ASPA Central is open for business

Calling all Indie Authors! This group is for you. 🙂

Self-published Indie Network


The Alliance is taking to the blog. As our first entry, we should introduce ourselves. I am Jolie Mason. You can call me Thing 1. There is a Thing 2 around here somewhere. Her name, when she’s at home, is Pandora Spocks.

The Alliance’s founding member is Eeva Lancaster, freelance editor and all around book guru. Among our number, you will find authors of all genres, from fiction to self-help. The founding principle of this group is that a rising tide lifts all boats.

We help each other in all kinds of ways, edits and ARCs, honest (but kind) reviews, promotion on social media, and a good swift kick when you’re not writing. All of these things are part of the community that is ASPA.

If you’re interested in joining the group, follow the google plus link to our base of operations and take a look at our clubhouse…

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