Weekend Excerpt–LOST & BOUND

Has Hollywood bad girl Shasta Pyke met her match
in Dominant mountain man Blake Walker?

When former child star Shasta Pyke finds herself in trouble with the law, she’s sent to cool her heels for a while in the wilderness of northern Ontario. For the next few weeks, she’s the sole guest at the Walker family’s remote lodge.

Blake Walker is glad that the exhorbitant fee she’s paying allows for his sister and her kids to go on a much-needed vacation. He’s happy enough to stay behind and tend to their VIP guest. At first glance, he’s none too impressed with Shasta. She’s rude and demanding. Nevermind that the red-haired spitfire is hot as hell.

But as he spends time with her, he begins to glimpse the frightened little girl she hides from the world. Could it be that this spoiled brat is the baby girl his Daddy Dom soul has been waiting for?

Here’s a snippet from LOST & BOUND.

When the power went out, Blake wasn’t surprised in the least. If anything, he was surprised it had lasted as long as it had. This was undoubtedly the worst storm so far in what had been a very dry summer. Angry lightning streaked across the dark sky, with thunder booming almost instantaneously. For microseconds, the flashes illuminated the entire lake like mid-day.

He slid open the sheer drapes that shrouded the glass doors overlooking the lake and settled in, book in one hand, a second bottle of Lebatt Blue in the other. Leaning back, he rested his feet on the battered leather ottoman, content for the moment to watch the storm’s fury.

His eyes moved to the dark shape in the middle of the lake. He knew from experience that a wild storm like this one was a dicey proposition in the tiny island cabin. For one thing, because it was situated on the crest of the island, the wind howled mercilessly around the structure. And being on the highest point, with thirty-foot pines towering over it, the cabin was a natural lightning rod. The thunder would be deafening.

He wondered how Shasta was faring. As he watched, another jagged bolt etched a path across the sky. He chuckled lightly, picturing her, eyes wide, with the covers pulled up over her head.

I should check on her first thing in the morning.

Eventually, he lit the oil lamp beside him and began to read. Bear paced anxiously back and forth in front of the huge window. He’d never been a fan of storms, not since he’d been a pup. Suddenly the dog stopped pacing and whimpered softly.

“What’s wrong, boy? You’re okay, it’s just a summer storm.”

Bear whimpered again and woofed softly. Frowning, Blake set down the book and stood beside the dog, looking out into the stormy night. “What is it? Is something out there?”

Then he saw it. A tiny point of light between him and the island. It bounced and tossed as it…

Blake shook his head. “No way. No way is she in a boat in the middle of this storm.”

In the next instant, lightning flashed and he saw her clearly, Shasta, huddled against the wind and rain, steering the tiny skiff toward the lodge’s dock. She was battling against the ferocious gusts of wind and white-capped waves on the lake that threatened to capsize the boat.

“Son of a bitch!” Blake growled. “No more sense than a…” He threw on his boots and shrugged into his rain slicker, pausing to don his headlamp before pulling up the hood. “Son of a bitch!”

He kept his eyes on Shasta as he stalked out to the dock, crossing to the end to wait for her. When she was close enough, he held out an old wooden oar and she grasped the end of it, allowing him to pull her the rest of the way to the side of the dock. Blake reached down to cut the motor and grasped her by the upper arms, pulling her out of the boat.

She stood in front of him, eyes wide with terror, and she was soaked to the skin, not having bothered with a raincoat. He shouted above the storm. “God-dammit, Shasta, what the hell were you thinking?”

She just blinked up at him, shaking either from fear or cold, or both. “Come on, let’s get you inside.” He easily scooped her up in his arms and she buried herself against his chest.

Blake was shaking too, but it was from anger. She’d recklessly endangered herself. If he hadn’t seen her, if the boat had swamped… It was beyond his comprehension. He carried her straight into his cabin, kicking the door closed behind them. He set her down in the kitchen and stepped back.

“Explain yourself.” He crossed his arms and watched her expectantly.

Shasta stood shaking, her red hair plastered to her head, her soaked white camisole completely sheer, her pink pajamas clinging to her legs. She crossed her arms, too, but the gesture was self-protective rather than angry. It only served to push up her breasts, punctuated by hard-tipped nipples, made harder by being cold and wet. He worked to ignore them, trying to understand what she’d been thinking.


“I…” she stammered, “I was so scared.” She was shivering constantly now, and a trickle of blood ran down the side of her face.

