whom she met when they served together. Daniel struggles with the fact that he finds himself drawn to the man he knows as ‘Lane.’

Their lives are changed with the arrival of Elena/Lane’s stepbrother, British history professor Edward Wainwright. The chemistry between Elena and Edward is instant. With the Pinkertons on Lane’s heel for desertion, Lane and Daniel agree to go to London with Edward, who is interested in both Elena and Daniel.

With Daniel making arrangements for the shipping of their belongings, Elena is alone with Edward and quickly reveals her true identity. The question is, what will Daniel think when he finds out she’s a woman? And will he agree to join them as lovers?

This book is full of vivid historic detail and hot menage BDSM sex. It was thrilling from start to finish. And I love the fact that the subtitle is ‘Forever Ours Book 1.’ Because Elena, Edward, and Daniel have known each other before, in previous lives. And they’ll know each other again. Great read, highly recommended, FIVE HUGE STARS!

I snagged this graphic from Nia’s Facebook page.  I know, it says out tomorrow, but it’s out TODAY.  You can get your copy at Amazon.