Watch This Space–A. Aimee

Here’s my review of A. Aimee’s book, Good Pussy Bad Pussy: In Captivity, posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  I gave it 5 Stars.


I loved Good Pussy Bad Pussy: Rachel’s Tale so I couldn’t wait to read the continuation, Good Pussy Bad Pussy: In Captivity. Rachel’s beloved Albert, father of her daughter Isabella, is abducted on a business trip in the middle East and he’s held for ransom. Back on the French Riviera, Rachel is held hostage by threats from Albert’s CEO, Victor. Unless Rachel becomes Victor’s sex slave, he will refuse to post the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.<br><br>One of the things I loved the most about this book is the story of Albert and Rachel’s early days from Albert’s perspective. The action is intense and the sex scenes are hot. If you enjoyed Rachel’s Tale you absolutely can’t miss In Captivity.

On Finding Good Pussy Bad Pussy

Watch This Space: Support Indie Authors
Here’s a hot read by A.Aimee. You should check it out.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy

Good pussy bad pussy. I knew that something had awakened in me, something I’d never experienced before. A force, a power, a drive, an energy. Call it good pussy, call it bad pussy, call it whatever you will, but a life force had been awakened in me and I couldn’t put it (her) back to sleep again. Right or wrong. Good or bad. She was awake! She was alive! She wanted to live. And she wanted more.

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She, my pussy, was alive in me. I felt her moving in me, reaching out, right or wrong, good or bad. She wanted to taste and touch, to be tasted and touched. She wanted to feel the life force, the energy, moving in and through her. She wanted like liquid desire itself. She wanted because she was, life itself. She wanted because she was, the energy of life itself. And now that she…

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Watch This Space–Patient Lee

In June, Luke & Bella was published on Kindle Direct Press and I stopped posting chapters here of my first ever serial novel.  Now, occasionally I like to use this blog to shine a spotlight on writers I think you might like.

Patient Lee writes spicy hot erotic short stories that showcase a variety of kinks.  You might call it erotica for all.  If you browse her Author Page on Amazon, you can find just the right thing for you, or you might be tempted to try something new.

Today, she’s offering two of her books for free, Blowjob from Your Stalker and Collared in the Temple of Dendur, the latter being one of her books I’ve read and reviewed.  Click this link to her Facebook post and grab them for yourself or someone you know that enjoys a hot, sexy read.  You’re going to love it!!

#Scintillating Sunday


Here’s a tease from Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, available at  It’s even FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

     It seemed ironic to go inside to get fresh air, but that’s what she did. Beyond the kitchen, which was a beehive of activity, the house was quiet and she made her way to Tre’s study with its dark paneled walls and oxblood red leather chesterfield sofas. She stood at the window sipping her wine and watching the scene outside.
“Well, pretty lady, I wondered where you’d gone.”
Bella whirled around to see Mitchell, he of the wake last night. “You startled me,” she said.
“Oops,” he smiled. “Didn’t mean to do that.”  He had an odd look on his face and Bella didn’t like the feeling in the pit of her stomach.
“I just needed to get away from the crowd for a minute. I think I’ll go back now,” she said evenly.
“What’s your hurry?” he asked, eyes on her breasts. “I was hoping we could talk about old times.” He put down his glass and crossed the room toward her, blocking her from moving away from the window.
“Have you been drinking a lot, Mitchell, because you’re making me uncomfortable,” she told him.
He laughed darkly. “Oh, no, I want to make you very comfortable.” He reached out to stroke her arm, putting his other arm around her waist. “You’ve just been through a difficult time and I want to comfort you,” he whispered.  She could smell the bourbon on his breath.
“Okay, Mitchell, I’ve really got to go now,” she said, trying to move past him.
With his hand on the small of her back, he pulled her closer and he moved the other hand, reaching inside her dress and fondling her breast.
Without thinking, she slapped his face hard. “Let. Me. The fuck. Go!” she hissed at him.
“Baby, the fuck is just what I have in mind, and you are turning me on!” he growled, leaning in to kiss her.
“Will not happen!” she answered, and she brought up her knee as hard as she could into his groin.  Mitchell went down like a sack of hammers. Bella stepped over him and left the room hastily.

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Shameless Plug–It’s A Spicy Hot Read!

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Once upon a time, I wrote and posted chapters of Luke & Bella on this blog serially, one chapter at a time.  In June, I independently published my first spicy romantic novel, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over, on Kindle Direct Publishing and removed the chapters from WordPress.

It’s been getting 5 Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Here’s what people are saying.

  • A sensual story with magnetic characters…”
  • The inconspicuous cover hides how hot this book got and I must say i wasn’t expecting such a sweet and spicy romance.
  • “This story is as cool as it is hot…Very cool…. As for hot – well it gets kind of steamy (smile).”

It’s a hot read for a hot summer.  Check it out!  It’s even available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  And thank you for supporting Indie Authors.