Blake lifted her chin gently. “What happened? Why are you bleeding?”

Her head shook slightly. “I don’t…” her teeth chattered, “I don’t know.”

Peering closely, he saw a cut at the hairline above her right temple. Swiping the hair back, he spied a sliver of glass and carefully removed it. “Come with me,” he commanded.

She followed him through the living room as he picked up the oil lamp and carried it into the bathroom, where he lifted her up and sat her on the counter. The cut on her head had begun bleeding in earnest when the glass had been removed. Blake used a gauze pad to apply direct pressure on the cut. Shasta sniffled softly as tears ran down her face.

“What’s wrong?” he growled.

“You called me Shasta,” she sobbed.

He snorted. “What you did was a very ‘Shasta’ thing to do. That’s the least of your worries right now. Hold this.” He moved her hand to hold the gauze in place and he reached around to turn on faucet in the bathtub.

She sat shivering, watching the tub fill with hot water. Clouds of steam filled the room. He left for a moment, returning with a flannel shirt of dark red plaid, which he hung on a hook on the back of the door. Next he turned off the water.

“Let me see how it’s doing,” he murmured, carefully peering under the gauze. The bleeding had slowed. He took a bandage from the medicine cabinet and applied it over the cut. Shasta was still shaking like a leaf.

“You’re almost hypothermic. I want you in the tub. Strip.”

Shasta blinked up at him.

“Don’t make me tell you twice.” His voice was quietly intense as he lifted her off the counter and stood her in the middle of the floor.

Shakily, she pulled the camisole over her head, dropping it to the floor. Blake watched unblinkingly, a hard expression on his face. She hooked her thumbs into the top of her pants and slid them, panties and all, down her legs. She nearly tripped stepping out of them, and Blake reached to steady her.

Naked, she stood trembling as he devoured her with his eyes, starting with her perfect round tits and their tight pink points, her narrow waist and the flair of her hips, the bare cleft at the junction where her legs met. After all, she’d been on display on the dock, surely she wasn’t shy now. He knew he was being an ass and he didn’t care. Anger still thrummed through his veins.

“Get in the tub. I’ll set a timer for fifteen minutes. After that, the water will cool off too much to help.” He disappeared, returning moments later with a kitchen timer which he set on the bathroom counter.

“Why aren’t you in the tub? Was I unclear in some way?” he snapped.

Shasta touched the wall for stability as she dipped one foot into the tub. “It’s hot.”

“It’s supposed to be hot. We have to warm you up.” He watched her step in with the other foot and ease herself down. She looked like a drowned rat, peering up at him all wide-eyed.

“When the timer goes off, get out and dry yourself. You can put this on,” he indicated the flannel shirt he’d hung on the door. “You will go into the bedroom and sit on the edge of my bed. You will wait until I come back. Is that clear?”

Shasta nodded silently.

“I said sit. You will not lie down, you will not get into the bed. You will sit. If you’re cold, there’s a blanket you can use to wrap around yourself. Do you understand?”

Again, she nodded. A look of annoyance crossed his face, and then passed. He nodded sharply. “I’ll be back.” He closed the bathroom door behind him and she heard him speak to Bear. “Stay here, boy, keep an eye on her. I need to think.”

LOST & BOUND by Pandora Spocks

LOST & BOUND is available at your favorite online bookseller.

Weekend Excerpt–ANNA’S HEART

Coming this summer!

Anna Graves never expected world-famous Hollywood actor Angus McGregor to show up at her family’s Wyoming guest ranch. And she certainly never expected to fall for him. Sure, he seems attracted to her as well, but it’s ridiculous, really. He’s a movie star and she’s just a normal person. As soon as he’s gained the horsemanship skills he needs, he’ll be off to film his next movie, and she’ll be right where she’s always been, teaching riding to the tourists who visit the Sweetwater Ranch.

Here’s a NEW (and unedited) teaser from ANNA’S HEART.

As headlights approached in the distance, Anna leaned forward hopefully, but the ancient mini-van moved past her, its female driver never even glancing her way.  Exhaling sharply, Anna leaned back against the brick wall behind the bench on which she sat.  From about a block away, country music occasionally punctuated by laughter filtered her way from the open door of The Mine Shaft.  

Lips pressed tightly together, she shook her head in disgust.  His car was there in the parking lot.  Bruce’s car.  She could see it from where she was if she stood up.  Thankfully, the awning over the hardware store prevented the glow from the nearby streetlight from reaching her, so she was reasonably confident that she was virtually invisible as she waited for her ride. 

