Weekend Excerpt–Had Enough Winter?

You need a sexy Caribbean holiday.

Katie Parker is a woman on a mission. On a Caribbean cruise for her annual girlfriends’ getaway, she’s determined to forget about the man who betrayed her. All she wants is to find a man for just one night of anonymous, no-strings-attached passion.

Mac Coleman needs to get away. For now, that means accompanying his brothers on a cruise to Mexico for his younger brother’s wedding. After that, he’ll be changing jobs and cities, all to get away from his stalker ex-girlfriend.

When the pair meet onboard the ship, the chemistry is instant. Can Mac convince Katie that what they have deserves more than just one night?

JUST ONE NIGHT is just 99¢ every day.

When Jayma’s alarm went off, Katie had been in bed for an hour and a half. After returning to her stateroom, she’d gone straight to the shower. Standing under the hot stream, she released the emotions she’d been working hard to suppress. As she cried, she told herself she was being stupid. Her own rules had been no strings, no expectations. She couldn’t bear to admit even to herself that she’d fallen for the handsome man she knew only as ‘you’.

What if? What if I agreed to keep in touch? What if… She couldn’t follow that line of thought. It was too painful. Better to end it as they had. With great memories of amazing sex.

It was later that morning, when, dressed in khaki shorts, a purple tank top, and her hair in a ponytail, Katie carried a small floral canvas backpack purse as she and Jayma hurried to meet Michelle and Chelsea at the gangplank. Once they were off the ship, the four made their way to the waiting area for the excursion to Tulum. A rickety-looking, well-used charter bus stood ready and a small group of passengers had already gathered, all wearing tiny round red stickers marked with T, indicating their destination for the day.

“Do you suppose they’ll stop for coffee or something?” Michelle wondered. “This is very early for a vacation day.”

“I think they said they’re stopping in a little town on the way,” Jayma answered. She looked to Katie, who was quiet and thoughtful. She knew her friend had had little sleep. She’d been awake when Katie had returned to their room.

“Hey, Katie, isn’t that your friend?” Chelsea commented.

Katie looked in the direction Chelsea nodded. There he was across the plaza, and even from her distance, she could see his grin. How could you know someone for mere hours, really, and he gives you such a sense of comfort?

“I’ll be back in a sec. Don’t let them leave without me.” She didn’t wait for a reply.

She crossed the plaza confidently and he met her halfway. “Hey, you,” he smiled.

“Hey, you. I didn’t expect to see you today. Don’t you have a wedding to get to?”

“I do. My brothers are waiting over there.” Katie looked in the direction he indicated to see the two men standing beside a taxi, both watching the proceedings with interest. A glance in the opposite direction showed her friends watching them as well. “I just thought I’d try to catch you before your group left.” His brow furrowed with concern. “How are you this morning?”

Katie pasted on a cheerful smile. “I’m good. How about you?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He sighed deeply. “Listen, I wanted to say that I meant what I said last night.” He fixed her with an earnest gaze. “I think there’s something here. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to walk away.”

She patted his arm reassuringly. “No strings, no expectations. It’s really better this way.”

Mac blew out a frustrated breath, nodding reluctantly. “I understand. But before you go, I wanted to give you something.” He reached into the pocked of his tan cargo shorts. “I found this yesterday near the reef. Not surprisingly, I thought of you.”

He held up a flat pale pink heart-shaped stone about the size of a half-dollar. “It already had the hole in it,” he indicated a small hole near the top of the heart. “Before dinner last night I took it to the jeweler on the ship, had him put it on this chain.” He looked back to her. “I’d really like you to have it.”

Katie’s resolve nearly melted as she looked at the heart. “It’s lovely.”

“I would have given it to you last night, but it wasn’t ready until this morning. I had to find you before we parted ways. Will you accept it?”

She smiled up at him. “I’d be honored.”

Mac beamed as he fastened the fine silver chain around her neck. The heart hung down to her cleavage. “Just when I thought your breasts couldn’t be prettier…”

Katie grinned ruefully. “It’s beautiful, thank you.”

“Are you sure I can’t call you later?”

She shook her head. “It’s best this way.” She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. He held her waist and deepened the kiss. When they parted, she chewed her lower lip. “Well, you, goodbye. Good luck with your move and your new job.”

She turned to walk away and had only taken a few steps when he called after her. “Mac.” She stopped dead in her tracks. “My name. It’s Mac.”

A scowl marred her face as she whirled around. “Why? Why did you do that?” She stalked back to him.

“Because. When you think about our time together, when you touch yourself…” His voice was dangerously low and he arched his dark eyebrow knowingly. “It’s my name I want you calling out. Mac.” His expression was earnest.

Katie looked down at her shoes. Finally she looked up. “Katie. I’m Katie.”

He grinned and nodded. “Katie. I like that. Katie.”

With one last look, she turned and crossed back to her friends who were in line with the other passengers now boarding the excursion bus. She didn’t look his way again until she was seated. He was rooted where he’d been. As the bus passed, he raised a hand to wave. She pressed her palm to the window until he was out of sight.

“Oh, my God, are you crying?” Michelle asked from the seat behind Katie and Jayma. “If that guy was ugly to you, I’ll…”

Katie swiped at her cheek with the heel of her right hand and cleared her throat, stone heart clasped in her other hand. “I’m fine. Just give me a minute.”

Jayma turned around and glared at Michelle. “Will you please…” she hissed.


“Well, well, well, bro, that was quite the PDA.” Danny grinned at him like the Cheshire cat.

Mac stood watching the bus drive out of sight. “I just made a huge mistake. I never should have let her leave like that.”

Tommy gripped him by the shoulder. “There’s nothing else you could do, man. She was determined to go. On the bright side, you were able to give her your heart.” Mac looked up to see his little brother suppressing a grin.

He gave Tommy a playful shove. “It’s not over ’til it’s over. Come on, we’re getting you married off tonight.”

JUST ONE NIGHT by Pandora Spocks

JUST ONE NIGHT is just 99¢ every day
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