She’s Launched! Demons & Pearls is Now Available! #Chapter One Sneak Peek!

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Author P.S. Bartlett

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Chapter One

~No Quarter~


Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act. However, as I stood over the bloody, lifeless body of Captain Christopher Barclay, as well as no less than seven of his crew, as usual it was too late to change my mind. Change my mind, indeed. As if I had a choice.

As if I’ve ever had a choice that didn’t involve a fight, or at the very least, defending myself against someone hell-bent on destroying me or my kin. I must always follow my instincts, regardless of the fallout of my actions. Had I not done so, I most certainly would not have lived to see the rest of this unspeakable day.

I pleaded with the Captain not to…

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Here’s a great new book coming out on April 14 from P. S. Bartlett, author of The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge. I look forward to adding it to Pandora’s Reading List. Check it out.

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Author_PhotoAward Winning Author P.S. Bartlett needs us.

She’s now gone Indie and has a book launch coming up and she needs you.April 14th see the release of the prequel to her Award Winning The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge. Contact her
P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls Cover

“My life has turned upside down lately with the new addition to my household of one grown daughter and three granddaughters but I can’t allow anything to slow me down. After all, I do this not only because I’d go crazy if I didn’t but also because I’ll never make writing my full time job if I don’t dedicate myself to it whole-heartedly.

So without going on and on because to be honest, I’m bloody exhausted, If you’d be interested in hosting my new book on your blog, please email me or simply respond in the comments below and I will contact you ASAP.”


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