Calling Angus had been hard.  But she was sure she’d made the right decision.  Earlier as she’d gotten dressed, she’d opted to wear the new sandals with no thought of having to walk any distance.  Now her ruined feet were paying the price for her shortsightedness.  

It was a good thing she’d stopped where she had, too.  When she’d first sat down, she’d removed her shoes to discover blisters not only between her toes but on the balls of her feet as well.  By the time she’d stopped walking, the blisters had already burst and begun to bleed.  

Fingers crossed, Angus would be able to find some shoes to bring her.  It would be even better if he grabbed a pair of her boots; she always left a pair of socks in her boots, and that would be sufficient to stem the bleeding until she got home and could deal with her feet.

Another set of headlights came into view.  Anna closed her eyes.  

Please, please, please.

Hearing the vehicle slow down, she opened her eyes again to see a light-colored pick-up truck.  It eased to a stop in front of the hardware store and the passenger window buzzed down.

“Anna?”  His brogue was soft.

“It’s me.” She gave a weak wave.

Angus put the truck into park and got out, heading her way with a pair of boots in his hand.  As he approached her, she gripped the bench seat and swung her feet awkwardly back and forth.

“I brought yer boots.  I hope they’re okay.”

She nodded gratefully.  “They’re perfect, thanks!”  She took the boots from him and reached inside the right one, releasing a sigh of relief to find a pair of socks balled up in the bottom.

Grateful once again for the shadow in which she sat, Anna unrolled the socks and slipped them on, ignoring the burning pain of her raw feet as she stuffed them into her boots.

Angus stood uncertainly, his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans.  “Anna, what happened?”

She aimed for nonchalance as she shrugged and jumped to her feet,  ignoring the searing pain.  “Oh, stupid me, I wore new shoes and got blisters.”

“No,” he said softly, “I mean, what happened to your friend?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”  She crossed her arms and gave him a look that dared him to pursue the subject further.

He watched her for a long moment then shifted gears.  “Alright.  How about dinner?  That looks like the place.”  He hooked a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of The Mine Shaft.

“No!”  It came out louder than Anna had intended.

Angus arched an eyebrow but said nothing.

Exhaling sharply, she tried to regroup.  “You don’t want to eat there.  It’s a dive.  Eagleton is only twenty miles up the road.”  She pointed in the direction from which he’d come.  “We can find something in Eagleton.”

“Eagleton,” he repeated.

Anna nodded definitely.  “Believe me.  You’ll be glad we went the extra distance.”  Because I know I’ll be glad.

“Eagleton it is, then.” 

Together, they walked to the truck where Angus opened the passenger door for her.  Gritting her teeth, Anna managed to make it into her seat without groaning in pain.  As she watched him walk around to the driver’s side, she sighed with relief at being off her feet again.

Angus climbed in, buckled his seatbelt, and started the truck.  Checking to make sure no one was coming, he made a u-turn and headed down the street.  

Country music played softly as Angus drove past the sign that pointed to Eagleton, a town roughly twice the size of Crystal Springs.  Anna glanced at his profile illuminated by the dashboard lights.

“Um, thanks, by the way,” she said.  “For coming to get me, I mean.  And for remembering the boots.”

“I’m happy to do it.”  He briefly looked at her before turning his eyes back to the road in front of them.  “I’m guessing there’s a reason ye called me rather than your brothers.  Or your parents.”

Anna crossed her arms again and said nothing.

He gave her a sideways glance and continued.  “Of course, it’s none of my business, yer reasons for doing what ye do.  But it looks like we’ll be having dinner together after all.”

Anna felt her face heat up.  “About that…I don’t mean to be…  I mean, it’s just…”  She sighed heavily.  “It’s just, you’re, you know, famous.  And I’m just…well, me, and so…”  She trailed off, not knowing where she’d been headed when she started speaking.

“It’s dinner.  Everyone eats dinner.  It’s no’ a big deal.”

She slouched down in the seat and stared out the window, immediately regretting shifting her booted feet.  

It was nine-thirty by the time they pulled into the parking lot beside Good Time Charley’s, a local bar and grill known for excellent pub food.  At that time on a Saturday night, the place looked to be nearly full, but Angus managed to find a parking spot at the far end of the lot.  

He hurried around to let Anna out, and again, she gritted her teeth as her boots hit the pavement.  

“Are ye sure yer alright?” he asked, frowning down at her feet.

