Watch This Space–Snatched by Juliette Banks

She should hate him, but her body told her differently.

snatched cover

Juliette Banks has a great new release.  Snatched is a sexy historical romance set in 19th century Eastern Europe.  If the title sounds familiar, it’s because Snatched is a newly edited and greatly revised and expanded version of a book previously released under the same title.

Here’s the blurb:

Loss. Passion. Sacrifice.


It’s the worst day of Laryssa’s life when bandits snatch her beloved daughter Sofiya, carrying her away to places unknown. Vowing to save her, come what may, Laryssa sets off on a long and difficult journey to find the eighteen-year-old.


When she stumbles across a half ruined castle in the middle of a forest, she realizes she’s found the very place where Sofiya is being held by four men. In desperation, Laryssa begs to be allowed to stay with them, to cook and clean, and even offers her body for use to the leader of the gang, a man called Bhodan. Not knowing who she really is, he grudgingly accepts.


Bhodan is a dark man with a troubled past. With livid scars marring his otherwise handsome features, he is gruff, ruthless, and cold. Somehow Laryssa, the woman he has employed to cook and clean for himself and his men, and to service him sexually whenever he desires it, manages to see past his harsh exterior. Her growing attraction to him is undeniable, and no one is more surprised than Bhodan himself to discover that he is beginning to reciprocate those feelings.


Sofiya is not the only girl to have been captured by the gang; Hanna, a girl close to her in age, was already being held when Sofiya arrived. Laryssa is desperate to rescue them both, but knows she must bide her time until the moment is right.


When the four men decide to leave the women alone to go thieving, Laryssa sees her chance. However, she is unprepared for the emotional dilemma she will face when only one of the men – Bhodan – returns. He is badly wounded, and she finds herself unable to leave him alone, as he will undoubtedly die.


Torn between the love of her daughter and the passion Bhodan has awakened in her, Laryssa faces a tough choice. Should she send Sofiya and Hanna back to their village alone to face their demons, or should she accompany them and risk losing what could well be her last chance of experiencing boundless passion and love after years spent alone? Can she forgive Bhodan for what he has done in the past, or will she decide that her daughter’s happiness is more important than her own?

Publisher’s Note: This tale, set in Eastern Europe in the mid 19th century, is one of passion, sacrifice and hope, in an age where poverty made life a daily struggle to survive. It contains some explicit sexual scenes, including spanking, as well as erotic horror themes. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not purchase this book.

That being said, how about a naughty snippet to whet your appetite?

“That’s right, let me know how much you are enjoying this. Groan, shout, cry… do whatever you want. Show me how much you want me!” It was though he was teaching her how to pleasure her own body, and she wondered why he was doing this.

Laryssa did not know how to answer his request, other than by increasing the volume of her groans. All those years ago, with her husband, she had maintained her silence, except for a few whispered sweet nothings at the end. She wondered if that was because of her youthful shyness, or because her husband had not lit the flame of passion as this man was doing. Bhodan had discovered a part of her she had not known existed until now. She could not describe her feelings in words, but she knew that her body was alight in ways it had never been before. He took her to new heights of pleasure until, unable to hold out any longer, she had the most earth-shattering climax that she had ever known.

Bhodan waited until she had ceased trembling before moving up the bed and lying on top of her. He entered her body swiftly, plunging himself deeply within her.

“You have such a sweet cunt,” he panted. “I could stay in here for hours.”

He slowed his pace so that he was entering her in a much more sensuous way, but just as deeply as before, and Laryssa climaxed yet again, her body shivering and shaking from the heights of pleasure he had shown her. It took just a few more thrusts before he came inside her with a great roar.

They both lay in utter exhaustion for several minutes before he pushed her towards the edge of the bed.

“I think you had better go and light that stove, and make me some breakfast. Now that you have satisfied one hunger in me, you’d better satisfy the other. I could eat a horse. But best not take that literally.”

Humor, she thought. He does have a sense of humor after all.

I know what you’re thinking.  Where can I get my own copy of Snatched?  You can find it at the links below.

Blushing Books

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada


Who is Juliette Banks?

Who better to tell you about Juliette Banks than the lady herself?

     I write erotic romances as Juliette Banks, but some of you may also know me as the author Rachel de Vine. I am British and live in a beautiful rural part of England. However, I also like traveling to remote and unusual parts of the world, and have visited places as diverse as Tibet, Bhutan, Peru, Namibia and China. Our world is so beautiful and I hope that it will always remain so, and I see myself as being so lucky to have the freedom to travel that was denied many previous generations. I hope I never take it for granted.

