Review: Rannigan’s Redemption by Pandora Spocks

Grateful for this terrific review of RESISTING RISK by SPIN author Walker Long! 😀

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Rannigan’s Redemption: Part 1: Resisting Risk by Pandora Spocks

This is a story about hiding from love. The main character, Michael Rannigan, is a big-shot lawyer and ladies’ man. He maintains a stable of gorgeous blonde bombshells and gets plenty of action, but very little intimacy. He seems to like it that way — trauma in his past has led him to hide his heart away. Enter Maggie Flynn, a bright young law school grad who comes to work at his firm. She catches Michael’s eye, but also appeals to his mind and his soul. We soon see that these two are Perfect For Each Other, but Michael keeps her at arm’s length. He is simultaneously drawn to her, but also knows that she is someone who would break down the wall he has built around his heart. He can’t have that. These two circle around each other throughout…

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