“I’m fine,” she muttered.  “Nobody ever died from blisters.”

Even so, he altered his long stride to accommodate her as she struggled not to hobble to the front door.  Inside, classic rock music played loudly, and the rowdy Saturday night crowd didn’t notice as Anna and Angus were seated in a booth at the edge of the bar.  

“Is this okay?” he asked, leaning across the table toward her.

Anna glanced around and nodded.  “Yeah, it’s fine.”

Angus perused one of the menus they’d been given.  “What do you recommend?”

Anna’s stomach growled, for the first time taking her attention away from her feet.  “You can’t go wrong with a burger,” she replied, her mouth watering at the prospect of well-done ground beef with all the fixings.

“Aye, that sounds like just the thing,” he nodded, grinning.  “With a nice pile of chips?”

Anna laughed in spite of herself.  “You mean fries?  Of course.  What’s a burger without fries?”

Angus put down his menu and nodded.  “Chips, fries, it’s all the same.  Golden-fried goodness.”

“And a very large beer,” Anna added, waving to a server.  Notepad in hand, the tall young man approached the table.

“Hello!  Welcome to Charley’s.  I’m Dustin.  What can I get you to start off?”

Anna looked to Angus then back up at the server.  “I think we’re ready to order.  I’ll have the bacon cheeseburger, well done, with fries.  And a Yuengling, please.”

The server looked at Angus. 

“I’ll have the same.  Except I’d like a seltzer and lime to drink, thanks.”

Dustin nodded, adding notes to his pad.  “Got it.  Two burgers, one beer, one seltzer and lime.  I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

Anna watched him head in the direction of the bar.  Then she leaned toward Angus.  “You don’t want a beer or something?”

“No,” he smiled gently.  “I don’t drink.”

“Oh.”  Anna frowned slightly.  “I hope it’s okay that I ordered a beer.”

He bobbed his head and gave a rueful smile.  “I’m not an alcoholic.  That was me da.  Watching him waste his life away convinced me that drink was no’ for me.”

“Wow.  I’m sorry.  That’s…wow.”  Surprised at his casual revelation, Anna sat back and assessed him sympathetically.

He lifted one shoulder.  “Everythin’ in yer life goes into making ye who ye are, I suppose.”

ANNA’S HEART by Pandora Spocks

ANNA’S HEART is the third and final book in the Redheads & Ranchers Series. It will be out this summer. In the meantime, check out JENNY’S VOICE and HUNTER’S PRIDE, the first two books in the series.

Weekend Excerpt–HUNTER’S PRIDE

When fifth-generation Idaho cattle rancher Hunter McFall agreed to meet with a lawyer representing a fancy-pants New York City real estate developer, he had no intention of parting with even an inch of McFall land. He planned to hear the fellow out, tell him no, pat him on the head, and send him on his way back to the city.

Only he’s a she, a smart redhaired spitfire named Poppy Chastain, and now, all bets are off. Maybe it’s time this heart-hardened widower took another chance on love.

But is she playing him to get what she wants–a parcel of McFall land to build a road to the exclusive new resort her company is putting on the mountain overlooking his ranch?

Here’s a snippet from HUNTER’S PRIDE, Redheads & Ranchers Book 2.

 Golden sunlight streamed through the windows of the cabin, creating a brilliant space that was in stark contrast to the dark box from the previous night. Hunter sighed to himself as he watched Poppy spoon another bite of oatmeal past her perfect lips. She looked across the table at him and smiled softly.

They were dressed in their clothes from the previous day, now dry thanks to the fire. The only difference was that Poppy had added the flannel shirt over her white t-shirt, wearing it like an oversized jacket.

Throughout the morning as they’d restored order to the cabin and made breakfast, they’d worked quietly, occasionally exchanging knowing glances and subdued smiles.

Hunter sipped his coffee, and his mind drifted to the previous night. After the blowjob that had to have registered on the Richter scale, they’d gone to bed, where they’d ended up making love twice more before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

Mentally, he shook his head. Five orgasms in one night. That was far and away his all-time personal record. And he’d seen to it that Poppy had enjoyed a few more than that.

She met his eyes again and smiled. A thought had been swirling around in his head since they’d lain breathless after that last time. It was still there when he’d awakened, Poppy curled into him with her red hair framing her sleeping face.

He hesitated, though. Maybe she does this all the time, he thought. The idea bothered him, but then, who was he to judge? He had no kind of claim on her. Three days ago, he’d assumed P.K. Chastain was a man.