I write mainly romances, because I am an incurable romantic, and I write erotic romances because I am always attracted to the sexuality and sensuality that is within so many of us. I like to write about interesting characters who often have to survive life’s challenges before they can reach the happy ending they deserve.

Contact Juliette Banks:



 Website    (a site for both Rachel and Juliette)




Weekend Excerpt–Rannigan’s Redemption

RR nominee coverI’m so excited!  Rannigan’s Redemption has been nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Books Award for Favorite Erotica. Like all my books, Rannigan is an emotional, deeply character-driven romance punctuated by sexy love scenes.  There are parts that will make you laugh and some that might make you cry.  A little like life, I suppose.

Today, I’m in the mood for a scene that makes me smile.  Here’s a little snippet.

At precisely 6:00, Maggie knocked on Michael’s door before using her own key to unlock it and let herself and Ben and Nate into the apartment.  “Hello, Michael?  We’re here.”

“In here, Mags,” Michael called from the living room.  She directed Ben and Nate to put the pizza and beer in the kitchen as she continued on to where Michael sat propped up on the couch watching preseason baseball.

“It’s a party in the house!” Maggie teased.  “How are you doing?”

“I’m super excited to have a party in the house,” he grumped.  “I was up very late.  Some oversexed couple was making out on my veranda last night.”

“Oooh, pray tell,” Ben gushed.  “Who was out there on your veranda last night?”

Michael flashed a wicked smile.  “Why, it was our very own Mary Margaret Flynn.”

Ben gasped.  “Flynn?  You’d better spill, girlfriend.”

Maggie blushed furiously.  “It was a kiss.  A very simple kiss.  And thanks so much for opening up this can of worms.”

“This whole ‘payback’ thing isn’t quite turning out the way you thought it would, is it Mags?  You what they say…when you set out intent on revenge, first dig two graves.”  Michael beamed at her proudly.

“So who were you kissing?  Inquiring minds want to know.”  Ben sat on the coffee table and Nate wandered in from the kitchen.  All eyes were on Maggie.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!  So I met a guy.  His name is Bobby, and he happens to be a neighbor of Michael’s.”  She looked accusingly at Michael.  “We had dinner together last night, here, and that’s a long story, but we kissed a little.  End of story.”

Michael rolled his eyes.  “‘Bobby’ is known to the rest of the world as Beau Beaulieu.”

Nate’s eyes went wide.  “Beau Beaulieu of the Texas Rangers?  I saw him play a couple of times at Tulane.  He’s up for the Hall of Fame.”

“Is he?  I didn’t know that,” Maggie murmured.

“Please tell me that he’ll at least go down on you,” Ben said.  “After that last bitch…”  The trio stared at him in shock.

“What!  That Neanderthal she almost married would never…”

“Shut up!  Just shut up right now!”  Maggie was livid.  “I swear I will never tell you anything ever again!”

“Yeah, Mags, is this going the way you imagined?” Michael asked, stifling a smile.

“Fuck off!” she said, retreating to the kitchen.  “Ben, come give me a hand.”

Michael knew she’d find a way to force him to face Nate.  He knew that Nate, and everyone else at Murphy, Rannigan, had been in a bind when he’d unceremoniously pulled the rug out from under them a few years back.

“So, Nate, how’s it going?”

Nate nodded.  “Not bad.  I know Maggie engineered this awkward moment.”  He looked at Michael.  “I’m not mad.  I was, of course.  But I kind of landed on my feet in a firm that does a lot of civil rights cases.  It’s not as much money but I’m doing work I believe in, and that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t broken up the firm.”

Michael shifted his jaw uncomfortably.  “I’m glad to hear it, but even so…I owe you an apology.  I’m sorry.”

“Thanks, man.  I appreciate it.”  Nate smiled at him.

“Unh-uh, don’t even think about hitting on my big chocolate bear,” Ben simpered as he entered the living room with plates and pizza boxes.

An hour later, they were sitting around Michael’s dining room table which was scattered with plates of half-eaten pizza, beer bottles, playing cards, and poker chips.  The television played quietly in the background.

“Look, there’s Beau now,” Nate said.  Everyone turned and saw a split screen of Bobby in Arizona and some other commentators in New York.  Michael grabbed the remote and turned up the sound.

Maggie smiled in spite of herself.  Bobby looked amazing in a charcoal suit with a deep purple shirt and paisley tie.

