Here is my interview with Pandora Spocks

Fiona McVie was kind enough to do this interview for the release of CHASING ORDINARY. I’m forever grateful! ❤


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

A: Hello!  I’m Pandora Spocks and I write contemporary erotic romance novels featuring strong, smart, red-haired heroines.

Fiona: Where are you from?

A: I live in south Florida.  West Palm Beach, to be precise, in the United States.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

A: I’m married to my happily-ever-after.  I’m the mom of two adult sons, and step-mom of one adult daughter.  My degree is in Elementary Education, and I taught for quite a while before I started writing full-time.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

A: I just released my new book, CHASING ORDINARY, around Valentine’s Day.  It’s the modern-day fairy tale I’ve always wanted to read.

Fiona: When and why did…

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Today’s the day!  

CHASING ORDINARY, my ‘spicy vanilla’ modern-day fairy tale, is now available at your favorite online bookseller.  And for one more day, you can still get your copy at the 99¢ pre-order price at this link:

Let me introduce the main characters, Petey and Nik.

Petey Cavanaugh, leading lady of Chasing Ordinary, is, like all my heroines, a strong, smart redhead.  She’s a sculptor, living on a Montana sheep ranch.  A young widow, she’s headed to New York to visit Jules, her best friend from art school.  Jules has arranged a gallery show of Petey’s work—her goal is to earn enough from the sales of her sculptures to fund the expansion of ranch business.

Petey has no desire to meet someone, but one rainy Manhattan night, fate has other plans.  She meets Nik, a gorgeous international businessman who is as taken with her as she is with him.
But there’s something he hasn’t told her.  When she finds out, she’s furious.
Will she give him a chance to explain?

Nik is in New York on the third week of a month-long business trip that has taken him all around the world.  In the quiet of his thoughts, he tells himself that it should be his brother Eirik attending to business affairs.  But when Eirik died seven years earlier, all that responsibility fell to Nik.  And he’s determined to honor his brother’s memory.

One rainy Manhattan night, he meets Petey Cavanaugh, a gorgeous redhead and talented artist who challenges him from the start.  He soon realizes that she has no idea who he is, and he finds that immensely refreshing.  Petey sees him as a man, not an institution, or simply a means to an end.

He knows he needs to tell her the truth, but he’s relishing his first-ever taste of ordinary.  Unfortunately, when she finds out who he is, she angrily refuses to even speak to him.  If only he can have the chance to explain…

Get your copy of CHASING ORDINARY!


The Next BIG Thing!

Love a great story?  Tired of waiting for George R.R. Martin to come out with a new damn book?  I’m going to introduce you the the next BIG thing.

Normally, I’m all about steamy romance, but I’m a huge fan of great literature.  And that’s what this is.

Award-winning author A.M. Manay has taken young adult fantasy to the next level with her brand new book HEXBORN.  How do I know it’s so good?  Because I was blessed to have beta read this book months ago.  It’s fantastic–if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you will LOVE Hexborn!

Can a child of war fight for peace?

Hexborn. Abomination. Unclean.
Young Shiloh knows exactly what she is. Her missing and and the world at large are ever ready to remind her. Outcast she may be, but her broken body hides great magical power. The king’s servant Silas seeks to use that power to  reserve the uneasy peace the kingdom has enjoyed since the end of the Siblings’ War. He’ll slit her throat if she threatens it instead. Will Shiloh prove her worth? Or will past sins rise to destroy Shiloh, Silas, and the kingdom of Bryn?


When she wrote HEXBORN, author A.M. Manay has created in Shiloh a strong, bold heroine.  Add to that thrilling danger, and a fantastic new world.  No, really!  She has a map and everything!

Here’s an excerpt:

The dust betrayed them.  At the end of a long, dry summer in the Teeth, the hooves of their horses stirred up a cloud that billowed like smoke as they traversed the pass. Shiloh made out a flash of blue that she reckoned must be Lord Blackmine’s crest. The Lord of the Teeth’s men flew a banner with a white horse on a blue field.