When she tilted her head curiously, he realized he’d been staring.

“What’s up?” she smiled.

He shook his head slightly. “Nothing really.”

Her eyes narrowed thoughtfully. “You just seem to have something on your mind.”

Stalling, he swiped a hand across his mouth and leaned forward on his elbows. “I was just thinking…” He frowned slightly. “How much longer are you in Idaho?”

“I fly back to New York on Sunday.”

He shifted his jaw. Nothing ventured…

“I was just thinking that maybe you might stay with me, at the ranch, rather than at the motel in town.” He watched her closely. “There’s a lot more I’d like to show you around here, and my house is a hell of a lot nicer than the Deer Creek Motor Lodge. Plus…” He trailed off.

“Plus?” Amusement twinkled in her eyes.

He exhaled sharply. “Plus, I think we’ve got an incredible connection. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t do this on a regular basis.” He gestured toward the bed.

Her eyes widened. “I don’t do this on a regular basis,” she said. “Are you asking if I do?”

“No, God, no! I didn’t mean to imply… Shit.” He ran a restless hand through his hair. “I just mean that I feel like we have something here. And for the first time in a long time, I’d like to explore it and see where it leads.”

Feeling like he’d overstepped, he backtracked. “Maybe you’re more comfortable in town. I get it. And I imagine you have work to do. Don’t worry about it, it was just a random thought.”

Wordlessly, Poppy pushed back from the table and came around to him. She straddled his lap and took his hands in hers.

“Hunter, I like you. A lot. All this,” she nodded her head toward the bed. “That’s all you. I’ve never had a night like last night. Obviously, we have physical chemistry going on here, but I agree with you.” She smiled up at him. “I think it’s more than that. And I’d love to see where it goes.”

She kissed his cheek and slid off his lap. “I didn’t want to complain, but the motel is a pit. I’d lots rather stay with you.”

He felt his lips curl in a guarded smile. “Really?”

Poppy nodded, a slight frown wrinkling her brow. “I mean, it’s a little complicated, isn’t it? I’m supposed to be negotiating an offer from my company. But I suppose we’re still discussing it, right? It wouldn’t do for the office to know that I’m staying with you, though. It wouldn’t look very professional.”

“Will it be a problem?” For the first time, Hunter tried to factor Slade & Howell into the situation.

She grinned mischievously. “Not if they don’t know about it.”

Suddenly, Hunter wanted nothing more than for Poppy to be with him at the ranch for the rest of her time in Idaho.

“So, does that mean you’re staying with me?” He stood and walked toward her.

“That’s exactly what that means,” she smiled.

He released the breath he’d been holding as a smile spread across his face. “Great! Fantastic!” He rested his hands on her hips and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips. Reaching around his neck, Poppy steadied herself, tangling her fingers in his hair.

Reluctantly, he ended the kiss, resting his forehead against hers. “I’d better stop before we end up back in bed. I’m already having a hard time walking today.”

Poppy giggled. “I’d never complain about being sore, as long as it’s for all the right reasons.”

HUNTER’S PRIDE by Pandora Spocks

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at your favorite online bookseller.

Weekend Excerpt–FOR SPARROW

Winner of the 2018 Golden Flogger Award for Best BDSM Book!

When I started out writing my contemporary BDSM romance Dream Dominant series, I wanted to do something different from the usual billionaire Dominant, poor-girl submissive trope. I’ve loved those books, they’re really great reads, but I’m more interested in exploring the lives of regular everyday people and their deeply intimate experience in a power exchange relationship.

In FOR SPARROW, the award-winning third book in the Dream Dominant series, event planner Jessi Crenshaw is devastated to find herself widowed at a much younger age than she expected. She’s lost her husband, best friend, and Dominant.

But her late husband Graham had an idea that his health was in decline, and he made provision for Jessi in the form of his young friend and mentor in the Lifestyle, Dominant firefighter and paramedic Judd Farris. Following his sudden death, Graham informs them of his intentions in letters he left for each of them.

Judd is determined to keep his promise to his friend, to watch out for Jessi until she finds a Dom of her own. But what if he’d like to be that man? Could it be that Graham had something more in mind than merely a temporary arrangement?

Here’s a very steamy snippet from FOR SPARROW…

Judd used the palm of his hand to caress the curve of her ass as he trailed light kisses down the side of her neck, murmuring to her tenderly as he did. Then he stepped back and nodded, giving Mateo permission to move forward with the floggers.