“That man is yummy,” commented Ben.  “I’d do him.”

“Excuse me?” Nate asked.

“Oh, you know what I mean,” Ben grinned.

“I want to send him a picture of all of us,” Maggie said.  They gathered by Michael as Maggie held out her phone, managing to get all of them plus the television in the shot.  She quickly sent the photo to Bobby.  On television, they saw him look down at his tablet and smile.

“Look!  He just saw it,” Ben said.

“Oh, there’s probably some kind of ten-second delay or something,” Maggie said.

They watched as he seemed to type something into the tablet.  Shortly after, Maggie’s phone blipped.  She checked the screen.  “It’s from him.”

She read the message.  “He says hello to everyone.  And he says tell him something to say on the air.”

“Oooh, let’s tell him something!” Ben said.

“No, let’s not.  I don’t want to get him into trouble,” Maggie said.

“Trouble?  We won’t tell him to say something dirty.  Just something…” Ben thought.

“Pineapple,” Nate said.  “Tell him to say ‘pineapple’.”

Maggie rolled her eyes.  “Nate says to say ‘pineapple’,” she texted back to Bobby.  “You know that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.”

The group abandoned the table to gather near the television.  They watched as Bobby looked down at his tablet again, a grin spreading across his face.

“You know, Chet,” he said to one of the commentators in New York, “I’d like to thank the good people of Arizona for making me feel so welcome here.  What you might not know is that one traditional symbol of welcome is the pineapple.”

Michael’s living room erupted into gales of laughter.  “I give up.  You’re all absolutely impossible,” Maggie said, shaking her head.

Rannigan’s Redemption is available at this link:

AND, if you would, please consider voting for Rannigan’s Redemption for Favorite Erotica.  Here’s the LINK.  Thanks so much!

Watch This Space–Cue Happy Dance, Nia Farrell Has A New Release!

Still Life With Scandinavian Sword On A Fur

I’m so thrilled to talk about Nia Farrell’s new release, Triple Play!  It’s the second installment of her Replay series.  Replay is a BDSM resort where guests can live out their most erotic fantasies in any historical period they desire.

Still Life With Scandinavian Sword On A Fur

This story touches on the subject of child abuse and may contain triggers. It is written for ages 18+.

Reviews are in.  Here’s what people are saying:

“If you like your kink with period reenactment, then you may enjoy Farrell’s Replay series. While Rowena’s twin starred in Book 1, Viking Raid, this second book features Rowena the naughty twin. Rowena can be a brat, especially since she can don on different identities and chance upon the handsome Dom in question (Micheil, in this case) in the least expected places. Her quirky attitude is endearing and had me turning the pages. Since the loss of his wife, Micheil is finally in a good place and ready for Rowena by the time she appears. Great storyline. Captivating read. Highly recommended.”

“If you like your novellas with a good story, really really hot sex and a Dom with an brogue I sometimes had a hard time understanding, but when I listened to him in my head it was a bit easier, then you will want to read this book!! Rowena, who actually has three identities (the vixen and author too) meets a Dom she has a hard time saying no to and the story unfolds, and what a story it is!! Rowena has recovered from the Viking Raid and isn’t looking for anymore “play”; but Micheil has other plans. That’s all I’m going to divulge so if you want to know more then I recommend you buy this book. But don’t read it outside or in front of anyone like I did. You will want to be all by yourself to experience it all, or maybe with someone else, that’s up to you!! Enjoy!!!”

How about an excerpt to whet your appetite?

“Why me?”

One corner of his mouth curved upwards. “Yer book,” he said. “I wanted tae meet ye and was willing tae pay for the privilege.”

“Um. Thank you. I think.” She wondered if he had a sub who’d benefitted from the experiences and research that she shared online. She had let her followers know that a book was coming, had kept them updated on her progress. The manuscript was done, but only her publisher had seen it.

Micheil dipped his head at the Replay owner, who was ordering punishment for a slave girl.  “St. Leger told me that ye command a hefty appearance fee. My offer was purely a guess. Since ye agreed tae the terms, I take it that the contract met yer expectations.”

“Yes,” she said simply, following his gaze when it failed to return. The slave was stripped and bound to a column. Tiberius Piers snapped his fingers and a tray of floggers appeared. He picked one of softest leather and introduced her to it, stroking her sides, rubbing her back, tracing her cheek, then stepping back and laying on the first set of stripes.

Rowena clamped her thighs together, cursing her traitorous body, feeling the creamy moisture between her legs.