Not that we see it much, given his lordship’s lack of interest in defending his lands and his folk.

The spots of red up in front she supposed might be Silas Hatch’s household livery: a golden hatchet on blood crimson.

At least the man embraces his infamy.

She’d been packed for weeks, waiting. She could have run.  That is what Brother Edmun had urged her to do, from his deathbed . . . Edmun, who had put her in mortal peril long before he’d learned to love her like a daughter.

He had let Shiloh read all his letters to the City, the ones in which he’d begged the Hatchet to find a place for her at the Royal Academy.  He had extolled Shiloh’s virtue and her gifts at length, hopeful that his favorite old pupil would have mercy on his beloved young one.  But at the last, Edmun’s fear for her safety had overcome his hopes for her future, and he’d urged the girl to fly away before Hatch’s men came stomping up their mountains.

She had considered it.  As she’d wept into Edmun’s blankets after he’d finally breathed his last, she’d considered it.  As she’d watched his wands crumble to dust as they died with him, she’d considered it. As she’d prepared him for burial, as she’d put him in the ground, as she had waited for weeks . . .

And, yet, here she stood, waiting patiently for an infamous, ruthless stranger to spirit her away.

As she watched the cloud of dust move ever closer to her home, she considered her choice on last time.  Her options were limited.  No other village would ever accept a hexborn stranger, and a bastard foundling at that.  Her own had only tolerated her because they’d feared to cross Edmun and her father, and because her skills had made her useful. She was surprised they hadn’t tried to drive her out of town since her men had died.

If not a village, then where? Living as a hermit in the woods lacked appeal, not least because her ill health turned every winter into mortal combat. Besides, the Feralfolk were not exactly fond of her. She would be easily caught if she ventured any further west, closer to the City. She had not
the money to go abroad, to Estany.

Thus, she waited, and she hoped that all of her work, and all Edmun’s plotting, had not been in vain. She wondered how the soldiers would react if her village failed to produce her.

Not well, she thought.

It would serve them right.


Before Hatch and his men entered the village of Smoke Valley, there they were: a half-dozen charred skulls on pikes at the edge of the road leading down from the pass, a warning to outlaws to steer clear of the settlement. He squinted and held out a gloved hand as if feeling for heat. A muscle in his face twitched.

“Looks like they’re holding their own against the Feralfolk,” Perce observed. The men grunted with approval after they traced superstitious circles on their foreheads.

“She, not they. Magic killed them all,” Hatch countered grimly, before prodding his horse to continue past the macabre display. He heard retching behind him and turned to find Cyrus, the young priest sent to replace Edmun, vomiting into the brush.

Hatch shook his head. These high country folk are going to walk all over him. Let’s hope he doesn’t pass out the first time he sees one of them chop the head from a chicken.

“A little girl from the Teeth, all by her lonesome, killed six grown men?” Perce asked skeptically. “A girl who hasn’t even been to the Academy yet? Isn’t it more likely this Brother Edmun did them in?”

Hatch fixed his sharp eyes upon his companion. “That is possible, but as poor as his health has been these last years, I find it unlikely. The rumors all say the girl killed them. As to the child’s education, Brother Edmun was the finest professor at the Royal Academy for decades before the war started. He was the youngest headmaster ever appointed. She’ll know more walking
through the door than many of our most gifted noblemen know when they finish their studies. You underestimate her at your peril.”

Perce held up his hands in surrender. “Yes, Uncle. It’s just . . . it’s a lot to believe. A hexborn kid that he found in the woods grows up and kills grown Feralfolk without even having a wand to use?”

“She might have used one of his. Stranger things have happened,” Hatch replied. “And my source in South Lake has proved reliable in the past. Evidently, the Feralfolk had just killed her father when the . . . incident . . . occurred. That is certainly plausible motivation.

“You’re not old enough to have been in the war. I saw grieving wizards slaughter entire companies of men after losing a beloved companion on the battlefield; some of them were barely older than this foundling. Power comes in unlikely packages, and rage can unlock any box you try to hide it in.”

