Watch This Space–Pride And Punishment

In her new release Pride and Punishment, Nia Ferrell has created an extraordinary new book!  She’s taken Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and set it on its head, re-imagining it as an erotic BDSM tale.

Still here are the familiar characters: Mr. Darcy, Miss Bennet, Lady Catherine, Miss Caroline, and the rest, all still maddeningly constrained by the Victorian mores of proper society.  While dealing with a myriad of dramas and emergencies, Mr. Darcy reluctantly gives in to his growing attraction to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, despite the disapproval of his peers and family.

But underscoring the familiar story is his smoldering desire to own her, to see her submit to his darkest fantasies.  Didn’t we all just know that beneath Mr. Darcy’s calm, cool, proper exterior beat the heart of a red-blooded Dominant?

I was privileged to receive an ARC and loved this book from start to finish.  It’s highly recommended!

Pride and Punishment is out today and available here.

Launch Day! Ransoming Redemption!

RR3 out today

Ransoming Redemption, the third and final book in the Rannigan’s Redemption erotic romance triology, is out TODAY!  It’s the conclusion of the story about high-powered Manhattan attorney and inveterate player Michael Rannigan, and his complicated relationship with fellow lawyer Maggie Flynn.

It’s gotten great advance buzz:

I received the ARC of Ransoming Redemption. A privilege for sure. With how Running Rogue ended, I was itching to see what happened to Michael, and if Maggie and Beau fell in love. I must tell you, that there are very few books that made me bawl like a baby. One was Fine Things by Daniel Steele. And that’s who Pandora Spocks’ writing can be compared to. Steele, Jackie Collins. She’s one of the finest Indie writer I’ve met.

In the Finale of Rannigan’s Redemption, Michael Rannigan, a successful, handsome rake tries to make up for his mistakes. In Book 2, he was faced with a challenge that he was forced to face alone – cause he was such an as*h*le – except for Maggie. She stood by him and Michael was determined to make it up to her. He will get his redemption.

Pandora Spocks is an erotic romance writer, and there are hot scenes in this series. But never will you feel that you’re reading smut. The erotic scenes are tasteful, appropriate and darn effective. People make love and so the scenes are there. But more than that, the story touches on many of our personal issues. The fear that we may not have done right in our life, our fear of being alone, our fear of losing the ones we love, and our fear of falling in love and maybe finding the happiness we seek.

This series had such an impact on me. The finale is an emotional powerhouse that made me cry for 2 hours. Yes, while reading. Awesome. Definitely the best book I’ve read so far this year.

Highly recommended must read series.

–Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi

Ransoming Redemption, along with the rest of the Rannigan’s Redemption series, is available TODAY at these fine online booksellers.

Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords

Watch This Space–Jolie Mason

I love to read, been an avid reader since the moment I first read a whole book all by myself (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish if you’re keeping score).  I love erotic romance, obviously, and thrillers and true adventure.  But I’ll have to admit, I’ve never read much sci-fi romance before.

And then I found Jolie Mason.  Her 47th Lancers series grabbed me my the lapels and threw me down ever since I read Riding Redemption.  Mason’s stories are packed with fast-paced action, softened around the edges by heart-felt romance.

Her new release, Redemption Burning, is no different.  The opening of the story is heart-breaking.  And I’ve said it before, Mason insists on giving us the technical details of battle without dumbing them down.  She trusts us to keep up and it’s a better story for it.

Here’s my Amazon review of Redemption Burning.

Action, Adventure, and Heart-Felt Romance

Confession—I don’t have a lot of experience reading sci-fi romance. Then I came across Jolie Mason. Having thoroughly enjoyed Riding Redemption, I was thrilled to read Redemption Burning, the next installment in Jolie Mason’s sci-fi romance 47th Lancers series.

The book opens with a heart-breaking scene. “Briar” Rose MacClellen is having a conversation with an AI representation of her dead lover, “Beezer.” From beyond the grave, Beezer tells her that she needs to take care of his best friend, Herc. Because as Beezer always knew, Herc was as much in love with Briar as he himself had been in life. And if Briar was honest with herself, she knew about Herc’s feelings all along. And just maybe she has feelings for him, too. Against a backdrop of an epic battle, Briar begins to come to terms with Beezer’s death and the living man who loves her.