He must have heard her breath catch. “Ye like it.”


“Do ye wish it for yerself?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “And no.”

His blue eyes considered her, a lambency in their depths that she could not fail to recognize.


“I wish it were me,” she admitted, “but not with Piers.”  Don’t make me say it. Don’t.

He stepped closer, not touching except for the breath that fanned her hair and bathed her in his heat. “If not St. Leger, lass, with whom?”

“You, Sir.” Her voice was the barest whisper. “But we can’t. I can’t.”

The Dom came out, full force, and he was not happy. “Why not?” he rumbled, his voice rolling like thunder while his eyes sparked St. Elmo’s fire.

“The contract?” She lowered her gaze, fighting the urge to drop to her knees in a submissive’s pose.

He blew out harshly. “And if I said, damn the contract. Tear it up and I’ll give ye half a million anyway?”

Her chin came up as she threw her head back far enough to meet his gaze. Humorless. Not even a hint of irony.

“You’d do that?” she asked. “Seriously? For one night of play without sex? Remember, my rule is one time. You punish me tonight, and you won’t touch me for the rest of the weekend.”

Why was that so hard to say? Damn him. Damn her body, begging her to reconsider.

He smiled darkly. “Make an exception,” he said. “Ye tried tae top me in the bookstore. Ye knew exactly what ye’d done and pretended ye did nae understand. For that alone, ye need a spanking. Two spankings. I should be the one tae give them. It’s only fair.”

If she wore panties, they’d be sopping wet. The Vestal Virgin was yearning for the path to ruination.

“It would be fair,” she agreed, “but it can also wait. I gave my word. Three nights. No kink. No sex. I’m not a liar. Don’t try to make me one.”

“Exceptions tae the rule,” he reminded her. “Ye said ye’d observe the scenes. Nothing was said aboot wha’ happens outside them. When the play winds down and they shuffle us out in the wee hours of the morning, what happens next is up tae us, aye?”

Tempting. My god, he was so tempting.  And he was right. Outside Replay, anything goes. Except…

“Then we’re back to one time. Once. No repeats. Is that what you want?”  She thought she sounded unshakeable.

He smiled as if she’d just agreed to his terms. “I want tae feel that fine arse of yers under my hand. Forget yer rules. Do what’s right.”

His voice had dropped to a rumble that pushed every button she had. She whimpered, as if she could already feel herself bent over his lap, panties around her knees, his large hand exploring the landscape of her posterior as he familiarized himself with the terrain, deciding how he wanted to change it for his pleasure.

“I could tie ye up. Ye’d be beautiful, bound tae my bed. I might just have tae keep ye there.”

“Once,” she said weakly.

“Lass,” he murmured, his Scottish burr thickening. “Ye ken ye owe me times three. Once for trying tae top me. Once for playing innocent aboot it. Once for nae letting me ken who ye were. We have three nights of scenes tae get through. I’ll give ye time tae consider yer sins against me. At the end of each night, ye will present yerself tae me. Ye will submit. Ye will suffer, but I’ll give ye what you need. Three punishments and aftercare. I promise ye, I am verra good at both.”

Where can I get this great book?

Amazon e-book

Amazon paperback

About Nia Farrell:


Nia Farrell is one of Mr. Blackthorne’s Wicked Pen Writers and a multi-genre author who is published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children’s books, with one documentary screenplay under her literary belt. She’s an old soul and a period reenactor who’s been into corsets for centuries, although she wears them more to Civil War events these days.

Nia has been involved in the metaphysical community for over twenty-five years. She is a Reiki Master and crystal healer whose work encompasses this and other lifetimes. In her book Something More, a 2016 Golden Flogger Awards Finalist, BDSM and submission are tools for healing post-rape PTSD, earning a nomination for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category.

Her debut books from The Three Graces Series, Something More, Something Different, and Something More, have been called new age erotic romance – kink with a paranormal twist. Soul mates, reincarnation, karmic fallout, shamanism, and psychic abilities come into play. Personal experience and extensive research go into crafting her characters, but it’s her sense of whimsy that has made fictional Posey, Minnesota, the ménage capital of the United States with a Monty-Python- themed diner that’s central to the plotlines.

Nia was fortunate enough to meet her soul mate early on. She married her high school sweetheart, raised two children, and began writing at her husband’s suggestion. She has been published in erotic romance since 2015.


