No Spoiler Review of Rannigan’s Redemption Part Deux

I can’t resist passing along the first advance review for Running Rogue, the continuation of Rannigan’s Redemption. I’m so grateful to Jolie Mason. ❤

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason


As promised, I am delivering my advance review of Pandora Spocks awesome new series, Rannigan’s Redemption. It’s a serial, and I’m not a general fan of serial cliffhangers, however, there is an exception to every rule. This is mine.

I am going to endeavor not to ruin the book for anyone while giving the low down on what’s new in Mary Margaret’s life. We all, I include myself in the number, made a few assumptions about where things would go between Maggie and Michael. Things were never as they seemed.

In part two, Rannigan is about to face off with himself, being forced to reconsider his life, his choices and his treatment of his friends. His dark moment is very dark indeed, and when he needs someone, the only person there is Maggie.

Spocks manages to do something amazing. She’s written erotic romance that has depth and thoughtful character…

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Watch This Space–Suzie Jay

‘Tis the season for a great Christmas romance and  I have just the one for you.  Merry Christmas, Eve by Suzie Jay is exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s my review on Amazon.

I loved Merry Christmas, Eve by Suzy Jay. Confident, driven career woman Eve Taylor finds herself stranded with other travelers in a snowstorm at the Nashville airport on the day before Christmas Eve. All she wants is to be alone in her own home for the holidays.
One of her fellow strandees happens to be a tall, sexy businessman named Grayson Parker. With nothing but time on her hands, Eve indulges in a little fantasy and flirtation.
But she’s put her personal life on the back burner for so long now, she’s not sure she can take a chance on love. Grayson is a damaged soul with a few mysteries of his own.
Will there be a Merry Christmas for them?

This is a quick read, just perfect for this busy time of year.  While you’re bustling around making sure everyone else has a happy holiday, take a few moments for yourself and enjoy this delightful book.

Watch This Space–Shaheen Darr

I just read Kismet:A Desi Rhapsody in London, the debut novel by Shaheen Darr, a member of the Alliance of Self-Published Authors.  To say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement.  It’s a beautifully woven, complex story about love, loss, determination, forgiveness, and family.  Here’s my review from Amazon.

Shaheen Darr’s Kismet: A Desi Rhapsody in London is a hauntingly beautiful tale about middle-aged single mother Azra Majid, who left Pakistan as a young girl to find a new life in the South Asian community in the Southall section of London. Azra has been forced to make her own way for herself and her daughter Sumaiya since Azra’s husband abandoned them when the girl was small. Their lives are intertwined with the lives of the Mirza family who has employed Azra for years. As the narrative plays out, each person’s kismet is revealed.

The story brings to mind Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club as it weaves an inter-generational tale that embraces the themes of family, love, failure, forgiveness, and the conflict of traditional versus contemporary values.

Kismet: A Desi Rhapsody in London is a terrific debut novel by a talented author. It’s not to be missed.

Watch This Space–Patient Lee Is Wicked Hot

Long ago I got my copy of erotic author Patient Lee’s Wicked Hot, and I promised to post a review.  Alas, other commitments and obligations got in the way and I sort of forgot.

But, I finally read this smoking hot book and posted this review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Wicked Hot by Patient Lee is, well, wicked hot! Amy and Kevin go out of town for a wedding and to save money they camp rather than stay in a hotel. At the campground, they meet Tina and Deacon, a couple open to swinging. You get the feeling that Amy and Kevin’s first foursome won’t be their last.

I loved the realistic discussion between the main couple about their fantasies and the sex scenes are hot. This is a great erotic story.

If you’re looking for a quick, sexy read, this is your book.  Now I need to read Wicked Cold.

Watch This Space–Patient Lee

Patient Lee writes really diverse erotica.  She has something for every kink.  If you like your romance extra spicy, check out her Author Page on Amazon.  There’s no way you won’t find something that you’ll like.

Here’s the review I wrote for her book Bare Naked: A Nude Skater’s Waltz.  Trish spends her days practicing her figure skating and works evenings in the local bar.  Mark works his furniture job by day and dreams of playing professional hockey.  It’s a sweet, sexy, erotic story about two people who meet in a small town and the complications that arise when everyone knows your business.

Check out erotic author Patient Lee and all her terrific books!

Watch This Space–Patient Lee

In June, Luke & Bella was published on Kindle Direct Press and I stopped posting chapters here of my first ever serial novel.  Now, occasionally I like to use this blog to shine a spotlight on writers I think you might like.

Patient Lee writes spicy hot erotic short stories that showcase a variety of kinks.  You might call it erotica for all.  If you browse her Author Page on Amazon, you can find just the right thing for you, or you might be tempted to try something new.

Today, she’s offering two of her books for free, Blowjob from Your Stalker and Collared in the Temple of Dendur, the latter being one of her books I’ve read and reviewed.  Click this link to her Facebook post and grab them for yourself or someone you know that enjoys a hot, sexy read.  You’re going to love it!!

I Just Finished Reading This Book

Or, the further adventures of Watch This Space

I’ve recently been accepted into a Google+ community called Alliance of Self-Published Authors.  The group reads and reviews each other’s work.  For my first assignment, I read a terrific book called The Dead Dance Faster by Julie Ann Hacker.

I know what you’re thinking.  But Pandora, it’s not erotic romance.  I know.  But it was a really good read and I gave it 5 stars.  Here is my review from Amazon.