“Where do you suppose she even came from?” Perce asked.

“There are a number of possibilities. She was born in the last days of the war. Many of the monks and nuns drafted into the fighting broke their vows in those days. Of those who bore children from such illicit unions, some abandoned or killed them in the hopes of hiding their guilt. Some ran off and became Feralfolk along with their offspring,” Silas explained patiently.

“It is fortunate that the girl was found by someone interested in proving his loyalty. Had she been raised a Feral, or spirited out of the country by the king’s enemies, she could have become a significant problem for the realm. A weapon like that, in hostile hands,” Silas concluded, “could be devastating.”

“Do you think she’ll come quietly, Uncle Silas?”

“I think the chances are good. Edmun claims that she is as devout and patriotic a lass as could be found anywhere. Even if that is an exaggeration, if she were not clever, Edmun would not have bothered with her. He never was an easy man to impress. I doubt he gentled with age,” Silas

“And if she seems like a threat, once we have her in hand?” his nephew asked.

Silas turned his intimidating gaze upon Perce once again. “Then we shall fulfill our duty to kingdom and crown. Why do you suppose King Rischar sent me to handle this myself?”

Now here’s your call to action.
Help HEXBORN get published!

Feb. 8-March 9, there’s a Kindle Scout campaign for HEXBORN.

Use this LINK to nominate HEXBORN
for a special publishing deal from Amazon.

Hear me now, believe me later, you’re going to want to get in on the ground floor of this great new series!  Not convinced?  Check out the official HEXBORN book trailer.

You can connect with award-winning author A.M. Manay.

Amazon author page

Black Friday Flash Sale!

Hope you had the happiest of Thanksgivings!  Are you planning on braving the Black Friday crowds to find the perfect gifts for those on your list?  I have a better idea.  Avoid the chaos and treat yourself to a Dream Dominant at a Black Friday price.  For the next 24 hours, LOST & BOUND is just 99¢ at your favorite online bookseller.

Just use this universal link:

Weekend Excerpt–For Sparrow

For Sparrow promo 1

When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband died, she lost more than her spouse.  She lost her best friend, her lover, and her Dominant.

But it turns out that Graham made provisions for her in the form of sexy Dominant firefighter paramedic Judd Farris.  Judd promised his friend Graham that in the event of his death, he’d look after Jessi until she found her own Dominant.

A platonic Dom/sub relationship is a damn odd arrangement.  And it’s not long before the pair wonders whether they can resist the desire they feel.

Could it be that Graham had more in mind than merely a temporary solution?

Here’s a steamy excerpt from FOR SPARROW.

It was early afternoon the following day when Jessi’s phone blipped to indicate a text message.

Hey there, little one.  How is your day going?

Jessi smiled.  She glanced down at the fabric swatches she’d been using to try to decide which table cloths to order for next weekend’s event.  It was a fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Who would have imagined there were so many varieties of gold?

I’m great.  How are you?

Happy to put aside table linen decisions for a moment, she waited for Judd’s reply.

I just spent the last couple of hours surfing, and I don’t have to be at work for another few hours so I’m great.  How’s your bottom, little one?

Even in the privacy of her office, Jessi blushed.  The truth was, her bottom was sore.  Not that she minded.  She’d been rather pleased when she checked herself in the mirror before she got dressed that morning and found that it was still red.  There were even round bruises on each cheek from the wooden spoon.

It stings a little, Sir.  And I have nice bruises from the wooden spoon.

Stretched out on a chaise lounge on his patio overlooking the beach, Judd grinned.

And how do you feel about that?

Jessi considered his question.

I don’t mind, Sir.  It reminds me of feeling safe.  Thank you, Sir, for the marks.

Judd sighed deeply.  She was such a good submissive.

How about after we texted, little one?  Did you come again?

“Oh, God!” Jessi said out loud.  Her mind flitted to the previous night.  When Judd had left, she’d been so needy.  As her tub filled with water she’d gone into Graham’s closet to the box where he’d kept their toys.  Although she’d thought to get the wand, she opted instead for a small waterproof vibrator.