Nia Farrell’s webpage

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Nia Farrell’s Dark Hollows Press author page!nia-farrell/c1mop

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Watch This Space–The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer, by Lilah E. Noir

I’m so excited to introduce you to this hot new book by erotic romance author Lilah E. Noir!  Not long ago, at a release party for her novel Unorthodox Therapy, Lilah floated three different possible plots for her next book, asking readers to vote for their favorite.  That became her newest release, The Brat with the Phoenix Tattoo: Summer.  Check it out!



Release date: 29th August 2016

Genre: BDSM erotic romance

Author: Lilah E. Noir

Cover design: Lilah E. Noir

International Link:


Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.



Lilah E. Noir is an author of dark erotic novels and stories with elements of taboo, seduction and different aspects of the BDSM spectrum. Her tales are focused on the intricate relationships between people and their rough yet always sensual encounters.

Lilah is an author of Stroker Ace, a menage novella that has been nominated for a Best BDSM Book of 2015 at the Menage category. At the beginning of the summer, Lilah released her debut full-length novel, Unorthodox Therapy, first part of a trilogy exploring the nature of addiction.

The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo:Summer is part 1 of a four book series dedicated to the different seasons of a relationship between two polar opposite people brought together by their love of kink and power exchange.

When she doesn’t write Lilah enjoys creating covers for herself and other writers.



I got up without saying another word and walked to her, holding my breath as I stared at her hypnotizing eyes. Sage looked confused and insecure at my sudden move, especially when I wrapped my fingers around her tender wrist and removed the glass from her fingers. She gasped and stared up at me with genuine shock. So I used the moment to stroke her hand and run my thumb down her bottom lip. Her pulse quickened and she swallowed while looking at me in the eyes like a deer in the headlights.

I was sure you’d be more than excited at my ability to predict and assess risks,” I said in a teasing voice while caressing her chin. “I wish I had been savvier about all the risks involved the only time I tried being a betting man… with you.” Sage blinked for a moment and opened her mouth to let out a slight, purring groan so I opened her lips wider by using my thumb. I inclined further as if about to kiss her but stopped in the last minute with a cruel smirk. “You won’t need this. Also, why ice? I thought a hardcore chick like you wouldn’t take her whiskey on the rocks?”

The look on her face when I let go of her jaw and walked away was so damned precious it made my cock throb with excitement. Sage reached out to caress her lips, where my fingers have been laying just a minute ago, warming her up, feeling her blood rush. The knowledge I could have the same effect on her made me feel powerful and stripped me of all my earlier doubts and worries. She looked around nervously and brought her hand to her neck, at a loss of words.

I kept on circling around her chair, with my hands behind my back and kept watching her, as if she was a subject of an experiment. Her perky breasts heaved up and down rapidly while the woman was trying to regain composure.

I… I was just being playful.”

Well, we both know how much you love playing games, kitten.”

Sage frowned a little at that unexpected pet name. I had never used it with her before. As cheesy as it was it fit her very well. Finally, she uttered in a hesitant voice, still feeling up her bottom lip.

I wasn’t trying to belittle your success but it was always clear to see you’d go far someday.” She kept staring at her boots. Her gaze fell on on the intricate buckles and Sage kept playing with them with shaking fingers. I’ve been watching her closely and didn’t fail to notice the reddening of her cheeks, the way her nipples hardened, how her posture changed. Her confidence was melting just like the ice in my water.

Sage had always been the type of girl in need of proper handling but I never thought she might be genuinely submissive.

You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself too, Sage.” My voice was soft as I went behind her and ran my fingers through her hair. Watching her squirm under my light and seemingly innocent touch was so much fun. It was time to raise the stakes so I brushed my lips against her earlobe and whispered.

Are all these designs yours?”

Sage gasped again and squeezed her hands in her lap as I kept tracing the front of her neck with fingers.

No, Finley did at least half of what you are seeing.” Her back was stiff as I let my hand slowly run along the line of her spine, caressing her skin with small, feather-like movements. “My forte is the industrial tattoo design. These are some of my latest stuff.” She pointed at an abstract steampunk styled frame. It showed a tattoo design of a sleeve that consisted of elaborate clocks and gears. “I still have a long way to go but I’m getting better, and all my clients are coming back for more.”

Then it’s a good thing you didn’t give up on your cute little art hobby, isn’t it?” She tensed at these words and looked down with her eyes closed. That was more condescending than I planned it. Bruising her ego would make her more compliant but there was no need to hurt her feelings. “You were always talented.” I laid my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. Her shoulders trembled slightly, her breathing hitched and she squeezed her fists harder at my touch. Other than that Sage showed in no way my intrusion in her private space was unpleasant.