I just finished reading The Dead Dance Faster by Julie Ann Hackner. Holy cow, what a ride! It’s a dark, twisted, unpredictable story.

Jael breaks up with her on again/off again boyfriend Shane, quits her job, and moves to an eery little town where her family has questionable and mysterious roots. She wants a break from her dysfunctional family and Seven Hills seems like the right place for a fresh start.

I really don’t want to tell you much more than that because I don’t want spoil the story. But Julie Ann Hackner has created a dark world of family ties, tragedy, religious fanaticism, and “screaming egos” by using sensory atmospheric descriptions that call to mind Stephen King. Along the way she drops hints and clues like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to a shocking finale.

I understand that Book #2 will be out in September. Count me in!

If you’re looking for your next great read, and you’ve finished Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over (just sayin’), check out The Dead Dance Faster.  It’s even free on Kindle Unlimited.

Oh, and if you’re a writer, check out the Alliance for Self-Published Authors on Google+.

Great Romantic Reads

Continuing Luke & Bella’s Watch This Space series…

It’s summer and everybody’s ready for something to read at the beach.  I want to talk about a writer who’s work I really admire.  Maggie Carpenter writes romantic stories with a BDSM flair, emphasis on spanking.  I’ve read so many of her books I feel a bit like a stalker, but when I’m in the mood to read something I know I’m going to enjoy, I head over to Amazon and snag one I haven’t yet read.

Where do I even begin?  My first taste was The Strict British Barrister.  Brittany Carter books a solo cruise in an attempt to break out of her safe life back home, fantasizing about meeting a tall, dark stranger who’ll sweep her off her feet.  Enter Duncan Rhys-Davies, on board to finish writing his latest erotic novel under a pen name, of course, because in his other life, he’s a well respected barrister.  This is the first book of a trilogy.  Go ahead and buy them all, trust me.

After devouring this trilogy, I dove into the next one, The British Billionaire Bachelor.  It had me at the tagline, Every man’s a playboy until he meets the right woman.  Real estate agent Belle Somers is tasked with finding the right property for the particular taste of London billionaire Simon Sinclair.  Can she show him something he likes, or has he already found the object of his desire?

Next I started on her Cowboys After Dark series.  Because is there anything hotter than a cowboy with Dominant tendencies?  I think not.  My favorite so far has been Book Two in that series, The Cowboy From Down Under.  Professional photographer Emma Harrison is sent to Australia on assignment.  There she meets handsome Derrick Palmer, wealthy ranch owner and cowboy Dominant.  Can two people from opposite ends of the planet find love?

Looking for your next romantic read?  Check out Maggie Carpenter.

Another Great Indie Author

I want to tell you about a great author I’m really enjoying.  Amber Lea Easton writes spicy adventure fiction featuring strong female leads and hot romantic action.

The first of her books that I read was Anonymity, the first in her Wanderlust Series.  I absolutely loved this story!  The plot was somewhat predictable, but don’t say it like its a bad thing.  Alyssa McNeil, recently jilted by her cheating ex-fiance, decides to start working on her bucket list by booking a solo trip to Belize.  There, she meets the handsome and mysterious Luke, and decides he fits the bill for her anonymous romantic fling.  Pretty soon they each find themselves breaking their self-imposed rules for a no-strings-attached relationship.  The setting is romantic, the characters are intriguing, and I found myself pulling for a ‘love conquers all’ ending.  I can enthusiastically recommend Anonymity by Amber Lea Easton.

Anonymity gets 5 out of 5 plugs.  Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.


I had to immediately download the second Wanderlust book, Proximity.  I loved this book.  It follows the further adventures of Savannah Willis and Bill Evans, characters we met in the first book in the series, Anonymity.

In Proximity, Savannah and Bill head off to the jungles of Costa Rica along with the other members of their dive club to do some cave diving. The action is exciting and the sexual tension is…well…hot. Will Savannah realize that she’s always been in love with the man she considers her best friend or will she lose him forever?

Proximity gets 5 of 5 plugs.  Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.

Amber Lea Easton is releasing book three of the Wanderlust Series, Duplicity, on July 11, 2015. Who has two thumbs and is pre-ordering that book right now? This girl!  Any questions?  Um-hmm, I thought not.

Watch This Space

Having posted my first serial novel Luke & Bella:Two Streets Over twice in its entirety on this blog, I wanted to do something different.  For one thing, I’ve been posting chapters of my second book, Rannigan’s Redemption. 

As I get closer to publishing Luke & Bella on KDP, I want to maybe move this blog into a platform for promoting other Indie Authors whose work I enjoy.  I suppose it will be a more expanded version of my Pandora’s Reading List page.

The first book I want to talk about is Second Chances: Sammy’s Story by Annie Edmonds.  Annie Edmonds is also the writer of the terrific blog, Sex With Annie, and I’d highly recommend giving her a follow as well.

In Second Chances, Samantha Raine, young beautiful widow and refugee from an unhappy first marriage, is doing a favor house sitting for friends in beautiful Siesta Key.  Is Master Jake Monroe her knight in shining armor?

Her friends the O’Haras think he is.  What’s more, they believe Sammie is the perfect submissive to Jake’s strong, confident Dominant. It’s a great romance with a BDSM theme. I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel.

It earns 4 out of 5 plugs.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.Crystal Premium Glass: Anal Plug (Medium/Purple) 3" (80mm) 100% Hygienically superior borosilicate glass.