I absolutely love this series and this book is a terrific addition. The action is fast-paced and Mason doesn’t dumb down the technical details. The romance is heart-felt and passionate and it all comes together to create an epic story. What a great book!

You can buy Redemption Burning here.  Go on, what are you waiting for?

No Spoiler Review of Rannigan’s Redemption Part Deux

I can’t resist passing along the first advance review for Running Rogue, the continuation of Rannigan’s Redemption. I’m so grateful to Jolie Mason. ❤

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason


As promised, I am delivering my advance review of Pandora Spocks awesome new series, Rannigan’s Redemption. It’s a serial, and I’m not a general fan of serial cliffhangers, however, there is an exception to every rule. This is mine.

I am going to endeavor not to ruin the book for anyone while giving the low down on what’s new in Mary Margaret’s life. We all, I include myself in the number, made a few assumptions about where things would go between Maggie and Michael. Things were never as they seemed.

In part two, Rannigan is about to face off with himself, being forced to reconsider his life, his choices and his treatment of his friends. His dark moment is very dark indeed, and when he needs someone, the only person there is Maggie.

Spocks manages to do something amazing. She’s written erotic romance that has depth and thoughtful character…

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Watch This Space–Suzie Jay

‘Tis the season for a great Christmas romance and  I have just the one for you.  Merry Christmas, Eve by Suzie Jay is exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s my review on Amazon.

I loved Merry Christmas, Eve by Suzy Jay. Confident, driven career woman Eve Taylor finds herself stranded with other travelers in a snowstorm at the Nashville airport on the day before Christmas Eve. All she wants is to be alone in her own home for the holidays.
One of her fellow strandees happens to be a tall, sexy businessman named Grayson Parker. With nothing but time on her hands, Eve indulges in a little fantasy and flirtation.
But she’s put her personal life on the back burner for so long now, she’s not sure she can take a chance on love. Grayson is a damaged soul with a few mysteries of his own.
Will there be a Merry Christmas for them?

This is a quick read, just perfect for this busy time of year.  While you’re bustling around making sure everyone else has a happy holiday, take a few moments for yourself and enjoy this delightful book.

Watch This Space–Shaheen Darr

I just read Kismet:A Desi Rhapsody in London, the debut novel by Shaheen Darr, a member of the Alliance of Self-Published Authors.  To say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement.  It’s a beautifully woven, complex story about love, loss, determination, forgiveness, and family.  Here’s my review from Amazon.

Shaheen Darr’s Kismet: A Desi Rhapsody in London is a hauntingly beautiful tale about middle-aged single mother Azra Majid, who left Pakistan as a young girl to find a new life in the South Asian community in the Southall section of London. Azra has been forced to make her own way for herself and her daughter Sumaiya since Azra’s husband abandoned them when the girl was small. Their lives are intertwined with the lives of the Mirza family who has employed Azra for years. As the narrative plays out, each person’s kismet is revealed.

The story brings to mind Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club as it weaves an inter-generational tale that embraces the themes of family, love, failure, forgiveness, and the conflict of traditional versus contemporary values.

Kismet: A Desi Rhapsody in London is a terrific debut novel by a talented author. It’s not to be missed.

Watch This Space–Patient Lee Is Wicked Hot

Long ago I got my copy of erotic author Patient Lee’s Wicked Hot, and I promised to post a review.  Alas, other commitments and obligations got in the way and I sort of forgot.

But, I finally read this smoking hot book and posted this review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Wicked Hot by Patient Lee is, well, wicked hot! Amy and Kevin go out of town for a wedding and to save money they camp rather than stay in a hotel. At the campground, they meet Tina and Deacon, a couple open to swinging. You get the feeling that Amy and Kevin’s first foursome won’t be their last.

I loved the realistic discussion between the main couple about their fantasies and the sex scenes are hot. This is a great erotic story.

If you’re looking for a quick, sexy read, this is your book.  Now I need to read Wicked Cold.