A depraved, dark part of me expected her to struggle, protest, cry, bite and scratch me, that I’d have my way with her whether she liked it or not. I hadn’t done anything drastic yet so there was always a chance for her to start fighting back if I went further. Still, I hoped those ugly, violent urges would remain unsatisfied. I wanted to walk out of that place cleansed, not feeling as a deranged rapist.

Besides, seeing Sage surrender herself and get down on her knees for me would be more arousing than the thought of fucking her against her will.


She blinked a few times and kept sucking as I tried to decide what should I use on her perfect, unmarred skin, so pale that it begged to be marked. It was difficult to think while those luscious lips were wrapped around my cock and sucked me so hard as if my new fuck toy was trying to devour me. So I pulled away and slapped it across her face so I’d smear it with more of my thick and salty precum before I put it back in my pants. Sage stared at me with hungry, insatiable eyes and used the moment to breathe. The leather strap was still hanging around her neck. It would probably come handy later but now I needed something more impressive.

You know… you almost gave me a tattoo machine fetish back then.” I explained to her matter of factly as I squatted next to the briefcase. “Sometimes I still get hard whenever I see someone getting tattooed. That stinging sensation…” I grinned at her and pulled the new violet wand I bought a few weeks ago. Little did I know back then how soon I’d get to use it. “I think it is fair to give you a similar sensation.” The electrode I planned to use on her was a lot smaller than the plasma balls I had a soft spot for. This one was in the form of a long, glass tube that curved at the end, with a mushroom head. “You ever tried some of these?” I dangled the device by its cable it in front of her eyes the same way she did with my car keys back then. She shook her head and paled a little, biting her lips with fear in her eyes. “No worries, pet, you’ll love it. It’s a shame no one used it on you, with how sensitive you are.” After some hesitation, I also picked up my favorite Wartenberg pinwheel and stuffed it in my pocket, out of her sight.

I… Please, use it on me.”

Good girl.” I stroked her hair and plugged the cord into the outlet under her tattoo chair. The glass tube slowly heated up under Sage’s amazed eyes and she swallowed. Then she licked her lips and watched the pale blue light inside the glass, with fear and curiosity but not revulsion. I had no idea whether that was Sage’s first brush with kink but that woman was fucking natural.

Without giving her any warning I pulled my still hard cock out and put it back between her lips.

Suck me real slow while I test it on you. We’ll do some slow direct touch. Don’t you dare hurry up too much, let alone take me deep down your throat or I’ll punish you. Trust me, I have no problem doing things you can’t handle. Do you understand?”


I had to bite my tongue to correct her and make her refer to me as Master. But I couldn’t get her to attach to me or start thinking she was my sub. For a moment the temptation was so strong it choked me, just like those words I never told her during that night. Calling her “pet” was bad enough and probably my worst fuck up for the entire evening.

I moaned slightly while Sage served my cock with her soft, loving licks, smooching the tip and running her tongue all around it. It was time to taste if she was ready for some serious play. The butt plug was nestled nicely inside her tight ass and her pierced clit was swollen and dripping juices. I grinned again and placed the tip of the tube against her left nipple, red and swollen from my rough treatment earlier.

Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth.

It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I hissed and kept the device longer on her other nipple, enjoying the vibrations of her smooth skin. My action coaxed another, a longer cry of pleasure and intensity out of her.

And if you only knew how good it would feel on your clit piercing. I’m not sure you can handle it, though. Let’s see.” In response Sage sucked me harder and ran her teeth against the mushroom of my cock, nibbling it very lightly. I chuckled and ran the wand against her mound, right over the landing strip of trimmed jet black hair. “Bad girl. Using teeth already? I’d have to break you out of that habit… or encourage it.”

Her pupils dilated when the smooth surface of my device slid against the hoop of her piercing. The scream died in her throat as I used the perfect moment to ram my shaft deep and rough in her mouth. The beautiful violet sparkles were flying off the metal on her vulnerable flesh. Sage looked as if she was being electrocuted in that moment, writhing on the chair, rolling her eyes and trying to escape from the powerful charge. She was crying hard against my cock that was killing all her protests and groans. I held her hair with one hand and proceeded to facefuck her. I was curious to see how long she’d last with the violet wand right on her clit, the metal conducting electricity to her most intimate zones. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her pussy was leaking with juices that streamed at the base of the butt plug.