She’d relaxed in the hot, lavender-scented bubble bath for a few minutes before her hands began exploring her body, kneading her round breasts, pausing to pull her pert pink nipples, eventually slipping down to the apex of her thighs.

Although she’d tried to envision Graham’s hands on her body, his image kept being replaced with visions of Judd.  By the time she’d slid the vibrator into place in her eager core, it had been Judd’s name she’d called out.  As she had the other two times she’d come.

She keyed in her response, grateful that she didn’t have to look Judd in the eye.

     Yes, Sir.  Thank you for permission to come. 

Pausing a moment, she considered a sassy comment.

     How about you, Sir?   She sent it before she could change her mind.

Judd laughed out loud.  How about him?

He’d gotten into the shower as soon as he’d arrived home from the bar.  He could still feel her ass under his hand, and he could imagine her pleasuring herself on that unmade bed.  He’d poured earthy spiced shower gel into the palm of his hand and gripped himself firmly, recalling the feel of Jessi on his lap, imagining how it would be to fondle her breasts, to have her slide down over his cock and ride him.  His moment had built, and he’d stroked faster, grunting in release as thick ropes of his essence had shot out under the steady hot stream.

Not that he would tell her that.

Are you being cheeky, little one?  Maybe trying to earn a spank for next time?

Jessi giggled.  No Sir, I would never do that.

I’m not sure I believe you, little one.  We’ll be in touch.  Call me if you need to, and I’ll be by on Saturday.  We’ll be working on the back fence.

She sighed.  Will do.  And Judd, thank you again, for everything.

You’re very welcome, Jessi.

FOR SPARROW is the latest addition to the Dream Dominant Collection.  It joins LUKE & BELLA and LOST & BOUND, all stand-alone steamy romance novels featuring a light BDSM theme.

You can get  FOR SPARROW, in ebook or paperback,
at your favorite online booksellers.

Sparrow graphic Linz

Got a thing for authentic BDSM? I do, too.

Some really kind words about FOR SPARROW from my favorite sci-fi/romance author, Jolie Mason. I’m so grateful! ❤

Jolie Mason

I get really tired of the pretenders. BDSM relationships can be just as romantic as any other sexual relationship, but so often they’re portrayed as cheap, temporary or just plain wrong. Pandora Spocks doesn’t do that.SPARROW - OPTIMUS

Her portrayals of adult sexual relationships are so honest and open that you can’t help but fall in love first, and lust later. Okay, it was mostly lust with Rannigan. I can admit that.  (You must read Rannigan)

But, Wait. There’s more….

Her new release For Sparrow is out the third, and it’s sooo moving. I know cause I got to read early. Here’s the skinny:

When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband Graham dies unexpectedly, she’s devastated. He’s the only man she’s ever loved. Just eighteen when she met him, she’s been married to him for twenty-five years. Now she’s lost her friend, her lover…and her Dominant.

But as it turns out, Graham had an inkling…

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For Sparrow by Pandora Spocks

HUGE thanks to best-selling erotic romance author Felicity Brandon for featuring my new book today! ❤

Felicity writes...

Today I am thrilled to bring you the talented, Pandora Spocks, with her long-awaited, new release, For Sparrow.This new release is a contemporary erotic romance novel, with a light BDSM theme.  It’s the third book in the Dream Dominant Collection.

When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband Graham dies unexpectedly, she’s devastated.  He’s the only man she’s ever loved.  Just eighteen when she met him, she’s been married to him for twenty-five years.  Now she’s lost her friend, her lover…and her Dominant. 

But as it turns out, Graham had an inkling that his health was in decline, and he tapped his friend and protégé in the Lifestyle, firefighter and paramedic Judd Farris, to be Jessi’s Dominant until she gets back on her feet. 

Judd is determined to fulfill his promise to his friend.  But it’s a damn odd arrangement—a platonic Dom/sub relationship.  With her fiery auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and…

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