Weekend Excerpt–For Sparrow

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When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband died, she lost more than her spouse.  She lost her best friend, her lover, and her Dominant.

But it turns out that Graham made provisions for her in the form of sexy Dominant firefighter paramedic Judd Farris.  Judd promised his friend Graham that in the event of his death, he’d look after Jessi until she found her own Dominant.

A platonic Dom/sub relationship is a damn odd arrangement.  And it’s not long before the pair wonders whether they can resist the desire they feel.

Could it be that Graham had more in mind than merely a temporary solution?

Here’s a steamy excerpt from FOR SPARROW.

It was early afternoon the following day when Jessi’s phone blipped to indicate a text message.

Hey there, little one.  How is your day going?

Jessi smiled.  She glanced down at the fabric swatches she’d been using to try to decide which table cloths to order for next weekend’s event.  It was a fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Who would have imagined there were so many varieties of gold?

I’m great.  How are you?

Happy to put aside table linen decisions for a moment, she waited for Judd’s reply.

I just spent the last couple of hours surfing, and I don’t have to be at work for another few hours so I’m great.  How’s your bottom, little one?

Even in the privacy of her office, Jessi blushed.  The truth was, her bottom was sore.  Not that she minded.  She’d been rather pleased when she checked herself in the mirror before she got dressed that morning and found that it was still red.  There were even round bruises on each cheek from the wooden spoon.

It stings a little, Sir.  And I have nice bruises from the wooden spoon.

Stretched out on a chaise lounge on his patio overlooking the beach, Judd grinned.

And how do you feel about that?

Jessi considered his question.

I don’t mind, Sir.  It reminds me of feeling safe.  Thank you, Sir, for the marks.

Judd sighed deeply.  She was such a good submissive.

How about after we texted, little one?  Did you come again?

“Oh, God!” Jessi said out loud.  Her mind flitted to the previous night.  When Judd had left, she’d been so needy.  As her tub filled with water she’d gone into Graham’s closet to the box where he’d kept their toys.  Although she’d thought to get the wand, she opted instead for a small waterproof vibrator.

She’d relaxed in the hot, lavender-scented bubble bath for a few minutes before her hands began exploring her body, kneading her round breasts, pausing to pull her pert pink nipples, eventually slipping down to the apex of her thighs.

Although she’d tried to envision Graham’s hands on her body, his image kept being replaced with visions of Judd.  By the time she’d slid the vibrator into place in her eager core, it had been Judd’s name she’d called out.  As she had the other two times she’d come.

She keyed in her response, grateful that she didn’t have to look Judd in the eye.

     Yes, Sir.  Thank you for permission to come. 

Pausing a moment, she considered a sassy comment.

     How about you, Sir?   She sent it before she could change her mind.

Judd laughed out loud.  How about him?

He’d gotten into the shower as soon as he’d arrived home from the bar.  He could still feel her ass under his hand, and he could imagine her pleasuring herself on that unmade bed.  He’d poured earthy spiced shower gel into the palm of his hand and gripped himself firmly, recalling the feel of Jessi on his lap, imagining how it would be to fondle her breasts, to have her slide down over his cock and ride him.  His moment had built, and he’d stroked faster, grunting in release as thick ropes of his essence had shot out under the steady hot stream.

Not that he would tell her that.

Are you being cheeky, little one?  Maybe trying to earn a spank for next time?

Jessi giggled.  No Sir, I would never do that.

I’m not sure I believe you, little one.  We’ll be in touch.  Call me if you need to, and I’ll be by on Saturday.  We’ll be working on the back fence.

She sighed.  Will do.  And Judd, thank you again, for everything.

You’re very welcome, Jessi.

FOR SPARROW is the latest addition to the Dream Dominant Collection.  It joins LUKE & BELLA and LOST & BOUND, all stand-alone steamy romance novels featuring a light BDSM theme.

You can get  FOR SPARROW, in ebook or paperback,
at your favorite online booksellers.

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