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Weekend Excerpt–Just One Night

JON nominee

Permit me a teeny little happy dance–my naughty little summer novella, Just One Night, was nominated for a 2016 Summer Indie Book Award for Favorite Novella!

For this weekend’s excerpt, let’s get tropical.  In Just One Night, teacher Katie Parker is spending a week of her summer on a girlfriends’ getaway cruise in the Caribbean.  Fresh off a bad breakup, she’s looking for a man for just one night of anonymous passion.  When she meets Mac Coleman, he’s just the thing to take her mind off her troubles.  But he’s convinced they’re worth more than just one night.

Here’s a snippet.

     The pair parked themselves at a tiny table at the edge of the piano bar, the first place they’d come to in their search for a cocktail.  Katie watched him as he approached the bar and ordered for them.  She couldn’t get over how handsome he was, how he’d come outside looking for her.  This was exactly what she needed to take her mind off of her man problems back home.

She smiled up at him as he returned to their table carrying a margarita for her and a Scotch for himself.  “Cheers,” he said, raising his glass to hers.

“Cheers,” she murmured in return, and she sipped gratefully, counting on the liquid courage her glass offered.

“You know, we’ve gone about this all backwards.”  He rested his drink on the table and offered his right hand.  “My name is—“

“No!  No names,” Katie quickly interrupted.

Mac blinked in surprise.  “No names.  Why no names?”

“Just…because,” she stammered.  “No names, no personal information, we’ll just…keep it casual.”

“Keep it casual.”  Mac frowned.  “Okay.”  He gave her a curious look.  “Do you want me to leave?”

She shook her head, red curls swinging.  “No, I’d like you to stay.”

He gave a relieved smile.  “Good, because I’d like to stay.  So…no personal information.  Do you want to talk about work?”

“Oh, hell no!”

“Um, how about that weather?  That’s some pretty great weather out there tonight.”

Katie laughed lightly.  “I don’t mean to be a pain.”

Mac smiled back.  “You’re not a pain, exactly.  I just have to figure out the rules.  And you’re here with three other women?”

“You could see that in the dining room.  Where you were staring,” Katie observed.

“You know that because you were staring back,” he countered.

“And you’re here with two other men.”

Mac nodded.  “My brothers.  Oops!  Was that personal?”

“Now you’re making fun.”

He smiled ruefully.  “Maybe just a little bit.  This is kind of a bachelor party.  My kid brother is getting married.”

“A bachelor party?”  Katie laughed lightly.  “Shouldn’t you be getting back to the debauchery?”

Mac laughed.  “Not much debauchery with those two.  My older brother’s been married for years and Tommy’s head over heels for his fiancée.”  He glanced up at Katie.  “Oops!  More personal information.”

Katie sighed and sipped her drink.  “My friends and I get together for a week every summer.  We’ve known each other since high school.”

“There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Katie nodded firmly.  “We’re even, that’s all.”  She rested her forearm on the table and toyed with her glass.  Mac did the same, and as he did, his arm brushed against hers.  She made no effort to move away from him.  He intentionally rested his arm against hers, noting the electric charge he felt, wondering if she felt it, too.

Glancing up, he saw that she was watching him intently.  “So…you don’t want any personal information.  You don’t want to talk about work.  You don’t want me to leave.”

Katie shook her head.

“Okay, well we’ve got that settled.  What do you want?”  He watched her expectantly.

She stared at her glass as she swirled the remainder of her margarita.  Her buzz from the dinner wine combined with the icy cocktail made her feel bold.  She looked back up at Mac.

“Do you really want to know what I want?  I want just one night.  Just one night of anonymous, no-holds-barred, red-hot, no-strings-attached sex.  That’s what I want.”  She fixed him with a challenging stare.

“Whoa,” he breathed, eyes wide.

Katie looked down at her glass again.  “Too blunt?”

Mac leaned back in his chair, lips forming an O.  “That was blunt, all right, but I can respect that.  I’ve gotta ask, though.”  He sought out her eyes.  “Is there some guy at home waiting for you to come back?”

Katie shook her head.  “I’m not cheating on anybody.  You?”

He shook his head, too, and laughed humorlessly.  “What was it you said earlier?  Oh, hell no.”

She lightly stroked his arm as it rested on the table, delighting in the goose bumps that appeared there.  Her gaze traveled from there to his lap, which seemed to be taking an interest in the proceedings if the growing mound there was any indication.  She shifted her focus, sliding her gaze up his torso to those lips she’d noticed earlier.  God, I just want to suck on that lower lip.