A flogger in each hand, Mateo stalked around the wooden structure, choosing the target for his first stroke. He settled on a medium flick across her bottom, and Jessi cried out in surprise. “Color, queridita,” he quietly demanded.

Jessi’s voice shook. “G-green, I-I was just surprised.”

“You were just surprised…” When she didn’t immediately answer, he landed another stroke in nearly the same place.

“Master Mateo,” she squeaked. “I’m sorry, Master Mateo.”

Mateo looked to Judd and grinned. She’d figured it out quickly.

Judd nodded to his friend to continue. He knew Mateo was a master of the flogger, and of watching a sub’s responses carefully. There wasn’t another Dom anywhere he’d trust more with the care of his precious Angel.

Mateo lightly drew the suede fringe across Jessi’s back, causing goosebumps to form across her body. Then he gave a medium swat against the center of her ass, allowing a few tendrils to stray between her legs and lick her pussy. Jessi yelped at the unexpected sensation.

Satisfied that she was suitably warmed up, Mateo began to twirl the floggers, applying light blows from her shoulders to her upper thighs in a rhythmic pattern, a light swish-slap sound filling the room.

Unable to keep up with the stimuli, Jessi rested her head against the wooden support. She felt her body begin to float. As the blows continued, she heard Judd in her ear. “Such a good girl.” From the other side of the cross, he massaged her pussy, dipping a pair of fingers into her dripping core. Using his thumb, he circled her engorged clit as Mateo continued with the floggers, and she felt the orgasm building in her core.

Judd removed his fingers and wiped some of the juice on her lips. “Taste yourself, Angel. Taste how much you like what we’re doing.”

Panting, Jessi licked her lips, tasting the salty tang of her own arousal.

Her chest began to heave, and Mateo stopped, dropping the floggers to the floor. He cupped her sex, dipping a pair of fingers into her drenched seam. “So ready, queridita,” he clucked.

At Judd’s nod, Mateo stepped over to the chair where he’d left his shirt, and he slid off his pants, returning to Jessi as nude as the day he’d been born. There was a murmur of approval from the observers as Mateo bared his muscular body. Judd followed suit, shucking his pants and leaving them over the back of a chair.

Mateo unfastened Jessi’s right wrist as Judd got the left one. Jessi rested her hands on their bare shoulders as they undid her ankles. With her arms no longer bound to the wooden structure, she started to slide toward the floor. “I can’t…I can’t stand up,” she panted.

“We’ve got you, Angel,” Judd said.

Mateo placed her arms around his neck and hefted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and carrying her to the side of the huge bed, where he sat. Judd handed him a foil packet which he ripped open, rolling the condom down over his impressive member.

He shifted Jessi, spreading her thighs wide and pressing his cock at her dripping entrance. “I’m taking your cunt, queridita,” he growled, thrusting up suddenly.

Jessi gasped at the suddenness. Judd played with the anal plug as Mateo claimed her core, and she felt her moment rising again.

“We won’t be needing this anymore,” Judd whispered in her ear as he slid the intrusive steel out of her back hole.

Jessi heard a muffled thud as the heavy plug was dropped on a cloth on the bedside table. Mateo stood, wrapping Jessi’s legs around his waist again. He held Jessi’s thighs tightly, continuing to pound into her pussy. Judd rolled on his own condom and applied a generous amount of lube. He stepped behind her, rubbing her pink passage with his rigid cock. Mateo paused his movements to allow Judd access.

“Here we go, Angel,” he hissed in her ear, sliding himself home. Jessi moaned as both men pistoned into her. Mateo leaned forward and nipped at her shoulder, softly encouraging her in Spanish. Judd gripped her hair, now beginning to come loose from its soft bun, and pulled back her head, claiming her lips in a feral, heated way.

“I’m going to come,” Jessi breathed. “I’m going to come!”

“It’s okay, Angel,” Judd grunted, his own release upon him. “Go ahead.”

Jessi’s body shuddered as orgasm thundered over her. She shook as she cried out, her release splashing down the legs of her partners. Judd stilled, grunting as he poured himself into the condom, and Mateo buried himself to the hilt in her sex, growling his climax. The trio stilled, panting as a sheen of sweat covered them.

FOR SPARROW by Pandora Spocks

Fun fact: Master Mateo was a character created to be in just a few scenes of this book. But he stepped forward and informed me that he wants to tell his own story. MASTER MATEO will be Dream Dominant Book 5, coming soon…

FOR SPARROW is available at your favorite online bookseller.