She met his eyes again, saw the fire there, and knew it matched her own.  “So what do you say?”

“I say, have another margarita.  I just need to run to the little shop and pick up some…  Well, I didn’t actually expect that I’d need…”  He smiled apologetically.

Her voice was soft.  “I’ll wait right here.”

He took her hand and gently brushed his lips across her knuckles, gave her a wink, and left the bar.

Just One Night is available exclusively at Amazon, and it’s FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s the LINK.

AND, if you’re so inclined, here’s the link to VOTE for Just One Night: http://goo.g/0Ut0Aa

Thanks so much!!




#SunsetOnRomance Blog Hop

Sunset on Romance

Here we are at Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer.  I want to celebrate with a little romance.

In July, the Rannigan’s Redemption Collection finally became available in one boxed set. Set mostly in Manhattan, it’s the story of hot-shot high profile defense attorney Michael Rannigan and his complicated relationship with sassy redheaded fellow lawyer Maggie Flynn.

Because it’s so long, the story was originally released as three separate novels.  But I know that as a reader, I hate it when I finish a really good book, only to have to scramble to get the next one in the series.  And, by the way, Rannigan’s Redemption has been nominated in the Erotica category for a 2016 Summer Indie Book Award.  If you’d like to cast a vote for Rannigan’s Redemption, I’d be forever grateful.  Here’s the link:

This excerpt is from the second book, Running Rogue.

RR nominee cover


They returned to the living room and Maggie put the plate on the coffee table.  Bobby was right behind her.  “Look, cher, it’s snowing.”

She looked toward the floor to ceiling windows and saw large snowflakes swirling in the night.

“Let’s go look.”  Bobby slid open the door leading from the solarium to the terrace and they both stepped outside.  A cold wind whipped around the building and the flakes whirled and fluttered, beginning to coat everything in sight.

Maggie followed Bobby to the edge of the terrace and they looked down at the snowy scene below.  She shivered slightly.  “It’s cold out here,” he said, quickly returning to the living room to retrieve his jacket.  Gently, he placed it around her shoulders.  “I should have thought…”

Maggie looked up at him, snowflakes catching in her eyelashes.  “I’m okay,” she smiled.

Bobby held the lapels of his jacket and pulled her closer.  His eyes sparkled.  “You know, I’ve been looking at those lips all night, wondering how they taste.”

She gave him an impish grin.  “I thought baseball players were all about stealing bases.”

Bobby threw back his head and laughed.  “You can’t steal first, cher, it has to be earned.”

Maggie considered this thoughtfully.  “You patched up my knee.  You fixed my shoe.  And you helped Michael when he was in trouble.  To top it off, you helped with the dishes.”  She nodded.  “Could be you’ve earned it.”

“Have I?”  She nodded again peering deeply into his eyes.

Bobby smiled. “This is gonna be good,” he said softly. He cupped her cheek with his right hand, lightly running his thumb across her lips, then he leaned down, gently placing his lips on hers.

Maggie felt the heat building as his kiss grew in intensity.  He moved his hand to the small of her back and pulled her even closer, his lips devouring hers as she responded, rising on her toes to meet him there in the snow.

When he broke off, she gasped lightly.  He chuckled and nodded.  “Yep, just like strawberry wine.”

“Strawberry wine?”

“You know,” he said, grinning.  “Boone’s Farm?  As teenagers we’d steal it out of the liquor cabinet and sneak out to the boondocks.  Lie in the bed of a pickup truck and make love out under the stars.”

Maggie shook her head and laughed.  “No, I guess I never did that.”

“Strawberry wine.  It tastes like summer and passion and innocence.”  Bobby gazed steadily into her eyes.  “Like you, cher.”

Wide-eyed, she stared back at him.  He gave his lop-sided grin, but his eyes were all heat as he lowered his lips to hers again.  Tongues explored and tangled before he moved to place delicate kisses along her jaw line then lightly nip down the side of her neck.  Maggie closed her eyes and sighed softly as his hand drifted under her sweater and up her side until he was cupping her left breast.

“And Beaulieu steals second,” he murmured against her neck, taking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a gentle tug.  She giggled softly and found his lips again.

Resisting Risk, Running Rogue, and Ransoming Redemption are still available separately.  You can find them all, along with the boxed set and the rest of my books, here on Amazon.

Now, since this is a Blog Hop, click the link below to check out all the Sunset on Summer romance on several other sexy blogs.


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